Do you want to transform your simple WordPress website into a knowledge base site like Wikipedia? Then Wiki WordPress plugins will help you to to do that!

But,  when and why do you need to create a knowledge base site?

There could be a number of reasons for that, if you own a business and sell goods online, want to create a help desk for customer support and all that. Of course, you want your users to be aware of your business and products.

Then for this, there is nothing better than creating knowledge base wiki website.

Wiki plugins for WordPress help you to create Wikipedia style website,  knowledge base site, and also you can add a customer support helpdesk segment.

Moreover, these plugins provide you a furnished documentation about frequently asked queries. So, that your visitors will find exact answers to their queries in a click away!

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In this article, we’ve accumulated some of the best Wiki WordPress plugins. Make sure to click on the buttons to get more details about the Wiki plugin for WordPress.

Let’s get started –

1. Knowledge Base – Wiki plugin for WordPress

Knowledge Base enables you to create the wiki, customer support help-desk in a breath.

Many users utilize this plugin as a customer support centers, FAQs, company and service documentation and much more in a breath.

It supports voting also, people can post a vote on your post with the help of this plugin.



This Wiki WordPress plugin cost you $39 which includes 6 months support. Furthermore, if you want to extend the support for a year the, you’ve to pay around $13.


  • Drag and drop builder, you can easily reorder knowledge base post and categories etc.
  • It comes with widgets for articles and categories so that you can display and sort them according to your need.
  • You are allowed to set custom slugs for knowledge base articles and categories.
  • It gives you the facility to display breadcrumbs on categories as well as single pages.
  • The plugin also gives you the option of LIVE search. Moreover, you can change the appearance of the search button, its position etc.

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2. Encyclopedia Pro – Best in Wiki WordPress Plugins

Encyclopedia Pro is the premium wiki WordPress plugin which allows you to create an organized encyclopedia, dictionary, glossary, and knowledge base in a matter of few minutes.

This plugin is easily combined with your WordPress website and compatible with all the existing plugins you have.

It has a smart feature of automatically cross-linking your website’s contents and give you a trouble-free way to manage your contents.



Encyclopedia Pro cost you a one-time amount of $49 with lifetime usage license.


  • The plugin gives every item a unique URL. along with SEO conform structure for all pages.
  • WPML supported and works with Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, and all other UTF-8 Compliant languages.
  • It comes up with a widget to display the items in the sidebar, along with tags and categories of your encyclopedia.
  • Integration with audio, images, video items and shortcodes in your content.

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3. UserPress – Wiki Plugin For WordPress

UserPress transforms your WordPress website into a powerful wiki platform such as Wikipedia. It allows the users to edit pages of your existing theme and that too form a front-end interface.

You can also track pages that you want to change and sort pages that are recently modified.

Moreover, this plugin enables you to browse related posts without leaving the current page.

UserPress-Wiki WordPress Plugins


For this wiki WordPress plugin, you’ll have to pay the cost of $34 for 6 months support. Whereas you can extend the support time by paying extra $11.25


  • Provides you the facility of history and revision notes. You can attach the note to each revision.
  • It has a functionality of LIVE search, whenever a user creates a new page then already existing pages are displayed to prevent content duplicity.
  • You can flag your wiki pages to grab more attention. Moreover, custom flags can also be created through the admin panel.
  • Users can follow the Wiki pages and track the updates and changes.

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4. WordPress Knowledge Base – Wiki Plugin for WordPress

Pixel Knowledge Base is a powerful and feature-rich Wiki WordPress plugin. With this plugin, you can show certain knowledge base to a certain user. That means you can restrict your knowledge base content according to the user roles.

The support team of the plugin is always available to assist you whenever you’ve found a bug.



Get this plugin at just $19 from the Envato market (


  • Drag and drop reordering feature for organizing the columns of the categories.
  • Developers can create custom unique layouts with lots of public template actions.
  • Allow your users to submit the post from front-end.
  • Lightning fast AJAX searches to ease your user’s searching and give them a required result.
  • You can also sort the results according to date, time, views, and votes etc.
  • It has a smart voting system so that you can vote on what is important.

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5. Yada Wiki – Best in Free Wiki WordPress Plugins

Yada Wiki enables you to create a post type like wiki along with, custom tags, an index (table of contents), and categories etc. Besides this, you can link your wiki pages with each other via wiki page titles.

The plugin expedites your work by providing the powerful shortcode buttons to generate the shortcodes. So, that you do not need always remember the shortcodes and its values.



Yada Wiki is available as free on the official WordPress website.


  • It provides a shortcode which displays your “TOC” page.
  • Shortcode to insert your list of wiki pages in one of your wiki category.
  • The plugin comes up with full documentation.
  • It gives you the Wiki widget to insert articles list and categories into the sidebar.

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6. RDP Wiki Embed

RDP Wiki Embed is yet another free wiki WordPress plugin, this plugin fetches the content from MediaWiki website and inserts that content in your posts and pages.

It reformats and tailors the content according to your requirement. Moreover, the plugin looks forward to links to all wiki sites and force your content to be replaced with the content found on Wiki sites.



Get this plugin for free from the


  • This plugin facilitates you with lots of shortcodes.
  • You can change the shortcode settings and its appearance.
  • It comes up with different types of filters.
  • There is a button to launch shortcode helper.

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The above-mentioned free and paid wiki WordPress plugins are hand-picked and offer the best quality service. Hence, you can pick out one which creates a “WOW” impact on your visitors.

Well, this was our take on the best Wiki WordPress plugins. Hope you’ve found this article helpful.

For any inquiries and suggestions. Kindly let us know in the comment section.