Accounting WordPress plugins play a major role in one’s business. Without them, people would have lost hope of getting their business above the clouds.

But what made these WordPress plugins so special?

There can be multiple answers to this question:

  • For Billing as well as Bookkeeping.
  • To record & process transactions.
  • Track purchase as well as the sales order.
  • Keep track of the growth of one’s business & so on.

So in order to do all these things, accounting plugins were developed. They can provide so much ease in managing the accounting section of a business.

That’s why here we’re with some of the best free as well as paid accounting WordPress plugins which can really do a lot more than accounting for your business.

And we really mean about what we said! Some of the plugins mentioned below can also support Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as well as Human Resource Management (HRM).

All you have to do is to go through them with a peaceful mind.

That’s because people don’t become the billionaires over a single night, what makes them successful is patience, proper strategies, & the right tools for business!

So have a relaxed mind! Now its time to dive in!

1. WP ERP: Best in Accounting WordPress Plugins

WP ERP is one of the best add-ons in accounting WordPress plugins. It has an intuitive and interactive system that is easy to understand & work smoothly for beginners.

Its inventory management system seamlessly works with debit, credit, balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, and many more things.

WP ERP - Accounting WordPress Plugins

Pricing for this Accounting WordPress Plugin:

  • Starter -This pack will cost you $149/year with the core feature including payment gateway and payroll feature.
  • Essential – It charges $399/year for core features with inventory and WooCommerce extension support.
  • Business– Suitable for critical finance and advance features. The price of this plan is $599/year.

Features of this Accounting WordPress Plugin:

  • You can sale in any form like cash, credit, etc. It is flexible with all types of transactions.
  • It allows journal entry and generates reports for real accountants & that makes it perfect for beginners.
  • You can track expense transactions like purchasing goods in cash or in installments.
  • With the help of charts, you can view entries and action in a single page.

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2. WooCommerce Debitoor Connect: WordPress Accounting Plugin WooCommerce

WooCommerce Debitoor Connect is another paid accounting WordPress plugin that helps to connect your WooCommerce Webshop account with Debitoor.

It is an accounting as well as invoicing software. So to use this WordPress plugin, you must have an account on it.

This plugin successfully works with WooCommerce Bookings, WooCommerce Subscriptions as well as WooCommerce 3.x.


Pricing of this WordPress Accounting Plugin WooCommerce:

  • Regular: This WordPress plugin charges only $39 for one user with no charge on end-users.
  • Extended: The charged with the Extended plan is $720 in which the end-users can be charged.

Features of this WordPress Accounting Plugin WooCommerce:

  • This plugin generates the automated invoice on Debitoor when a certain order is placed at Webshop.
  • One can easily send the PDF files as of invoices to any customer from the accounting tool.
  • You can mark your payments on the accounting software by tracking the payments on WooCommerce.
  • The user can synchronize the customers as well as products from WooCommerce to the accounting system.

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3. WooCommerce Xero Integration Plugin

Xero is another accounting WordPress plugin which helps in integrating WooCommerce store with Xero account. It is a quick & easy solution for accounting for small businesses to manage sales, invoicing, payment, etc. This plugin automatically creates the invoicing for your WooCommerce sales.

WooCommerce Xero Integration Plugin - Accounting WordPress Plugins

Pricing of this Accounting WordPress Plugin:

It provides two licenses in which you will get future updates and 6-month support.

  • Regular license will cost you $45 only.
  • Extended license will charge you $150 only.

Features of this Accounting WordPress Plugin:

  • This plugin sends the product details, shipping & discount information, tax data to Xero.
  • It can send WooCommerce sales invoices to Xero automatically as well as manually.
  • Xero sync payment methods for each invoice incurred.
  • Along with that it sync tax methods for products purchased.

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4. WooCommerce Deposits : Partial Payments Plugin

It is one of the best tools in accounting WordPress plugins. This plugin is compatible with the WooCommerce Booking plugin which makes it possible to collect payments on booking as well as products.

Its intuitive system makes it very easy for all businessmen to understand it in a simple way and execute the tasks that need to be done for the accounting department.

WooCommerce Deposits - Accounting WordPress Plugins

Pricing for this Accounting WordPress Plugin:

  • Regular license – It will cost you $39 with 6-month support and future updates.
  • Extended license – This plan will charge you $195 for the 6-month support and all future updates.

Features of this Accounting WordPress Plugin:

  • It allows the customers to pay the remaining amount later by logging in.
  • When the deposit option is chosen it displays a custom message on the screen.
  • This plugin allows its user to check the deposit reports on the WooCommerce report panel.
  • It is fully translatable and comes with pre-translated in some languages like Dutch, English, French, etc.
  • WooCommerce Deposits has the feature of automatic email reminders to pay the remaining amount.

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5. Acumulus: Accounting Plugin for WordPress

Acumulus is an accounting plugin for WordPress which connects the Woocommerce store to the Dutch SIEL Acumulus application.

It can add the invoices either automatically or through a batch send the form to the administration, saving a lot of physical as well as error-prone work.

This WordPress plugin is especially for freelancers as well as for the sole proprietorship.

accounting wordpress plugins acumulus

Pricing of Acumulus: Accounting Plugin for WordPress

  • Acumulus plugin does not charge any kind of payment for accessing it.

Features of Acumulus: Accounting Plugin for WordPress

  • This accounting WordPress plugin replies to order status changes through multiple actions.
  • It has 3 admin screens: settings, advanced settings as well as batch send screen.
  • This plugin does not interfere with the front-end UI in any way.

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6. Akaunting: Accounting Plugin

Akaunting is an accounting plugin which has the tools which are needed to manage the money, from invoicing & expense tracking to accounting.


Pricing of Akaunting: Accounting Plugin

  • Akaubting for WooCommerce is free of cost.

Features of Akaunting: Accounting Plugin

  • Share the invoices as well as transactions with clients & accept payments in bulk.
  • This plugin is available in more than 15 languages.
  • You can keep track on the financial strength of your business in the form of reports.
  • With the help of its professional invoices, you can attract more clients.

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We believe that you’ve carefully gone through the above accounting WordPress plugins. You should try them for your business. Some of them are free as well as paid.

With the help of them, people can easily manage all of their accounting work without any hindrance.

So just try them out & let us know if you have any queries & suggestions for us as well & we’ll surely work on it.

After all, we’d love to help the future billionaires!

Wait! Let me tell you that there are some other WordPress plugins which you can really count on for your business: