That’s no wonder if your mailing list contains a large number of invalid email addresses.

So we recommend you to configure SNS with your SES account and get rid of any such invalid/expired emails containing in your mailing list.

When next time your emails will be sent, all the bounced email addresses will be filtered out from your contact list.

Just follow these few steps required for configuration after which SNS will start sending notification of every bounced email to your MailGet application then MailGet application will add  these emails in your bounce list .

With the help of these notifications, MailGet will be able to filter your emails list and help you maintain good reputation of your amazon account.

Do follow steps

Step : 1   click on “SNS – Push Notification Service” option.

SNS – Push Notification Service

Step : 2   click on “Get Started” option.

setup sns with ses -simple- notification-service

Step : 3   click on “Create Topic” option.

setup sns with ses -sns-create-topic

Step : 4  After clicking on a “Create Topic” one popup will appear, Now fill Topic name and Display Name after then click on “Create topic

setup sns with ses - topic name

Step : 5  Now Click on “Topic” button then check the topic name (In our case “hard_bounce” is topic name) then click on Action then select “Subscribe to topic”.

Fetch Bounce Emails From Amazon SES


Step : 6  After clicking on a “Subscribe to topic” one popup will appear, Now fill Endpoint which will be provided by Mailget after then click on “Create Subscription

Create Subscription

Get this EndPoint Link.

Step : 7  Now Click on “Subscriptions” button

setup sns with ses -sns subscription


Step : 8  Now Check  “PendingConfirmation” after then click on “Request confirmaions

setup sns with ses - sns request confirmations


Step : 9 Now click on “Services” after then select “SES“.

setup sns with ses -aws services

Step : 10 Now click on Email Addresses

setup sns with ses -email-addresses

Step : 11 Now click on your verified Sender: “Email address

setup sns with ses -verified email addresses

Step : 12 Now click on “Notification” Option

setup sns with ses -sns notification

Step : 13 Now click on “Edit Configuration” Button

setup sns with ses - notification edit configuration

Step : 14 Now click on “Bounces” after then select your topic name (In our case topic name is “hard_bounce”) after then click on “Save Config”

setup sns with ses -edit notification configuration