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Send Emails via Amazon SES on Cloud.

MailGet is an Hosted Email Marketing Software that sends emails via Amazon SES. MailGet is ideal for entrepreneurs, startups and marketers to do better, affordable email marketing quickly and easily.



What's MailGet ?

MailGet is an Amazon SES Email Client that allows you to send email through Amazon’s Email Infrastructure. MailGet is super affordable at-least 90% cheaper than any other email marketing solution on web. It comes with integrated email builder to build beautiful email newsletter. You can import your contacts, manage them and start sending emails in no time.

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MailGet Email Marketing

Build Email Newsletter Easily

MailGet comes with an easy drag & drop email template builder. It's flexible and easy to use. You can build your own unique stunning email newsletter in just a matter of few minutes.

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Responsive Mobile Friendly Emails

MailGet emails are 100% mobile compatible and responsive. Be assured that your emails will look fantastic on any device be it mobile, tablet or your normal computer.

Email Marketing
MailGet Email Marketing

Manage Your Contacts

If you have an existing email list, Start by importing your contacts and adding them to the list in MailGet. You can import directly through CSV file or import the contact through list. Imported contacts do not have to resubscribe again. You can send the emails right away without any hassles.

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Huge Cost Savings

Since MailGet sends email via Amazon email server, there is a huge cost saving. Amazon SES charges just $1 for sending upto 10000 emails. As such, even if you have a big email list and want to send over half million emails (500,000). You just have to pay a mere $50 for sending it. Sending email via MailGet is quite easy and extremely affordable at the same time.

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MailGet is simple, easy and affordable. With MailGet you can reduce your email marketing bills by over 90%. Give MailGet a try and we are pretty sure you will absolutely love it.

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Real Time Tracking

MailGet tracks all your email campaigns and keeps record of all opens, clicks or unsubscribes through your emails. With MailGet you could be assured that you will be able to track every detail of your email campaigns easily.

Email Marketing Bonus
MailGet Bonus

Fully Hosted

We manage everything from servers to hosting. So that you could focus on building stunning emails and selling your stuff. There are no downloadable software, its simple plug and play tool to start sending emails right away.


Some of the top minds on Internet & The most prominent Internet Marketers use MailGet for Email Marketing. With MailGet they reduce their costs by the factor of over 100X.


Create and Send Stunning Email Newsletters in minutes.

MailGet uses the Amazon Infrastructure to send emails. MailGet connects with Amazon SES for quick email sending. Since Amazon Email service is world class which is used by thousands of fortune companies around the world. You can also expect the highest inbox delivery rate while keeping your costs low. MailGet is super simple to setup and you can start sending emails in no-time. So, start building your first email newsletter now.

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