Want to build a WordPress website using 3D Carousel WordPress Plugins?

But first of all, we would like to explain what is really a 3D Carousel.

3D Carousel is nothing but the image sliders that allows flipping images in a unique 3D layout in the home page of a website. The 3D Carousel is very eye pleasing and delivers great impact on the visitor.

This whole arrangement of the slider looks great and create a whole new 3D perspective.

Though there are hundreds of plugins in the market which have different kinds of sliders like photos, videos, text and their 3D versions as well. But to choose the plugin which generates more responsive and an eye-catching slider is pretty hard to find.

So to give your WordPress site a well-groomed look, here we are with 7+ 3D Carousel WordPress Plugins which consists of free as well as paid add-ons. And we believe that you will surely appreciate our work after reading this whole article.

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1. Ultimate 3D Carousel WordPress Plugin

Ultimate 3D Carousel WordPress Plugin is one of the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress Plugins. It is an adequately 3D multimedia carousel slider, which allows you to display multimedia content with the completely unique look and feel, keeping in mind the 3D perspective.

This Plugin will definitely deliver great impact on the visitor with tons of other features.  

Ultimate 3D Carouse

Pricing Plan-

The Ultimate 3D Carousel WordPress Plugin have a regular licence of $36 only.

Some of the features of the Ultimate 3D Carousel WordPress Plugin-

  • It uses Revolution lightbox to display multimedia content.  
  • Highly customizable with latest CSS Techniques.
  • Mouse wheel support.
  • Ultimate categories and each category support unlimited thumbnails.

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2. FAT Portfolio– Stabalest in 3D Carousel WordPress Plugins

FAT Portfolio is one in the list of 3D Carousel WordPress Plugins which allows you to implant a portfolio to your website. It is an advanced portfolio plugin to show custom made galleries and designs. This plugin provides powerful shortcodes and plugins setting panel for images customization.

FAT Portfolio

Pricing Plan-

The FAT Portfolio WordPress Plugin has a regular licence fee of $22 only.

Features of FAT Portfolio WordPress Plugin-

  • Setting Panel contains completely adjustable image-size, font-sizes, colours, spacing, hover effects, and much more.
  • Supports 8 shortcodes for many styles such as- Grid, Masonry, Metro, Carousel, 3D carousel, Flipster, coverflow, Flipster carousel and Slideshow (new layout).
  • 10 item skins, 10 single portfolio layout for Image and Video gallery and 11 appear animation effect.
  • The FAT portfolio WordPress Plugin is compatible with visual composer and WPML.

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3. 3D Photo Gallery WordPress Plugin– Best in 3D Carousel WordPress Plugins

3D Photo Gallery WordPress Plugin allows you to insert a high functioning 3D Carousel Gallery on your WordPress website. This provides excellent CSS3 and jQuery animation. It enables you to embed shortcodes in your website so as to insert the 3D gallery.


Pricing Plan-

The 3D Photo Gallery WordPress Plugin pricing stars at $15 onwards.

Key features of 3D Photo Gallery WordPress Plugin-

  • A 3D carousel gallery.
  • Supports multimedia image upload.
  • Customizable CSS3 and jQuery animation.
  • Adjustable width and height options.

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4. Stack Slider 3d Image Slider

The Stack Slider 3d Image WordPress Plugin empowers you with the capabilities to sink 3D images within your website slider. It’s a 3D Carousel WordPress Plugin which has a cross-browser jQuery slider.

It automatically flips through 3D images in a cycle. It is a 3D image slider with navigation, automatic rotation and pagination. Two extreme options for the design stack as simple and slider with a title.


Pricing Plan-

The Stack Slider 3D Image Slider Plugin has a regular licence of $6 only.

Some peculiarities of the Stack Slider 3D Image Slider WordPress Plugin-

  • Custom show/hide slider pagination and arrows, title & image caption.
  • Supports slider centre mode.
  • Autoplay slider with speed interval settings.
  • Provides Image linking capabilities.

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5. 3D Carousel– Safest in 3D Carousel WordPress Plugins

The 3D Carousel WordPress Plugin animates real 3D effects using CSS3 3D transforms. It supports 3D carousel for Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. For IE8, IE9 and IE10 it displays the Grid style fallback.

3D Carousel

Pricing Plan-

The 3D Carousel WordPress Plugin has a regular licence of $18 only.

Some features of the 3D Carousel for WordPress-

  • Customizable options included.
  • Automatically Visible captions.
  • Use of CSS3 3D transforms.
  • Supports a carousel with around 100 items.

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6. Cloud Slider – 3D Carousel WordPress Plugin

Cloud Slider WordPress Plugin is full feature list carousel plugin such as smooth layered animation effects, supports sliders on the image background.
and many more. The front-end preview of the carousel can be done using visual slider editor and shortcodes.

Cloud Slider

Pricing Plan-

The Cloud Slider – Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin has a regular licence of $18 only.

Some features of Cloud Slider WordPress Plugin-

  • It supports smooth layered animation, 2d and 3D transitions, Category Carousel and much more.
  • Support carousel interacting with layers.
  • Has 18 easily customizable built-in skins.
  • Support sliders on the image background.

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7.  3D Photo Gallery– 3D Carousel WordPress Plugin With Diverse Features

The 3D Photo Gallery is one of the 3D Carousel WordPress Plugin which provides a unique layout. The plugin is suitable for diverse features and a great look and feel.

3D Photo Gallery

Pricing Plan-

The 3D Photo Gallery WordPress Plugin is free of cost plugin.

Features of 3D Photo Gallery WordPress Plugin-

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Full support for CSS3 & jQuery animations.
  • Compatible with all themes of WordPress.
  • The plugin is shortcode enabled.

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8. BNE Gallery Extended– 3D Carousel WordPress Plugin

BNE Gallery Extended is the one of the best tool in 3D Carousel WordPress Plugins with a display support.

The default WordPress Gallery shortcodes display your carousel in the traditional column grid style. BNE Gallery Extended WordPress Plugin adds a new option ‘display’. The display option allows you to show an image as 3D carousel/masonry grid.

BNE Gallery Extended

Pricing Plan-

The BNE Gallery Extended WordPress Plugin is another FREE Plugin.

Key features of BNE Gallery Extended WordPress Plugin-

  • Options to set the display to be Carousel, Masonry, or Default Grid.
  • 3D Carousel appends a jquery rotation to your images and masonry.
  • Allows different sizes of the carousel and stacks them.
  • Automatically reduces the number of columns as per the tablet & mobile screens.

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The above listed are the best Free and Paid 3D Carousel WordPress Plugins. Hope this article helped you in your WordPress carousel plugin search.

If you are having any question or suggestion on our blog topic, do comment below in the comment section.

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