Reviews WordPress themes can provide so much help to you when you want to create a rating or a review WordPress site.

The reason is given below through an example:

Suppose a person wants to buy a product or a service from a company. Before purchasing it, he’ll search for the reviews of that particular product on the web. And according to those reviews, he’ll make decisions about that product.

That’s what these WordPress themes can do for you. Through these WordPress themes, you can create a website which will help you to feature the right information & ratings of a product for your visitors.

After reading those ratings & reviews, the user will finally be able to make up his/her mind.

And that is what the common folk want- ‘An online site which can provide them a genuine information about their query‘.

Apart from it, all of them are cross-browser compatible & some of them support Woocommerce compatibility.

Only one thing you’ve to do is to follow the listings of these reviews WordPress themes, try them & finalize the best one.

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Now, let’s dive in together!

1. Delipress: Magazine & Review WordPress Theme

Delipress is an open-ended magazine & review WordPress theme. With its unlimited color support, you can groom your WordPress site in such a way that the people who have lots of questions about any magazine can read & submit the suggestions too.

Before customizing it, you can check the preview of your site to avoid any disturbance in the layout.

DeliPress Reviews WordPress Theme

Pricing of Delipress: WordPress Theme

  • Its regular license costs $89 with no charges on end users. Apart from it, you can customize your site according to your needs.
  • Apart from the above plan, they have another plan of $2450. In this plan, end users can be charged.

Features of Delipress: WordPress Theme

  • You can add the trending products (having best reviews) on your WordPress site under multiple categories.
  • On its homepage, you can also add the social sharing icons in more than one areas. It is done to make the social sharing of reviews easy for the common folk.
  • Also on its footer section, you can add the precise contact info about your site containing the address, email id & number. Apart from it, your daily visitors can also contact you via your social media account.

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2. Apemag: WordPress Reviews Theme

Apemag is a responsive blog & reviews WordPress theme with lots of content-driven features. Through them, one can easily build a WordPress site with two color schemes as dark & light. That’s how the users can adjust the color scheme according to their eyes & environment.

Apemag Reviews WordPress Theme

Pricing of Apemag: WordPress Theme

  • Its basic plan charges only $48 which includes both the buyer fee & the item price.
  • Also, you can buy it’s another package of $1180 in which there will be no charge to end-users.

Features of Apemag: WordPress Theme

  • Because of its effective blog post section, it is not mandatory to add the featured image to it. The reason is its perfect layout.
  • With it’s 600+ Google fonts, you can create the content of your site which will make it more unique & versatile.
  • Plus, the users can add the review of the services & products on your site via star icon ratings.

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3. ProductView: Primest in Reviews WordPress Themes

ProductView is one of the best review WordPress theme in the market. Through it, you can build a WordPress site on which people can read & submit the reviews of any category product, movies, software, content etc.

To earn a secondary income, you can also post other’s ads on your site. This is how you can also make up your bank balance good.

ProductView Reviews WordPress Theme

Pricing of ProductView: WordPress Theme

  • This review WordPress theme charges only $79 as a one-time payment. After purchasing it, you’ll be able to use it for the lifetime.

Features of ProductView: WordPress Theme

  • You can add the search icon on every page of your site. So, the visitors can search any kind of information on your site.
  • Its compact slider on the homepage can easily influence its viewers to surf more on the website.
  • On its portfolio, you can add the photos of the featured products of your site. That’s how your visitors can easily get to know about the best-reviewed products from the bulk.

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4. Maga: Newspaper & Reviews WordPress Theme

Maga is a modern WordPress theme for reviews builds for online news sites & magazines as well. This Theme is designed with multiple features such that creating & managing it is easy & fast.

It is best for those people who want to design a site specifically for newspapers & magazines. Still, you can also allow the users to put reviews for any universal element. You can check for its preview: general, fashion and sports.

Maga Reviews WordPress Themes

Pricing of Maga: WordPress Theme

  • You can purchase its standard pack of $20 for one user with unlimited access.
  • It extended package costs $10600 included with a child theme.

Features of Maga: WordPress Theme

  • You can feature your recent articles on the slider article section. Also, you can display the categories of them too.
  • One can also add the extended author info on each post with an avatar, social links, name & short detail.
  • This theme also has the demos which can be imported into the format of files.

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5. ReviewZine: Free Review WordPress Theme

ReviewZine is a free WordPress review theme for news, tech magazines, personal fashion blogs, media websites etc. People can add the reviews to your blogs & the content of the blog can be converted into any language you want to.

ReviewZine Reviews WordPress Theme

Pricing of ReviewZine: WordPress Theme

  • ReviewZine WordPress theme is completely free of cost.

Features of ReviewZine: WordPress Theme

  • With it’s Google AdSense banners, one can add the advertisements of others to your site. This is how you can earn a secondary income.
  • Its effective featured image can give new look to your blog posts with high image resolution to give it a good look.
  • This theme is completely SEO optimized which will help you getting a good rank on Google when someone searches anything related to your work.

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So above are some of the best reviews WordPress themes with lots of customization tweaks. Some of them are free & others are paid.

Also, one or two of them are WooCommerce compatibility such that people who get a product with good reviews can instantly buy it.

Plus they all themes are translation ready and completely SEO friendly. So you won’t have to fear about losing international clients.

We believe that you should try them & choose the best WordPress review theme out of them & give a new look to your site.

For any queries & suggestions, just comment below & we will reach out to you soon!