WordPress Plugins Movie Database are very popular these days as they help you get essential information about movies easily.

WordPress Plugins Movie Database

These plugins are so advanced that they automatically fetch and attach details related to a particular movie or Tv show.

They also give you access to create shortcodes, use API, design custom dashboards, define colors & text for template and more. With these plugins, you can import images, posters, movie trailers, overviews with a single click.

That’s not all if you are interested in exploring some more plugins below are the blogs which can help:-

1. WPMDb – Plugin For WordPress

WPMDb is a top class WordPress plugin which enables you to add automated updates about movies on your website.

It automatically creates posts that hold movie details like posters, cast info, latest trailers and more. All these movie details are fetched from reliable sources available on the web.

Price Details Of WPMDb – Plugin For WordPress

  • There is only one plan offered by this plugin which cost around $97. It gives you 1-year license with all updates and single domain support.
    It also has a 14-days return policy which entitles you 100% refund of the amount, if not satisfied with the product.

WordPress Plugin Movie Database


  • Automatically creates posts which hold details like trailers, screenshots, posters and other information.
  • Easy Amazon associate integration just provides affiliate ID and the links will automatically get created.
  • Each & every movie posted will hold an HD trailer fetched from YouTube.
  • WPMDb plugin works well on all types of WordPress themes.
  • Provides quick and responsive support.

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2. Movie Database – WordPress Plugin

With movie database WordPress plugin you can define reviews, titles, image & sound quality, and other important details. It is very easy to deploy this plugin on WordPress sites.

This plugin auto creates a movie if it is not found in the database and fills the information about the movies using Wikipedia which is not available.

Price Details Of Movie Database – WordPress Plugin

  • This is free of cost WordPress plugin which holds 4-star rating on the web. Using which you can mention reviews, sound quality, picture quality and more about the movies on the site.

WordPress Plugin Movie Database


  • An open source plugin which is extremely easy to use.
  • Store movie details like title, type(Blue-ray, HD, etc), image/sound rating, reviews, etc.
  • Auto fetches missing details about movies using in-built Wikipedia access.
  • Wishlist feature to provide the user option to select movies for future watch.
  • Supports all websites on WordPress platform.

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3. WPMovieLibrary – Powerful WordPress Plugin

WPMovieLibrary helps you manage and create a wide collection of movies on a WordPress site with ease. With this plugin, you can sort movies, import metadata, images and other details.

WPMovieLibrary is a powerful plugin which allows you to add and display hundreds of movies with few clicks.

Price Details Of WPMovieLibrary – Powerful WordPress Plugin

  • WPMovieLibrary is totally free and comes loaded with features which automate various time-consuming processes.

WordPress Plugin Movie Database


  • Allows bulk import of hundreds of movies with just a few clicks.
  • Create a custom dashboard for your website effective usage of the plugin.
  • Easily extract movie details like release date, writer, cast, title and more.
  • Download movie poster and images with a single click.
  • Auto fills details which are not present in the movie.

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4. My Movie Database – WordPress Plugin

My movie database is one of the best WordPress plugin which is currently available free of cost. This plugin lets you add information about movies, tv shows and persons on your website with ease.

Information about movies is extracted from reliable sources available on the web. You can also apply this plugin on a website using shortcodes.

Price Details Of My Movie Database – WordPress Plugin

  • My Movie Database plugin offers only one plan which you gives free access to all the features & facilities of this plugin.

WordPress Plugin Movie Database


  • Permits you to create separate posts for movies, Tv shows, and individual persons.
  • Helps you add essential details and related information about the movies.
  • You can easily apply this plugin on a website via shortcodes or posts.
  • Allows you to add and edit movie posts.
  • This plugin offers various shortcodes.

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5. MovieDBPress – Plugin For WordPress

With MovieDBPress plugin you can create posts for movies and all the details like actor, trailer, director, cast, genre, certificate, etc are automatically fetched.

All the details are brought to the websites and displayed with the relevant movie. MovieDBPress plugin provides frequent updates and it has recently got API facility added to it.

Price Details Of MovieDBPress – Plugin For WordPress

  • Movie DB Press is another free of cost plugin for WordPress. It is an advanced plugin which comes pre-equipped with features and provides regular updates.

WordPress Plugin Movie Database


  • Allows you to edit or change the URL for trailers and project the best trailers for the movies.
  • Auto feeds details about the actor, director, certificate and more.
  • Helps you grab images and posters related to a movie.
  • Simplifies movie search as it provides a search box to find movies.
  • Provides two different ways to apply API.

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It is time shutdown as we are at the end of this blog on best WordPress plugins movie database. I am sure that you must have found the most suitable plugin to portray movies on your website.

In case you have any questions or queries related to the blog, feel free to ask them through comments.