Today writers are creating their own sites to sell their hard work without sharing profit. And for all this, they are using Ebook WordPress plugins.

These plugins help them in selling books online either in physical form or e-form.

But how do these work?

So, if you have a basic WordPress website then after integrating this plugin, your website becomes more like a web bookstore. This bookstore comes with functionalities such as WooCommerce support, PayPal integration and more.

Further, the plugin helps the user to organize his/her online library by arranging all the data, a user can also create attractive magazines, books, brochures in a PDF format. Making it more attractive to its buyers.

Out of all best Ebook WordPress plugins are mentioned below. Let’s watch them here.

1. Magalone Flipbook for WordPress

This Ebook WordPress plugin is different as it is 100% independent of libraries like Bootstrap or jQuery. It helps you in creating beautiful books, magazines, slideshows or brochures, etc. with PDF documents.

It can work easily with all kinds of screens and it also supports low bandwidth range.

Magalone Flipbook for WordPress


  • With this plugin, we can pick any PDF file and can convert it into an attractive and beautiful flipbook.
  • No programming needed.
  • It allows the user to read PDF in any format and also on any screen.
  • It also supports slideshow.
  • It has customizable controls and also works even with low bandwidth making it more popular.


The price of this plugin is only $32 with 6 months’ time with the regular license. And if we extend it for 12 months it will cost only $42.50 saving you $14.

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2. DK PDF Generator

This Ebook WordPress plugin helps you in generating content and also help in the product documentation. It let you choose from the posts and pages including custom pages to copy content from there. And this unique feature has played a role in the popularity of this plugin.

DK PDF Generator


  • The only feature which makes it different is that it lets you choose from all posts or pages including custom pages.
  • It helps in creating a PDF file and in adding cover and content table of the file with interactive links in them.


The price of this Ebook WordPress plugin is only $19 with 6 months’ time with a regular license. And if we extend it for 12 months it will cost only $24.63 saving you $7.50.

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3. Bookomatic – Google Books Automatic Post Generator Plugin for WordPress

This is an ”Automatic Blogging System” which uses contents from Google to create ebooks or blogs. Since it is using contents from Google itself, your books, PDFs, will always be fresh.

Bookomatic - Google Books Automatic Post Generator Plugin for WordPress


  • In this, there is a built-in function that generates random sentences and provides your articles uniqueness.
  • It also has a built-in function of text synonymizer which generates the articles randomly.
  • It also has a built-in feature to translate the written data into any language according to the requirements of readers.
  • This plugin will help you to perpetuate your work without any hurdle.


The price of this Ebook WordPress plugin is only $19 with 6 months’ time with a regular license. And if we extend it for 12 months it will cost only $ 24.63 saving you $ 7.50.

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4. Paid Downloads Pro – Ebook WordPress plugin

Paid Downloads Pro WordPress Plugin is one of the best selling items on Codecanyon. It allows you to sell digital content like Ebooks, music, etc. It delivers the digital content automatically after the completed payment done.

This Ebook WordPress plugin is easy to install, activate and use without any trouble.

Paid Download Pro - Best Ebook WordPress plugin


  • It provides multiple payment gateways to accept payments like Paypal, Moneybookers, etc.
  • This plugin can generate a temporary download link or encrypted link that will be valid for a limited time.
  • You don’t have to bother about the languages as this plugin can be translated into any language.
  • It is a Shortcode driven plugin, you can insert shortcode according to your requirement.


The price of this Ebook WordPress plugin is only $22 with a regular license. And $110 for the extended license.

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5. E-book Store

Ebook store plugin is one of the best among Ebook WordPress plugins. It has flexible and easy to use features, which making it popular among its users.

It also has the online reading mode enabled for PDF ebooks. Plus, it comes with many features like it supports WooCommerce, uses PayPal and Stripe for payment, watermarks, etc.

E-book Store


  • Paypal and stripe payment mode it uses.
  • It can preview pdf and book files easily.
  • It has a feature to disable the copy, cut, and further modification in PDF files by someone else.
  • Can handle big size files too.
  • Watermarking and QR code available for every page of PDF files.


The prices for this Ebook WordPress plugin are different for different users are mentioned below:

  • For Pro users, it cost $30 and with PayPal.
  • For Pro Business it cost $45 and uses PayPal and Stripe.
  • For Developer, it cost $99 and uses PayPal and Stripe.

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6. Ebook Download Pro

This Ebook WordPress plugin is slightly different from other ebook plugins as it allows a user to download whichever e-book file he wants. This can be done by inserting his mail id or by sharing your ebook over social media and in this way you also get to capture leads.

Ebook Download Pro


  • Allow a user to download ebook or custom goods from your site.
  • A user has to insert only his mail or share ebook on social sites, then the file will be automatically downloaded.
  • You can also use pop-up windows with your form use to download the book, or you can even hide it under sidebar widget.
  • Can translate user’s words into your language.


The price of this plugin is only $5 and you can pay through various modes of payment like PayPal, Debit Card, etc..

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7. Ebook Downloader

Using this plugin, you can upload your data or your ebooks and readers will be able to download it. There’s PayPal integration for payments and once the payment is done, only then the user can download the stuff you have put up on the website.

Ebook Downloader


  • Easy payment mode available (PayPal).
  • You can easily upload your content and easily delete them if required.


This particular Ebook WordPress plugin is available free of cost.

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This was all from our side on the 7 Best Ebook WordPress Plugins. I hope you must have found a perfect fit for your website.

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