Are you able to design emails that look fabulous and amazing to your recipients?

Well, email marketing is a powerful tool for growing your business, but sending emails in plain text doesn’t appear eye-catching to the recipients.

It results in low user engagement and further onto lower conversions rates.

So, How to build stunning emails that can lead to longer engagement with the recipients?

To increase the power of email, you need a reliable and responsive email creator to design attractive plus professional looking email.

So that you can grab customer’s attention towards your email. !!

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No Doubt,

There are many email builder software available on the market and the majority of them are expensive.

But after exploring on the web, I have collected 10 best free responsive email template builder for creating great emails.

So, take a sneak peek through each template builder.

1. MailGet

MailGet is an email marketing service that includes features such as autoresponder, email analytics, google analytics integration, contact list management, and presents 99% inbox deliverability rate.


MailGet provides a free email template builder known as  “Drag-and-Drop WYSIWYG Email Template Builder”, which allows you to create attractive emails very quickly and that are responsive in nature too.

In MailGet, you get to add images, text, heading, set the background color, insert button, links and many more things through which you can make emails beautiful with 100% responsive in nature.

I have tried & tested MailGet and found it to be the cheapest one among all other services.

The best part of the software is it allows you to send UNLIMITED EMAILS at $5 To 7,500 subscriber. So, try this service once and I am pretty sure that you will not look further for any other service in future!

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2. BEE Free

BEE is a free version of MailUp, an email marketing service provider. BEE Free provides an email builder tool that makes it easy to create emails and newsletters.

bee free

With their Drag-and-Drop email builder tool, you can cast your email in the whatsoever way you want it to be looked as. You can also preview and test your emails,  to see how it will look on your smartphones, desktop, etc.

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3. Movable INK

Movable INK is a web-based online solution that offers free email template builder to build powerful looking emails quickly and easily.

Moveable INK

With Movable INK, you get to develop fully responsive emails along with excellent Photoshop system, color awareness guidance system, preview arrangement, etc. Follow few steps of uploading design, defining the layout and customizing content your content, and you are all ready to send your emails.

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4. SharpSpring

SharpSpring is another email creator software that permits you to create exciting and mobile responsive emails.


The Drag and Drop feature of SharpSpring allow you to create nice emails with its existing free templates. You can also edit these templates by adding text, images, colors, backgrounds, etc.

Further on, you can monitor your emails on mobile while creating it.

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5. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is an email editor that allows you to create beautiful and efficient email newsletters without any coding skills.


With their free Drag and Drop email builder, you can create responsive email templates, make industry specific newsletters and get to customize your email with a personal touch in it.

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6. Mosaico

Mosaico provides a free email template builder for creating emails. It offers an open source email template editor through which you can create beautiful and mind-blowing emails that can be viewed on any device.


Along with intuitive drag-and-drop editor in Mosaico, you will also find pre-designed responsive templates, flexibility in making emails, style customization, custom templates, etc.

If you use Mosaico’s wysiwyg email editor, then you will require just a few steps to build your email.

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7. Zurb

Zurb is a product design company that provides a free email template builder for creating responsive emails.


Here you will also get various email templates through which emails can be created that look fabulous and are responsive in nature. It comes up with 5 types of responsive email templates namely Basic, Hero, Sidebar, Sidebar Hero and Newsletter.

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8. NewsLetter Creator

NewsLetter Creator provides free tools through which you can build emails that can be seen on any viewing devices. They provide a reliable and slickest email editor tool that makes creating and designing emails an easier task.

NewsLetter Creator

Apart from having drag and drop interface, they also consist of a variety of templates through which you can make magnificent viewing emails.

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9. Knowtify

Knowtify highlights an email editor within their email marketing service that is easy and flexible to use.


Knowtify’s HTML email editor holds multiple tools and numerous types of templates through which you can build great looking emails that are responsive in nature.

Here you get to modify the content within the email like size, background color, size, padding, etc.

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10. Octanego

Octanego consists of email building tools through which you can create and compose your email in whatever way that you want to be looked.


It allows you to show your creativity in emails with the help of their design blueprints. With all that, you get to create emails that are responsive in nature i.e. your make email gets automatically optimized accordingly to viewing environment.

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After going through the above list, you would have a question – Which one to choose?

Give a try to MailGet – Email Service Provider – which owns an Drag-and-Drop email builder.

Do inform me about which email template builder you opt for.

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