With Shopping cart, available on every e-commerce website, you can always buy your favorite products just by clicking at “add to cart” and get the total payable amount on “checkout”. I hope it would be easier for you now to relate to the following discussion about WordPress Plugins Shopping Cart.

First of all, WordPress plugins for shopping cart make it easier for a viewer to shop through your WordPress website. And this is why these plugins are high on demand and present on almost every eCommerce website.

These shopping cart plugins will, therefore, allow your visitors, rather customers here, to choose products from the site, and add or remove items in their shopping cart to complete the purchase.

Further, this user-friendly interface will act as a catalyst for the selling of items, both tangible products as well as digital downloads like e-books (PDF), music (MP3, Wav, MP4)  through your WordPress website.

Now, we will be discussing with you the 7+ best WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins of 2021. Dig in and explore these plugins to find the most suitable one for your shopping website.

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1. WP EasyCart – WordPress Plugin for Shopping Cart  

WordPress EasyCart is a shopping cart plugin designed to collaborate a full WordPress E-commerce shopping system into new or existing WordPress website.

This plugin is an eCommerce plugin that lets you sell unlimited products like retail and digital (downloadable) goods, gift cards, donations, services and more. Also, it manages orders, utilizes basic shipping & taxes.

Moreover, it informs the customer about their purchases through an email and view order information through a single platform, also, it allows printing, managing receipts and packing slips. Now that ensures Security too!

Then it facilitates with a shopping cart on your website. This shopping cart makes shopping an amazing experience. In this cart, you can add products, remove products and do a lot more.

WP EasyCart Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin


Get your PRO license at $69 with 14 days trial and Premium license at $99 with our 14- day money back guarantee.


  • It provides 30+ payment gateways options such as Authorize.net, Payment Express, Intuit, Redsys, Chronopay, FirstData to name a few.
  • EasyCart allows you to place your store in catalog mode. It also helps to display products with an inquiry form and receive inquiries from customers.
  • This plugin provides multi-language and multi-currency support.
  • WP EasyCart also provides the plugin with several base themes that can be colorized easily and can be put into any WordPress website.

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2.WD ECommerce Plugin – Shopping Cart Plugin

WD eCommerce has made its way through the ranks to become one of the best WordPress eCommerce plugins. It allows you to build-up your own functional online store without any complicated setups and configurations.

The plugin allows you to set up a service for advanced filtering, sorting and searching (latest and best seller product) for products on the webpage.

Then it helps to configure themes and see the results in live preview at the backend.

The add-on can display various elements for product such as – name, thumbnail, price, E-commerce filters, E-commerce Minicart.

All this, in addition to Quick-View button, Comparison button, Buy Now/Add to Cart button.

Further, it provides customizable layout, the 5 built-in themes that let you change styles and colors for buttons, header, navigation bar and much more without any coding skill. Also, you can monitor your business by tracking orders and reports, based on time range and products.

Web Dorado Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin


WD e-commerce Plugins has three pricing strategies

  • Personal   – $30 (with 6 months premium support and 1 domain support).
  • Business   – $45 (with 1-year premium support and 3 domains support).
  • Developer –  $60 (with 1-year premium support and unlimited domain support).


  • This plugin allows to create products and then assign them with multiple parameters. Now, these parameters can be value, the price of a product can vary.
  • The products can be displayed in various views such as Masonry, Chess and Blog Style.
  • It creates custom emails for admin and users using templates for sending order details, change of order status, completed and refunded orders and product invoice.     
  • Highlight products using labels-small image values.

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3. WP Plugin – PayPal Shopping Cart Button

WordPress PayPal Shopping Cart Button has distinctive feature for selling products and services on your website allows you to add an ‘Add to Cart’ button for the product anywhere on your posts or pages. Simple isn’t?

The plugin also guides to set-up a PayPal Sandbox account. This will allow you to set-up a trial PayPal buyer and seller account. So that you can test and get an idea about it before selling it to the public.

Its simple-to-use feature enables selling of digital goods as well.

Hosted by PayPal, this plugin accepts payment through PayPal, Debit or Credit card.

WP Plugin Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin


  • Yearly License (with one year of updates and support) is available for Single Site -$49.95, 2-5 Sites – $79.95, Unlimited Sites – $119.95. With 30 DAY money back guarantee.


  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress and any WordPress theme.
  • A customer automatically gets an email with the media file that they pay for so that they can have a track too.
  • One can view and manage your orders received through PayPal buttons from your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • It has easy to create Button Cart just by adding your item name, price etc.

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4. WooCart Pro – Dropdown Cart For WooCommerce

WooCart Pro Plugin is most popular eCommerce solution. It is for those times when your theme does not support cart customization, that’s when WooCart Pro plugin comes into action.

This plugin allows you to add the shopping cart widget to your WooCommerce store and modify it too. With this plugin, customers can add or remove products from the cart in a much easier way, without constant cart reloading.

WooCart Pro Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin


Its pricing plan varies with the site license where a regular license is available at just $24, an extended license is available at just $85


  • Lightbox popup on the “add to cart” action which is used to grabs visitor’s attention.
  • Enable floating cart which slides in when a user chooses to buy an item (sticky cart on scrolling down).
  • WMPL compatibility makes website multi-lingual and translation ready.
  • WooCart Pro plugin displays cart as a list of products in the site sidebar.

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5Simple Inquiry – Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin

A customer wants to know as much about a product before buying it as he could so that he can be assured of what he is buying is reliable. This plugin resolves such inquiry related issues. Inquiry cart for WordPress enables people to inquire about a particular set of products to the website admin after adding the products to a cart.

For an instance, if you have completed a project and you want people to be able to ask you about it or if you would like to do it for them, they can add that to the inquiry cart.

Simple Inquiry Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin


The pricing plan differs on the basis of licenses. For regular license – $16, for extended licence – $70, for extend support for 12 months – $4.50.


  • This acts as an extended help for those dealers who cannot make online payments but still want to create order inquiries through the web.
  • Make a post about an individual item and allow your viewers to ask for that particular work.
  • Its installation is really simple and easy. You have to upload, install the plugin, and start adding products to your cart.

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6. WooCommerce Multiple Carts – WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Multiple Carts Per User allows different people to log-in into the same user account and have different shopping carts, shipping and billing address, order histories etc.

This plugin acts when a site has or predicts to have more than one customer per user account login and wants to keep the shopping carts for each of these customers distinctive.

This plugin was developed for B2B (business-to-business) scenarios where users from different places can also use the same vendor account and that too without affecting each other stored shopping cart.

WooCommerce Multiple Carts Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin


It has various prices plans like a regular license – $17, extended license – $85, extend Support to 12 months – $4.88.


  • Holds separate account addresses, purchases and order history per cart.
  • Link carts sessions across different browsers and devices via per user account.
  • Set carts to Storage Bin mode in order to keep items from being emptied after checkout.

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7. WooCommerce Plugin – Plugin for Shopping Cart

WooCommerce includes eCommerce platform which helps you to shop everything through internet i.e. online shopping. Along with easy integration with WordPress, WooCommerce has become popular as it works for both large and small-scale business. It works for all variety of goods. And with the ever-growing demand for app-for-anything, Woocommerce is available in mobile App as well for you to shop anything and everything.

This plugin also allows you to have a shopping cart for the viewers

WooCommerce Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin.


This amazing plugin can be used without paying any charges as it can be freely downloaded from WordPress repository.


  • This plugin allows you to buy and sell a huge variety of goods, which includes: tangible goods – like clothing, stationery, automobiles and digital goods – Like software, e-books, mobile files etc.
  • For payments, it has integration of PayPal, Amazon Payments and accepts payments options like credit cards, cash on delivery etc.
  • It provides an application Storefront. This resolves the clash between themes and plugins during the major updates in your website by prioritizing speed and working time of the system
  • You can manage taxes to be applied on goods, stock level of the items, style your store the way you want, have control on the customer’s account and so on.

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8. WordPress Jigoshop Plugin – Shopping Cart Plugin

Need to include Global brands in your store? Then Jigoshop will be the perfect answer.

You can activate this WordPress plugin without requiring any coding skills. Moreover, this plugin is responsive to all screen devices like desktop, tablet, mobile etc. 

JigoShop Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin


You do not need to pay anything to use this amazing plugin as it’s free.


  • Ever since you fill up your store, you need an indication to know when it is needed to be re-fill. Jigoshop manages your stock in a way that it informs you about reaching the minimum limit of items before you run out of stock.
  • With 70 themes, many free extensions, Jigoshop offers you wide variety of types of products.
  • Add social media to your website to promote marketing in a popular and effective way with Jigoshop.

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The above-mentioned plugins are the best online shopping cart plugins of 2018.  These will help you to know which plugin is best suited your website.

Hope you will like the article. Your valuable comments are always welcome.