Use Yelp WordPress plugins and save your precious efforts towards managing and designing the Reviews sections of your website. Choose the best way to boost your SEO by providing a social proof to your website’s reviews and ratings.

We know that you worked very hard for the 5-Star Yelp reviews!

Now to display those shining 5 Stars on your site without any hand code and extra efforts is easily possible with the help of this Yelp. It knows the best way to display your reviews and how to provide added value to your website.

The Yelp WordPress plugins will automatically sort the reviews and ratings for you in many scales such as most recent, oldest, highest/lowest scores. You just have to customize it as your desire.

And also it lets you showcase those rating in numerous exciting ways like the tagline, company’s URL and 5-star rating.

Leave no stones unturned, before getting started, delve into these awesome WordPress Plugin blogs:

In this article, we’ll discuss the 7 Best Yelp WordPress Plugins 2022 (Free and Paid)-

1. Yelp Reviews – Prime In Yelp WordPress plugins

Yelp Reviews WordPress plugin is used to display the Yelp review section for WordPress. It uses Google rich snippets to generate major traffic as well as to increase sales for your site. The plugin supports dark colour schemes and multiple options for themes like lists, grid testimonials, inner or fixed badge.


Pricing Plan-

The Yelp reviews plugin has a pro plugin plan of $45 only.

Some features of Yelp reviews WordPress plugin –

  • Provides powerful shortcodes which can display the reviews in any place like grid, list or badge on the site.
  • Provide default custom sorting of the reviews by most recent, oldest, scoring highest score and lowest score.
  • To hide negative rating it permits to set the minimum rating.
  • Support pagination and narrow the Yelp reviews before a link i.e, ‘See Next Reviews’.

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2. Yelp Widget Pro – Famous Amongst Yelp WordPress Plugins

Add values to your WordPress site, let your visitors use the awesome Google maps to search your city for business on your site. In addition, also help them to directly access their Yelp profiles.

Yelp Widget Pro WordPress Plugin provides the best way to display Yelp on a WordPress site. It can display Yelp content in any post, page or sidebar through shortcodes.


Pricing Plan-

The Yelp widget pro WordPress plugin has a single site licence for $45 only.

Key features of Yelp widget pro WordPress plugin –

  • Quick implementation and setup.
  • The plugin can display multiple Yelp business listings.
  • Allows you to show up to 3 reviews.
  • Provides Google map facility.

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3. Yelp Reviews Pro – Yelp WordPress Plugin

Yelp reviews pro WordPress plugin will help you display your business profile and the related business information on your site. Provides multi-option widget and shortcodes.

It saves your precious time in manually showing positive reviews, ratings, user testimonials. It leaves a good impression on your site visitor/user so as to boost sales.


Pricing Plan-

The Yelp reviews pro WordPress plugin has a regular licence of $29 only.

Features of Yelp review pro WordPress plugin –

  • Display your business profile, reviews, listings, address or contact number.
  • Provide Yelp review multi-option widget.
  • The plugin provides easy-to-use shortcodes for Yelp.
  • Help you grow the corporate revenue.

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4. BNE Testimonials Pro WordPress Plugin

BNE Testimonials Pro WordPress Plugin attaches easy-to-use reviews & testimonials anywhere on your WordPress site. Provides a complete panel for an image or company logo, reviews and three additional fields for a tagline, company’s URL and 5-star rating.

In addition, the plugin even makes it easy to display the same review on different sites using the WordPress RestAPIs.

BNE Testimonials Pro

Pricing Plan-

The BNE testimonials pro WordPress plugin has a regular licence of $28 only.

Features of BNE testimonials pro WordPress plugin –

  • Facilitates four layout options- list, masonry grid, slider & thumbnail slider.
  • Provides four theme options- simple, default, cards & bubble.
  • Support for WordPress Rest API, Yelp, Google, Facebook & the Yellow Pages API’s.
  • Custom style, shortcode builder and numerous hooks and filters for developers.

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5. Ultimate Yelp Reviews – Ultimate in Yelp WordPress Plugins

Ultimate Yelp Reviews is a latest Yelp WordPress Plugin. It allows you to display Yelp profile info, reviews and also support maps. The configuration of the plugin is very quick and easy.

Ultimate Yelp Reviews

Pricing Plan-

The Borlabs Cache WordPress Plugin have a regular licence of $49 only.

Features of Ultimate Yelp reviews WordPress Plugin-

  • It can hide/display the business information such as country, city, address, contact number.
  • Up to three reviews can be displayed on Yelp.
  • Fully customizable options available from back-end module settings.
  • A business location map is also available.

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6. WP Yelp Review Slider WordPress Plugin

WP Yelp Review Slider is a Yelp WordPress Plugin with a slider. The slider is a sort of image slider but with the abilities of Yelp reviews. You can download and display any of your Yelp business post/page review.

WP Yelp Review Slider

Pricing Plan-

The WP Yelp review slider WordPress plugin is a FREE to-use plugin.

Features of WP review slider WordPress plugin –

  • It manually appends reviews to your site database.
  • It presents advance slider controls.
  • Many reviews display functionalities.
  • Provides support to customers via forums and emails.

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7. Goserve Review Widget WordPress Plugin

Goserve Review Widget is a WordPress plugin through which you can showcase your reviews in an automated widget. It will monitor every existing channel and keep the reviews updated. For a social proof to your website’s reviews and ratings, it puts all of the reviews together. And there is no limitation on the number of reviews to show.

Goserve Review Widget

Pricing Plan-

The Goserve review widget WordPress plugin is another FREE to-use plugin.

Features of Goserve review widget WordPress plugin-

  • Customizable widget options such as font, colour etc.
  • Beautifully integrated and SEO optimized.
  • Ability to show all the reviews in a single widget.
  • Automatic updates.

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