A breadcrumbs WordPress plugin will act as a road-map to your entire website. We can say that breadcrumbs are navigational tools developed for easy navigation on your website pages which you have already visited.

Breadcrumbs WordPress Plugins

Moreover, breadcrumbs plugins make your website more organized so the SEO can easily display on your website. These navigational aids not just help people to easily access your website, but also help Google to determine your website’s structure.

Let’s see some couple of advantages of using breadcrumbs on your site:

  • It enhances the user experience by providing better navigation result & it reduces friction as much as possible.
  • Breadcrumbs can reduce the bounce rates because by using it you will be able to offer to the audience an alternative means of browsing your site.
  • Breadcrumbs give Google another way of figuring your website’s structure.

So these are some key benefits of using breadcrumbs on your website. And that’s why it makes a lot of sense by adding ton your website.

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Now, without any delay, let’s see how these breadcrumbs plugins work.

1. Smart Breadcrumbs: Navigation WordPress Plugin

Smart breadcrumbs is the best platform for increasing the navigation model of your website. The plugin is easy to use and an even non-techy guy can go well with it. It gives your reader an easier control or a clear navigation over how they navigate through your website.

Smart Breadcrumbs is going to please you with its higher ratings of 4/5 and active downloads of more than 70,000 present days.

Smart Breadcrumbs WordPress Plugin


Smart Breadcrumbs is an affordable one and is going to cost you $11 for its complete set of features.

Features of Smart Breadcrumbs Plugin:

  • The plugin provides you different fonts & home icons, their colors, size & models.
  • You can set various attractive typography on your website.
  • It provides you a completely customizable breadcrumbs option.
  • Simple and easy to use WordPress plugin.

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2. Smart Navigation Breadcrumbs Plugin:

Smart Navigation Breadcrumbs is a powerful WordPress plugin that will allow you to add breadcrumbs trial navigation to your website or blogs. Plugin supports every useful feature such as custom post types, archives, 404 error message page etc.

You can add a navigation menu to your website for helping your readers to navigate easily on your website without getting lost in any section of a site.

Smart Navigation Breadcrumbs WordPress Plugin


This smart navigation breadcrumbs can be your next favorite navigation tool which comes with an affordable rate of $20 for its 6-months support.

Features of Smart Navigation Plugin:

  • It supports various useful plugins such as bbPress for a discussion forum, BuddyPress to provide a social network on your website & WooCommerce to make your site an eCommerce platform.
  • The plugin supports smart responsive jQuery or CSS tool to make your website easier or stylish.
  • Provides option to reset plugin settings again and again for styling purpose.
  • The Plugin also provides different & attractive animation effects.

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3. WP Nav Menu Breadcrumbs:

WP Nav Menu Breadcrumbs is a simple and easy to use breadcrumbs plugin for WordPress templates. You just need to download it & put in the correct page of your website and activate its breadcrumbs trial navigation.

With the help of this plugin, you can create breadcrumbs navigation with the help of WP Nav Menu.

WP Nav Menu Breadcrumbs WordPress Plugin


You can buy its powerful services at $15 only with its 6 months supports and extends up to $60 for 12 months support.

Features of WP Nav Menu Breadcrumbs Plugin:

  • It includes rich snippets which provide the extensive information to the search engine about your contents.
  • The plugin is multilingual so you don’t need to face a problem of language.

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4. Breadcrumb Trail: Navigation Plugin

The plugin is simple which is designed to help you place breadcrumbs trial easily on anywhere of your website. Its advanced features makes it one of the popular and robust breadcrumb menu system.

The plugin can be handled on any site to show the most accurate breadcrumbs for each page. It automatically detects your website permalink setup and display breadcrumbs navigation based on that structures.

Breadcrumb Trail Breadcrumbs WordPress Plugin


This is a free WordPress breadcrumb plugin with a lot of rich snippets and a bunch of features.

Features of Breadcrumb Trail Plugin:

  • The plugin is coded with object-oriented programming methods which allow reusing the product for other highly custom pages.
  • Breadcrumb Trail auto-detects the permalink structure of your website.
  • It handles properly any custom posts or pages of your website.

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5. Breadcrumb NavXT: Navigation Widget

Breadcrumbs NavXT is a WordPress plugin that will add easy to navigate features to your website’s templates. So that your audience can easily navigate your sites’ pages.

The plugin allows you to customize the plugin according to your needs & requirement depending on the content of your website.

Breadcrumb NavXT Breadcrumbs WordPress Plugin


You can download this plugin at free of cost only from wordpress.org.

Features of Breadcrumb NavXT Plugin:

  • The plugin is compatible with both bbPress and BuddyPress to enhance the compatibility of your website.
  • It supports polylang extension plugin to make your website language friendly.
  • This plugin provides a locational breadcrumb for your blog or website.

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Final Word:

This was our take on the 5 most popular breadcrumbs WordPress Plugins. We hope you will definitely going to transform the look of your website by using one of these breadcrumbs WordPress tools.

You can share your experience with us about using these plugins. Also, if you have any other suggestion of more powerful breadcrumbs widgets then suggest us. We would take those tools in our further blog.