WordPress cookie plugins are those add-ons which work under the privacy legislation of ‘The Cookie Law’.

Never heard of it ever before?

The Cookie Law is a part of privacy protocols that requires websites to get authorization from visitors of that particular site to store or fetch any information on a computer, tablet as well as on a smartphone.

So after the establishment of this law by European (EU) countries in 2011, many plugins were developed in order to fulfill it.

Now, the most noteworthy mission of these WordPress plugins is to give access to any website visitors whether they want to store the cookies of websites or not.

There are two cases of cookies:

  • If the visitor has no problem, the cookies will get stored in the system automatically.
  • Whereas if visitors have a problem, either they can block cookies or set some notifications regarding the websites.

So in order to provide these facilities, here are some of the best free as well as paid WordPress cookie plugins which a user can count on.

Though they are for the same use, yet you might some unique features in the plugins listed below.

Before going through this article, we believe that you should try some other featured plugins which you can use on your WordPress site:

Let’s dive in!

1. Cookie Consent by SECURITI.ai: Best WordPress Cookie Plugins

The Cookie Consent by SECURITI.ai plugin helps organizations comply with global privacy regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, ePrivacy and more. SECURITI.ai also helps developers meet privacy compliance with Data Subject Rights, Privacy Policy Management and Universal Consent.

The SECURITI.ai Cookie Consent Plugin lets developers rapidly deploy a customizable banner and automatically manages the usage of cookies without additional coding.

securiti Cookie Plugin WordPress

Pricing for this WordPress Cookie Plugin:

Cookie Consent by SECURITI.ai is free of cost.

Features of this WordPress Cookie Plugin:

  • Periodically scan website for cookies
  • Turnkey deployment of consent collection
  • Configurable preference center.
  • Auto blocking of cookies
  • Consent records and reporting.

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2. WeePie Cookie Allow: Foremost in WordPress Cookie Plugins

WeePie Cookie Allow is one of the best paid WordPress cookie plugins through which a website visitor can block the cookies automatically on a WordPress site.

This plugin especially implements the Cookie Law to make the privacy of the websites more strong.


Pricing for this WordPress Cookie Plugin:

  • Regular: $20, 1 user with no charge to the end user.
  • Extended: $245, one user, no charge to end users.

Features of this WordPress Cookie Plugin:

  • Easily configurable.
  • Styling options: texts, colors, sizes, positions & many more.
  • Clear cookies automatically of social media accounts, youtube, advertisements as well as cookies of Google Analytics.
  • Reset cookie button on the website using the shortcode.
  • Ready to support for multi-sites.

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3. CookieCuttr: EU Cookie Law Compliance WordPress Plugin

CookieCuttr is a cookie WordPress plugin which allows the visitors to manage the cookies of the site. This cookie management is done under the most recent EU Cookie Legislation.

The user can easily use Google Analytics and stop it. All of this is done until the website’s visitors have accepted cookies.


Pricing for this Cookie WordPress Plugin:

  • Regular: $17, 1 client, end clients cannot be charged.
  • Extended: $100, one client, end clients can be charged.

Features of this Cookie WordPress Plugin:

  • Choose anyone, either ‘Legacy’ Google Analytics or the new ‘Universal Analytics’.
  • Physically disable elements of the website which use cookies with a user-friendly message is present.
  • Either post the script files on the head or on the foot of the HTML.
  • Discreet link addition placed on the corner of the site page.
  • Easy updatable interface.

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4. Fortune Cookie Consent Policy: WordPress Cookie Plugin

Fortune Cookie Consent Policy add-on is a WordPress cookie plugin which provides the info about the website’s cookie usage in front of website visitors.

One can use this WordPress plugin to link either to a privacy policy page or just give a single warning to the users when they visit the webpage.


Pricing for this WordPress Cookie Plugin:

  • Regular: $12, 1 user/client, end users as well as clients are not charged.
  • Extended: $60, one user/client, end clients as well as users can be charged.

Features of this WordPress Cookie Plugin:

  • Blocking of cookies when the user denies it.
  • Compatible with old as well as new Cookie Law.
  • Support browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, IE & many more.
  • Especially customized CSS support.
  • Lifetime support as well as updates.

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5. EasyCookie: Most Affordable in WordPress Cookie Plugins

EasyCookie is one of the most affordable add-ons in WordPress cookie plugins. It is a cookie notification tool, with an easy and quick way to set up a marvelous cookie notification for the website.

The most noteworthy thing about this plugin is that it is 100% compatible with Bootstrap.


Pricing for this WordPress Cookie Plugin:

  • Regular: $7, 1 client/user, end clients cannot be charged.
  • Extended: $50, one client/user, end users as well as clients may be charged.

Features of this WordPress Cookie Plugin:

  • Allowed to add emoticons.
  • Checking & tracking of security vulnerabilities.
  • Set validity of cookies in days.
  • Notification bar: Bottom or top.
  • Mobile friendly.

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6. Cookie Notice: Foremost in Free WordPress Cookie Plugins

Cookie Notice by dfactory is the best free WordPress cookie plugin. Basically, it allows you to inform the users that the site uses cookies & also comply with EU cookie law regulations.

With the help of this WordPress plugin, one can easily edit or customize the cookie messages.


Pricing for this WordPress Cookie Plugin:

  • Cookie Notice is free of cost.

Features of this WordPress Cookie Plugin:

  • Cookie expiration setting.
  • After the cookie is accepted, it shows the message box with animations.
  • Compatible with Polylang & WordPress Multilingual (WPML).
  • SEO friendly cookies.
  • Translations of files with ‘.po’ extension.

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7. Cookie Consent: Free WordPress Cookie Plugin

Cookie Consent by Catapult Themes claims that it is one of the most popular as well as easiest cookie notification & WordPress cookie plugin.

That’s true! This plugin does not need to be configured after the installation process while some plugins are needed to be configured.


Pricing for Cookie Consent:

  • Cookie Consent does not charge any money for accessibility.

Features of Cookie Consent:

  • Select the notification to be displayed on the main page.
  • Easy styling customization.
  • After an update, the new version of the cookie will update on all sites.
  • Translations: English, Russian, Polish, Italian as well as Slovakian.
  • Positions of notifications: Either on top/bottom bar or floating in a corner of the screen.

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8. Cookie Bar: Cookie WordPress Plugin

Cookie Bar is a lightweight cookie WordPress plugin which discreetly displays the notification bar which is dismissible.

wordpress cookie plugins cookie-bar

Pricing for this Cookie WordPress Plugin:

  • Cookie Bar is non-chargeable.

Features of this Cookie WordPress Plugin:

  • Creates button at the bottom of the page.
  • Message or notification text editing.
  • Customizable button color.
  • Disappearing of message or notification after the user reads it.

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Hence above are some of the best WordPress cookie plugins in which some of them are FREE as well as PAID. They can especially block those cookies which you don’t want to store as well as display.

OR get pre-notified about the particular site through messages or notifications.

They are the most relevant cookie WordPress plugins on the market. And we believe that you feel satisfied once you try them out.

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