Affiliate marketing is the buzz of the town! Its an amazing way of earning some extra income, its a great chance to the increased sales of products and services and what not!

In a single line, affiliate marketing is a perfect example of ‘give and take’.

In affiliate marketing, the merchant can invite and work with third-party marketers. These third-party marketers promote the products or services and in return get the paid in form of commissions per sales, or action of users like sign up, click rate and more by the merchant. And this ultimately leads to the increased sales of the products or services of the merchant.

So, there’s like nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

However, affiliate marketing is easier said than done if you are not using the right tools or the right affiliate marketing software.

Now, an affiliate marketing software becomes a centralized system for the interaction of promoters and merchants. Here, the merchant can provide banners and promotional links to the promoters, can track the sales, can do the payouts and a lot more.

Also, the affiliates or the promoters can get the unique affiliate links for various products which they want to promote, can track the commissions, clicks and sales, and can get the payments accordingly and the list goes on.

Here, we are listing best software for affiliate system. These software comes with multiple features to create a powerful yet easy to use system for both the merchants and affiliates which allows complete tracking of affiliate details, commissions for both the merchants and promoters, easy payments and more through a sorted dashboard.

Let’s Start A Quick Comparison Between Best Affiliate Program Software

Comparison Of Best Affiliate Program Software




WebHooks Dunning Management Subscription Management
Pabbly $7 per month
FirstPromoter $49 per month
Affise $299 per month

1. Pabbly Affiliate System

Our team did constant research on the best affiliate program softwares in the market and found Pabbly Affiliate System to be the best.

So, this is a powerful affiliate software which comes integrated with the Pabbly Subscription in the subscriptions management module. And that’s the USP! There’s is no other product in the affiliate market which gives you the power to handle subscriptions and affiliates in a single package.

Basically, this software is for creating a convenient yet dynamic affiliate system, where the merchant and affiliate both can easily manage and monetize their work.

It’s an absolute treat for the user as it’s too easy to understand and to use as compared to the other software in the market.

Pabbly Affiliate Program Software

Features For Merchant:

  • Add Unlimited Products, Manage and Track The Results:
    As a merchant, it allows you to add unlimited target URLs, and then provides the complete managing of all the affiliate, sales and tracking of all your affiliate transactions in a glance.
  • Cookie Lifetime:
    Here, a merchant can set the numbers of days for cookie lifetime. Basically, this is the minimum number of days untill which the user’s cookies get saved through the affiliate link. So, this makes Pabbly Affiliate System the best pick.
  • Add Unlimited Commission Rules:
    You can create unlimited commissions rule for different or all products, for a particular or all affiliates, for a selected or all the plans. 
  • Payments Made Easy:
    The merchant can set commission type for the affiliate, it can be flat or on a percentage basis, even for recurring payment. Also, it has PayPal gateway for the secure and easy payments and the merchant can do manual payments as well.

Feature For Affiliate Or Promoter:

  • Track The Complete Transactions:
    In Pabbly Affiliate System, a promoter can track the all transactions details with reference ID and amount.
  • Track The Payments And Credit:
    In Pabbly Affiliate System, an affiliate can track the status of pending commission and available credit balance in their affiliate account.
  • Get Invoices:
    Also, the affiliate gets all the automated invoices on every payment and all these invoices can be further tracked by the due date and amount details.
  • Customize Profile:
    Here, they can easily customize their profile settings. Further, the affiliate can update the personal information, contact details and shipping address. 

Pricing Details:

  • Basic Plan:

You will get this plan in only $7 per month with this you can add 50 customers, supports 25 currency etc.

  • Rookie Plan:

Buy this plan in $29 per month, with this merchant can add 1000 customers and unlimited products etc.

  • Pro Plan:

Get this plan is $59/month in which merchant adding unlimited customers, also features like dunning management, custom domain, client portal and many more.

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2. FirstPromoter

This software has secured second place in our affiliate list.

As this software has quick integration by API with Stripe, Recurly, Braintree, Chargebee. It’s too user-friendly, so, you can easily launch an affiliate system in the browser in just a few clicks.

FirstPromoter Is SaaS-based software, so you can don’t have to worry about the data storage, all your data in stores in the server.

Also, it is has a PayPal mass feature in it so, the merchant can pay hundreds of your affiliates just in a minute.

Affiliate Program Software

Features For Merchant:

  • Powerful Dashboard:

This software has powerful admin dashboard, the merchant can track the status of total revenue generated, number of visitors, total signups and many more.

  • Pre-made Email Templates

This software sends automatically pre-made templates to their affiliates. The merchant can also customize the emails and engage them by sending a notification when the affiliate get new reward and commission, and if they reach the campaign target and many more occasions.

Features For Affiliate:

  • Help To Maximize Partnership:

This tool also helps in creating a new partnership in affiliate marketing, here you can send the invite to other companies and started the cross promotion.

  • Promoter Dashboard:

A separate client portal is provided to the affiliates, where the affiliate can check the stats of commission and rewards. Also can customize the logo, favicon, background colour and buttons and text colours.

Pricing details

  • Starter Plan:

In only $49 you can get this starter plana and you are entitled to features adding 1000 promoter, add maximum 2 campaigns and custom referral link etc.

  • Business Plan:

pay $99 and get this plan for your business, create own Email templates, and add 10,000 promoters.

  • Enterprise Plan:

pay $149 and you can get all the features of this software like custom CSS, use your own domains and many more.

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3. ThriveCart

Thrivecart is another a powerful system for affiliate software as well as subscription management. Also can promote physical products, digital products and services. The merchant can integrate many most popular software like PayPal, Zapier, Stripe, Mail and many more.

Affiliate Program Software

Features For Merchant

  • One Click Sales Funnels:

Here, the merchant can create sales funnels with some click, sales funnel is a system where you can promote your product to your buyer.


A/B testing is also known as split testing, this is a process in which testing the product in the market in different variables. So, you can create a product with perfection.

Features For Affiliate Or Promoter:

  • Sales Track:

The affiliate can easily track the stats of sales, gross commission, number of clicks and many more things on the dashboard.

  • Automation In Payment:

The dashboard of the merchant is fully automated, all payments can transfer automatically to the promoters. So, affiliate can never face the problem of delay in payments.

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4. Omnistar Tell

This OSI Affiliate software is easy to set-up system and comes with many features for creating a powerful affiliate system for your company.

OSI Affiliate has experience of 13 years in this affiliate market and the second amazing thing is right now, OSI working with 16,000 popular companies.

You can also integrate it with multiple products Shopify, MailChimp, Foxycart, CampaignMonitor, and many more popular apps.

Affiliate Program Software

Features For Merchant

  • Live Chat Support:

The people behind the screen of OSI are very experienced and also supportive for their customers. OSI gives you the live chat support system to their paid or also non-paid customers.

  • Social Share Widget:

Here, any social media users can promote your business products by just singing-up with their email address, this will help to increase your sales is a massive amount. The users of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn can promote the products.

Features Of Affiliate:

  • Trusted By Leaders:

OSI works with too many leading companies like NinjaOutreach, Piktochart, Solar Royal, CISCO, AddShoppers, TREK and many more. So, the affiliate can promote the best products and start their earning.

  • Email Templates:

This software comes with prewritten email templates. So, the affiliate can use to send emails to customers and maximize products sales.

Pricing Details:

OSI has Multiple plans of monthly and annually. So, you can choose which suits you best.

  • Basic Plan:

Basic plan comes in only $47/month and 470/annual with 20,000 tracking request, adding 200 affiliate user’s etc.

  • Professional Plan: 

Pay $97/month and 470/annual which includes 5,00,000 tracking request and 1,000 affiliate user’s etc.

  • Premium Plan:

Pay $247/month and $2470/anual which includes one million tracking request and 5,000 affiliate users and customizable thank you page.

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5. Affise Affiliate

In Affise affiliate marketing software, the merchant can add multiple affiliate programs, manage offers, and almost all activities in it only takes a couple of clicks.

Also, the people behind the screen are very supportive and give run time support even to non-registered customers.

Affiliate Program Software


  • Trust Worthy Merchants:  

Affise provides you with the best and trustworthy merchants. So, any affiliate picks any right product for their platform and promote it, and earn a great amount of money. Here, list of some most popular merchant in Affise software Demio, Better Proposals, Vervoe, Omnify, Quaderno, Zorka. Network and many more.

  • Parallel Tracking System

Parallel tracking is a system in which the visitor directly come to the landing page, this system will optimize the load time.

Pricing Details:

Affise comes with different plans:

  • Professional Plan:

Pay only $299 per month and get this plan with 10,000 tracking conversion, 1 000 Impressions, and smart links etc.

  • Enterprise Plan:  

Pay $499 per month and get this plan which includes 40,000 tracking conversion, dedicated account manager etc.

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6. AvantLink

Avantlink is another powerful affiliate services in our list.

As this software has in-built app store which is developed by Avantlink peoples. You can find out every many relatable apps to affiliate in this app store.

Also, Avantlink always ready to support you, they give responsive support to their customer and newbies.

Avantlink has experience of 13 years. So, the leading merchants trust them for their constant quality works in the affiliate market.

Affiliate Program Software

Features For Merchant:

  • Real-time Reports:

Here, the merchant can easily monetize all the details on sales, clicks and impressions for each affiliate in real time. So, you can also take any action instantly.

  • Custom Tracking:
    The merchant can create tracking links for any target page on the dashboard with ease. Also, add the links for the affiliate.

Features For Affiliate:

  • Leading Merchant:

Avantlink is working from almost 13 years in the affiliate. So, this software can gain the trust of these popular merchants like Patagonia, Cabela’s,,  Active Junky,, The Good Ride and many more.

  • Robust Affiliate dashboard:

Avantlink software comes with separate affiliate dashboard, where you can check the stats of all you referred links, total sales did by your links, pending commission, received commission and many more things in a glance.

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Wrapping Up

Now, we are done with our listing of best affiliate program software, I hope after this you don’t want to go anywhere for searching about this.

Lastly, select the product which suits you best of our list.

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