Popups are those little windows that come out at you while you’re comfortably reading any website!

Why you should use pop-ups on your WordPress websites?

You must implement popups on your website because they provide the very strong call-to-action to make an announcement or sale you want your visitor to know about.

Research shows that websites having popups seeing up to a 40% drop in their bounce rate as compared to websites without popups.

Therefore, if you want to dip your toes into the ocean of popups, you’re going to need the best WordPress popup plugin to help you do it.

These plugins let you create beautiful pop ups for your website by providing readymade popup templates. You can control the display timing of the popup on your website.

Through these plugins you can also flourish your subscription forms, offers and discounts in a pop up box.

Therefore, we have collected 7+ WordPress Popup Plugins that are quick and easy to install. You will get paid as well as several free pop up plugins too!

Let’s dive in deeper!

Check out more WordPress plugins for your website:

1. Popup Plugin For WordPress – ConvertPlus

The plugin can be used to make your website a powerhouse of lead generation.

You can generate more subscribers by using Convert Plus. Because it is all-in-one tool for pop-ups, slide-in forms, sidebar widgets, in-line forms and social buttons.

With Convert Plus you can select 10+ popup display positions on your website. It also provides 100+ ready made designs for pop ups of various types, allowing you to choose the best suitable for your website.

ConvertPlus - WordPress Popup Plugins


  • It provides the statistics of WordPress popup plugin. You can track the ratio of the number of views of popup window and the subscribers available in your social network.
  • You can also enable Social Buttons on the pop ups. Mainly, Facebook, Google+, Twitter buttons are available. But, you can also enable other social buttons by using add-ons.
  • The plugin provides the feature of lock content. You can hide your website content from the unregistered users of your website.

How it will cost you?

You can buy Pop up plugin for:

  • Single site: $29
  • 5 sites: $49
  • Unlimited sites: $99

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2. HubSpot Pop-up Forms – HubSpot Free WordPress plugin

HubSpot is an all-in-one CRM, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service platform with 300+ product integrations. HubSpot’s free WordPress plugin brings powerful, easy-to-use contact management, email marketing, ads management, live chat & bots, pop-up forms, analytics and much more to WordPress.

You can add popups to your website in minutes using the drag and drop form builder. You can choose from four types of WordPress forms:

  • Inline form: A form you can embed directly on your site pages.
  • Overlay modals : Center screen popups that appear on top of page content.
  • Top banners: Small banners at the top of the page.
  • Slide-in boxes: Small boxes that slide in from the side or bottom of the page.

HubSpot - WordPress Popup Plugins


  • You can easily create online pop-up forms by using the drag-and-drop form builder.
  • Everyone who fills out a form in a pop-up will automatically be stored into HubSpot CRM (100% free, forever). You can further manage the relationship with that person by setting reminder tasks or sending them a personalized email.
  • Customize the information you collect with up to 1,000 form fields and a dozen different field types.

How it will cost you? 

  • Free: $0

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3. Popup Plugin for WordPress – Layered Popups

The plugin helps to create unique multi-layers animated popups for your website. It provides 200+ readymade templates of layered pop ups.

With this plugin you can also embed AJAX-ed subscription/contact form that can collect leads. These subscription forms work well with 80 email marketing providers.

Layered Popups can also raise popup window on user’s inactivity, on AdBlock detection and on scrolling down your website.

Layered Popups - WordPress Popup Plugins


  • The plugin is page optimized which ensures loading of minimum resources with pages so that all pop ups are pulled asynchronously.
  • You can also enable opt-in content locker which raises pop up on page loading. It does not allow to close the pop up until the visitor successfully submit their subscription form.
  • It can be used to create a regular popup or embed it in the page content i.e. in inline mode.

How it will cost you?

You can purchase this plugin at $21.

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4. Elementor Popups – Built Into Elementor Pro

If you love working with Elementor, you’d be happy to know it’s now also one of the most powerful, design-oriented popup builder. Building popups in the same place where you build your site has many advantages, most of all in terms of speeding up your workflow and reducing the time you need to spend figuring out how things work.

With external popup builders, popups often look like external patches. With Elementor, the look and feel of popups are much more consistent with your own website design.

Reducing the need for another popup plugin is another huge advantage of choosing Elementor as your popup maker.

With Elementor popup builder, you get 100+ popup templates that will help you learn how to build every type of popup you might need.
The folks at Elementor built an easy to use targeting engine that makes it simple to set off popups just when you need them to.

Elementor Pop Up


  • 100+ amazing popup templates,
  • Fly-in, classic, full screen, bottom bar, slide in and hello bar popups
  • Affordable $49 per year pricing, including Popup Builder, theme builder and page builder.
  • Page-based, time-based, device-based & visitor-based targeting
  • Exit-intent popups
  • The ability to add popup content from Elementor, WordPress, WooCommerce and WordPress website.
  • No limits of pageviews, popups or websites.
  • Zero setup
  • Responsive popups

How it will cost you?

This plugin starts with a pricing plan of $49.

  • Single site: $49
  • Three sites: $99
  • Unlimited sites: $199

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5. Popup WordPress Plugin – Poptin

Poptin is a free popup plugin with advanced options that include exit intent trigger and many other options. Poptin will help you increase the leads, sales, and signups for your newsletter within minutes. With Poptin, you can create popups of all types using the drag and drop interface and display them at the right time.
Besides popups, you can also use the autoresponder to send an automatic message to your leads.

PoptinWordPress Plugin


  • Autoresponder feature.
  • This plugin allows you to draft and autosave all the popups that you create with it.
  • You can add custom background and images as per your choice.
  • Multiple lead form templates included that can be used anytime.
  • Autopilot trigger option to run your popup and get optimized results.

How it will cost you?

You can download it for free from WordPress.org

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6. Popup Maker – WordPress Popup Plugins

It is the most astounding & highest rated popup plugin. This powerful pop-up plugin is used by more than 200,000 websites around the world.

It is the most flexible popup plugin that can handle everything from opt-ins & forms to announcements. You can also create login forms & content restriction for your website like age confirmation.

Popup Maker - WordPress Popup Plugins


  • The plugin allows to choose from a variety of mobile responsive popup sizes or set up custom sizes to match the content of your website.
  • It also provides several popup animations to choose from. You can also opt out speed, direction & origin to make the perfect popup.
  • You can also enable close delay option. This setting can hide the close button for a specified time, helpful when you want your webste visitors to focus on your message.

How it will cost you?

It comes with two paid pricing plans:

  • Extension bundle for $199/year
  • Individual extension $15

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7. Popups Premium – By Timersys

It provides the complete solution for optin and popups for your website. Through this plugin you can gain more subscribers in to your mailing list. You will also get more Facebook likes, Twitter and Google+ followers by integrating this plugin into your website.

Popups premium plugin can convert its free version plugin into a powerful optin plugin. It can work with all the principle mail providers like GetResponse, Constant Contact, Mailpoet, Mailchimp, Aweber, Posmatic etc.

Popups Premium - WordPress Popup Plugins


  • You can set the popup position at the top or bottom bar, after post content, full screen mode or sticky popups on your website.
  • It provides pop ups with amazing animations effects like Wiggle, Hingle, Tada, Wobble, Rotate In and Speedy left.
  • The plugin provides A/B Popup testing, allowing to create as many popup variations as you need. With built in analytics you can track the best option to gain more subscribers.

How it will cost you?

The plugins has 3 pricing plans:

  • Single site: $39
  • 2-5 sites: $139
  • Unlimited sites: $350

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8. PopUp Pro – By WPMU DEV

PopUp Pro  helps to keep your customers on your website by providing intuitively designed pop ups.

It also has the smart exit intent technology. It can detect when the visitor is about to navigate away and presents the visitor with one final message (in a lightbox overlay).

The plugin comes with three predefined pop up templates having their own header style and layout for text and images.

Popup Maker - WordPress Popup Plugins


  • The plugin facilitates the preview editing. As you make edits to your popups it lets you preview the live changes.
  • It provides an advanced options for triggering pop-ups with precision based on time and location on your website.
  • PopUp Pro offers you a palette of color picker from where you can do unlimited color settings of your popup looks.

How it will cost you?

It has a pricing of $49. (Try it for 30 days at free of cost!)

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9. PopUp WordPress plugin by Supsystic

The plugin allows to create elegant pop ups, subscription forms, contact forms and more.

It’s layered pop up style allows to set pop up location to any place on your website page. Also, you can also appear it on user screen over the whole website by selecting modal style.

With this plugin you can set pop up triggers for various situations like “when the user opens your website”. You can also set the display timing of showing popup on your website.

PopUp WordPress plugin by Supsystic


  • You can add opt-in form at the sidebar or any widget area of your website.
  • By using shortcodes you can create in-line forms at the header, inside a post, after post or anywhere on your web page.
  • The plugin also allows to add info bar at the top and bottom of your website homepage with toggle and sticky options.

How it will cost you?

Get this plugin at $23.

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10. Popup Builder – Responsive WordPress Pop up

This plugin is specifically designed to create modal pop ups which is displayed on the top of the website’s current page opened by the user. By using this plugin you can flaunt offers, discounts and other promotional notifications.

You can also create an attractive and highly customizable lightbox, enabling awesome popup windows in your WordPress website.

Popup Builder – WordPress Popup Plugins


  • You can create repetitive pop up through this plugin. It shows popup every X time period.
  • The plugin allows to redirect visitors to another page when they click on popup content.
  • It also allows to scale popup for desktop sizes.

How it will cost you?

You can download this plugin from WordPress.org.

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11. Popup Maker – WordPress lightbox Pop up

It is a smart tool to create pop up with various elements. You can create pop ups having elements like image, countdown, HTML, video, subscription, contact, social, Iframe and age restriction pop ups.

The plugin allows to include several elements in one popup as well as you can create their different combinations.

You can also show popup once per visitor on your website. It is a helpful setting when you would prefer not showing the popup to the same visitor more than once.

Popup Maker – WordPress lightbox Pop up


  • You can hide displaying pop ups for visitors accessing your website through mobile devices.
  • The plugin also allows to auto close popup after a specific time.
  • It allows to show pop up only when the visitor is scrolling your website.

How it will cost you?

It is freemium plugin that can be downloaded from WordPress.org.

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12. Crocoblock- Interactive Popup Library

Interactive popups by Crocoblock are a great alternative to the boring static messages we are used to. The collection includes all-purpose 50+ templates for Elementor that gamify the content on the page. 4 different switch types are available for you to provide an interactive user experience: Click, Scratch, Peel, and Slide Out



  • 13 animation effects
  • 6 options for setting the popup open event
  • Adjusting the number of times the popup should appear
  • Settings to choose the pages to show the popup
  • Stylizations settings with no limits thanks to drag&drop JetElements plugin
  • The cherry on the top: create your own interactive popup from scratch with JetPopup plugin.

How it will cost you?

Interactive Popup Library by Crocoblock can be purchased with All-Inclusive sets, the price starts from $130 on yearly subscription
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Over To You

After going through this blog, you get to know that some WordPress popup plugins have many handy features with advanced popup customization.

These plugins are going to work well and help your website stand out from the pack.

Please, let us know in the comments which one of these WordPress pop up plugins you like the most.