“WordPress Checkbox Plugins transfigure old styled checkbox into a modern layout!”

Sometimes, you may need checkbox field for your website, but you do not know how to code.

Is there something that can perform this work easier without going, techie?


There are some WordPress checkbox plugins that helps you to add custom checkboxes on subscription forms, login forms, and pop-up windows and so on. Moreover, they don’t require any coding skill and hefty setup.

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So, in this post, we’ve prepared a list of some of the best WordPress checkbox plugin which not only simply adds a checkbox field but also enhances the functionalities by adding filters to it.

Anyway, let’s get started  

1. Taxonomy Checkbox Filter – Best in WordPress Checkbox Plugins

Taxonomy Checkbox Filter is a beginner friendly plugin and it doesn’t require advanced programming knowledge. This plugin lets you to swiftly create taxonomy filters for custom posts types.

The best thing about this WordPress checkbox plugin is that it comes with a clean code. So, that you can further customize it easily.



Download this premium checkbox plugin at just $6 only from Codecanyon.net.

Notable Features

  • Well-Built Category Filter

It gives you an easy to use interface, where you can manage all your taxonomy filters which you want to display.

  • CSS Customization

The plugin allows you to customize the code according to your requirement.

  • Sidebar & Header

In its configuration section, you have an option to add sidebar and sidebar header.

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2. Ninja Forms – Limit Checkboxes

Ninja Forms Limit Checkbox WordPress plugin lets the user set min and max limit on your checkbox field. So, when the user inputs something which is out of limit, then it gives the user error message about min and max input.

This plugin provides you filter so that you can extend its functionality of checkbox field types.



You can buy this plugin from codecanyon.net at a cost of $14.

Notable Features

  • Frontend Validation

It validates the user input and limits set on fields in real time.

  • Extend & Customize

You are allowed to customize the fields and validation. Along with that, you can also customize the error message too.

  • 100% Support

The plugin comes up with full Documentation and gives full customer support by resolving their issues in matter of minutes.

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3. Bettr™ CF7 Style Editor – WordPress Plugin

Contact Form 7 is a much more than a checkbox WordPress plugin. Not only it provides you 25+ radio button and checkbox styles. But also it is a complete style editor for your WordPress website.

It is live customizer tool which gives you 100% control over field’s color, border, fonts and drop shadows etc.



Get this WordPress checkbox plugin at just $18 from the Codecanyon.

Notable Features

  • Stylish Contact Form

With the help of this WordPress plugin, you can create stylish contact forms that will help you to generate more leads.

  • No Coding, Easy Implementation

You can create amazing text fields without any coding knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS.

  • Stylish Checkboxes

It gives you numerous styles of checkboxes and also it provides full control over its colors, shadows, and corner radius etc.

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4. Gravity Forms WPDB Connect Plugin

Gravity Forms is yet another form WordPress plugin which has a functionality to add checkbox fields. The only thing which makes this plugin stand ahead is that it can connect to WordPress database or MySQL to store your entries.

If you are a professional developer then this plugin is best for you.



This premium WordPress checkbox plugin is available on Codecanyon at just $29

Notable features

  • Supports WPDB Queries

You can directly edit, fill, select radio and checkbox fields from your database via WordPress Database Queries.

  • Data Validation

This plugin validates your text fields data with WPDB queries against your database.

  • Chained Select fields

The latest version of this plugin supports a selection of chained fields.

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5. Rel Nofollow Checkbox

Rel Nofollow Checkbox is a simple yet significant plugin. It adds a checkbox field with the no-follow attribute on a popup window of add/insert link.

If you want to add a link with a no-follow feature, then this plugin might be helpful for you because it makes so easy to add a link with nofollow in just a click.



This plugin is freely available on WordPress.org.

Notable features

  • Beginner Friendly Interface

It is so easy to use, all you have to do is click on that checkbox in the popup and your link with nofollow is added.

  • Fully Compatible

This plugin supports up to WordPress version 4.9.4 and it is compatible with any WordPress theme.

  • Link Editing Fast As Ever

You can edit your multiple links in a matter of few seconds.

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6. Title and Nofollow For Links – Best in NoFollow WordPress Checkbox Plugins

It is yet another WordPress plugin which adds a checkbox containing “rel=nofollow” attribute.

Hence, this plugin made it easy for you to add multiple no follow links effortlessly.

Moreover, it also provides you the “title” field in the insert link popup which was excluded in the previous WordPress version.



It is also a free plugin that you can get it from the official WordPress site.

Notable features

  • Checkbox for title & no-follow

This plugin is a compilation of two other plugins Restore Link Title Field and WPRes-nofollow Link. It gives you the facilities of two other plugins at a single place.

  • Tested & Tried

This plugin is tested up to WordPress version 4.9.4 and has 10,000+ active installations.

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7. Always Remember Me – WordPress Checkbox Plugin

This plugin has extended the functionality of standard “remember me” checkbox displayed every time when you logging in.

With the help of this plugin, the desired website will remember you until you purposely logged out.

always-remember-me- WordPress Checkbox Plugins


This checkbox plugin can be download for free from WordPress.org

Notable features

  • Extended Expiry

Its remember me expiration can be set to for a year.

  • WordPress Theme Compatible

The plugin is compatible with every popular WordPress theme. Moreover, it has many active users.

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If you really want a good WordPress checkbox plugin for any requirements like a checkbox for nofollow, remember me, and checkboxes for form fields etc. Then, instead of searching for more  WordPress checkbox plugins you can go for one of these.

Hopefully, you’ve found our take on WordPress checkbox plugins helpful. For any other queries and suggestion, you are free to share in a comment section.

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