“Affiliate marketing is a way to successful marketing. And software for affiliate marketing is much like a vehicle you arrive in.”

Let’s understand it this way – 

You created a great product. Yay!

Want to sell it. Ovio!

Not getting as much sale as you want. Sad!

Let an Affiliate help you. Okay!

The affiliate will promote your product. Great!

They got a commission. Good!

You got more traffic & more sales. Wowii!

Managed everything. Great!

Now, you gave the product to more affiliates. Okay!

They got their commission. Happy they!

You got more traffic, more sales, Yay Yay!

Management overhead. Worries!

Complexion overhead. Again a worry!

No need to worry.

Here comes a Software For Affiliate Management & Automation. Hero!

Go ahead & submit your product to the software. Simple!

Consequently, your product was distributed to several other promoters.

You got more sale!

Much more traffic!!

Zero management!!!

And no complexion!!!!

Everything automated!!!!!

That’s how to do it like a PRO.

Now, you must be eager to know about the best software for affiliate marketing.

So, for your convenience, we’ve listed the best affiliate management software.

Comparison Of Softwares For Affiliate Marketing
Service Starter Plan Subscription Webhooks Ratings
Pabbly Subscription $7/mo. 5.0/5.0
Tapfiliate $69/mo. 4.8/5.0
AvanGate Free 4.6/5.0
Ambassador N/A 4.4/5.0
MyAffiliates N/A 4.5/5.0
SamCart $99/mo. 4.6/5.0
Just go through each and every listing & choose the one that perfectly suits you the best.

1. Pabbly Subscription

Really a subscription software?

Yes, it’s a premium software for subscription & billing which also provide affiliate tracking & management.

If you are in a little need for a payment & subscription software then you can make the best use of this software.

It’s not just a combo pack. The reason behind “Why it topped the list?” is that its the cheapest software amongst both the affiliate & subscription software.

Moreover, you get all the functionalities required in an affiliate management software like unique URL for every affiliate, set payout setting accordingly, get reports, and much more.

Software For Affiliate Marketing Pabbly Subscription

Pricing Plan:

Pabbly subscription offers the affiliate program in all its three cost estimate plans.

  • Starters – The starter plan can cost $7/month for about 50 customers.
  • Rookie – A rookie plan can cost $29/month for around 1000 customers.
  • Pro – The pro plan will cost $59/month for unlimited customers & all the premium functionalities.

Key features of Pabbly Subscriptions at glance:

Two Dashboards – It has two dashboards one for the sellers & another for the affiliates.

The seller’s dashboard has options like affiliate settings, commissions & clicks result along with the subscription settings.

Whereas, the affiliate dashboard has information related to subscription, invoice, transaction, profile, stats & affiliate profile.

Both users can efficiently manage their campaigns through this service.

Separate Settings – The general settings for the merchant will let you set the affiliate signup URL, cookie lifetime & the payout settings. Further, there are many other settings related to commissions & clicks.

The settings for the affiliates will let a promoter to view the subscription, invoicing, transaction & his profile details.

Payout & Commission Settings – In this section, a merchant can select the payment options such as PayPal. They can also set the payout type as instant or manual.

Moreover, a merchant can add new commissions rules. Also, they can set the commission rule as flat or per cent for billing & rebilling.

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2. Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate is a subscription software to create, track & grow your affiliate marketing program easily. Whether you have an eCommerce store or a SAAS company, Tapfiliate integrates smoothly with your website with over 30 integrations.

With a great user interface, Tapfiliate offers all of the features that you would expect, including in-depth reporting, branded affiliate pages, and automation for your workflow.


Pricing Plan:

Tapfiliate offers 3 different pricing plans.

  • Essential: The essential plan costs $69 per month
  • Pro: The pro plan costs $149 per month
  • Enterprise: Enterprise plan pricing is provided on request and starts from $499

Key features of Tapfiliate:

Quick & Effortless Integrations – You’ll get more than 30+ integrated eCommerce platforms and payment platforms. Shopify, WooCommerce, and Stripe are a few of the platforms they are already integrated with.

In-depth Reporting with Intuitive Dashboard – See detailed reports and separate them by campaigns, affiliate name, conversions, clicks and more. Optimize your affiliate marketing program using data from your campaigns. Export your data easily.

Affiliate Recruitment – Invite customers to become affiliates and harness the power of word of mouth marketing. Your customer’s experience and interest in your product will help you gain more customers – word-of-mouth marketing is powerful.

Exceptional Support – Tapfiliate has a 93% customer satisfaction rate and quick turnaround time for messages. Easy to contact & quick to reply.

Professional Learning Resources – Tapfiliate has learning resources written by affiliate marketing experts. Easily learn more about affiliate marketing, referral marketing or influencer marketing and how to manage your programs.

Your Branding – You get a white-labelled, branded sign up page to add to your site, send to your affiliates, or send to your customers. Your affiliates will get their own branded login and will be able to see their results including clicks, commissions and more.

Self-managed Affiliate Program – You manage your own affiliate program – you are in control. You choose your affiliates and who gets to promote your business including your own customers, influencers or bloggers.

Personalized Referral Links & Coupons – Giving your affiliates personalized coupons and links will help your affiliates feel an affinity to your brand.

Shareable Posts for Social Media & Manage Banners – Add shareable social posts and banners for your campaigns in one area.

Automate & Scale Workflows – Zapier automation enables you to automate managing your affiliate program

Free 14-day trial & no tie-ins: cancel at any time.

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3. Avangate

You can establish your brand with the premium Avangate tool. It is an affiliate network for global distribution of digital goods & services.

However, you can quickly become an associate through simple signing up in its domain.

Software For Affiliate Marketing Avangate

Pricing Plan

Avangate is free to use. And at present, it is offering three contest namely Movavi, Bitdefender’s, & IObit. You can join them for commissions & get coupons.

Some features of Avangate service:

Steady Revenue – The merchants can set the commissions up to 75% & constantly provide some special bonuses for the affiliates. Moreover, you will also get paid for the license renewals.

Traffic & Conversions – The affiliate account contains marketing materials such as banners & data feeds to boost your sale. In addition to this, you can always seek guidance from the affiliate experts that it provides.

Additional Resources – This service avails multiple resources to help you grow your business. It provides on-the-fly reports with specific figures, weekly newsletters along with the fresh offers & dedicated support.

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4. OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software helps you not only engage with your current customers but find new members to sign up for your referral system. Our competitive pricing gets you to access a number of features. Unlike other services on the market, there are no surprise fees; there are no transaction fees for using the service.

Turn your best customers into your top promoters! It would be easy for you to recruit and empower customers, affiliates, and influencers to promote your brand. OSI has everything you need to start an affiliate program to allow your customers to promote your brand across social networks. By enabling social sharing, you can add pre-written posts with graphics for your customers to share on all the major social networks. This makes it super easy for them to promote with very little effort.

To find out who your most loyal and satisfied customers are, OSI has included a FREE bonus survey tool that will allow you to find out who will be prime for referring others. You can send out an email to all of your customers and ask them how likely they would be to refer to others. Based on their response, you can automatically sign them up for your referral program.

OSI Affiliate Software


Pricing starts at $67 per month that comes with a 15-day free trial.

Some highlights of OSI Affiliate Software:

  • Your customers can easily promote on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.
  • Assign all your customers and influencers promo codes so they can easily promote on Instagram and other social networks.
  • Easily find your most loyal customers by sending out a one question email survey.
  • Done for you referral landing page templates.
  • Integrates with thousands of apps.

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5. Ambassador

Ambassador is a software for modern affiliate marketers to create custom campaigns. It is a premium service which ensures valid brand ambassadors to promote your brand or product.

It provides multiple design templates. Meanwhile, it also allows you to customize your campaigns using custom branding & white labelling.

Software For Affiliate Marketing Ambassador


Ambassador has three cost estimate plans in particular-

  • Starter – The starter plan is a perfect match for the programs that need real-time changes. The real-time changes are possible using the Visual Editor.
  • Professional – The professional plan is perfect for mid-to-large size companies. However, you can also integrate it into an existing tech stack.
  • Enterprise – The enterprise plan is mostly used to manage the omnichannel affiliates globally.

Some highlights of Ambassador software:

Automated Payouts – You only need to set the payout at once & after that, the payouts will be fully automated. Also, it supports cash payouts.

Team Roles – Using this service, you can work in a team for your affiliate program. Also, you can easily assign team roles to the team members based on their priorities.

Global Reach – You can reach a global audience as the service is multilingual, support multiple currencies & also supports webhooks.

REST API – Ambassador presents an open REST API for further code customization.

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6. MyAffiliates

It is a software particularly designed for online betting, gaming & financial businesses. MyAffiliates is trusted as one of the highest volume affiliate programs on the internet.

Along with the management of affiliate, customer, media it also provides 7 different kinds of reports and commission plans.

Software For Affiliate Marketing MyAffiliates

Pricing Plan

For MyAffiliates pricing plans you must contact the sales team of this service.

Some specialties of MyAffiliate Service:

Affiliate Management – This service offers individual dashboard & statistics report for the registered affiliate. The affiliates can access & manage every granular information.

Customer Management – It renders performance reports, information of the conversion channel and various other customer management aspects.

Bulk Emailing & Ticketing – This platform offers a great range of fully custom automatic emails & also support bulk emailing. Furthermore, it caters an individual ticketing system for one-to-one relation with the affiliates.

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7. SamCart

SamCart is a checkout platform for the online affiliate experts. By the efficient use of this service, you can boost up the backend revenue, & also can drive repeat sales.

Software For Affiliate Marketing SamCart


SamCart offers two cost estimates.

  • Pro – It has a most selling plan of $99/month.
  • Premium – The premium plan costs $199/month with dunning, dedicated training & support.

Some peculiarities with SamCart software:

Simple To Use – It is an easy-to-use software for almost everyone whether it is a seller or a customer. It has features such as order bumps to add another product at checkout. One-click upsells to offer an update, A/B testing to identify and roll out the upsells. And payment plans to let your customer pay over time.

Settings & Customizations – This software avails 18+ checkout page templates. However, you can customize them anytime. It provides checkout popups so that your customers can pay you right from the product page.

Additionally, to build trust amongst your audience you can add photos, benefit bullets, testimonials & guarantees.

Integrations – SamCart supports almost every integration. Also, it is integrated with Zappier so as to connect with 750+ more tools easily.

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8. Impact

The impact has brought together three different technologies as premium software for affiliate marketing. All the three software work together to measure, manage as well as optimize the affiliated investments.

Additionally, you can assign leader rolls to your teammates and work as a team. Also, it facilitates various reports & stats for data insights & decision making.

Software For Affiliate Marketing Impact


You must contact the sales team of the service for the pricing details.

Some characteristic features of Impact:

Forensiq, Altitude & Radius are the three technologies that are combined to form software for excellent affiliate marketing. The functionalities include-

Fraud Detection – To identify & block the malicious activities it uses various methods. They are full-funnel fraud detection, mobile & video fraud, data transparency & comprehensive view abilities.

Real-time Analytics – To boost your marketing ROI it makes use of the omnichannel insights. Meanwhile, it shows real-time customer behaviour & site analytics.

In addition to this, Impact facilitates a report builder for custom report building with visual time comparisons across a variety of standard and calculated metrics.

Reach Out Globally – The Radius is a versatile module to easily adapt in accordance with every partner of this service. It supports tracking & managing unique channel partnerships. Above all, it’ill help you expand globally by simple functionalities settings.

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You could choose any service listed that best suit your business requirements. Personally, the first one is what sticks with me the most.

Hope you get what you came for.

Do comment below for any further questions & queries.

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