AWeber is considered one of the best email marketing services.

But, due to its high price, and old user interface, people are looking for its alternative.

Since emails are never going to be pointless in terms of marketing and sales. It is required to cope up with new ideas and advanced features.

However, there are numerous software in the market, serving the same purpose as Aweber or even better.

That is why, we have come up with an AWeber alternative “MailGet Bolt“, which offers the lower price and great features.

It is a smart email building solution, due to its modern user interface and easy to use features.

In fact, it has an advanced drag & drop builder, 500+ templates, external SMTP (to save your time), email list cleaning & management service and much more.

There are days of research behind this amazing Aweber alternative.

While comparing both the services, there were many instances where MailGet Bolt was better than AWeber.

But, before we go further, let me introduce you to the alternative of these top-class services.

1. On The Basis Of Pricing:

On the basis of pricing, MailGet Bolt is a perfect AWeber alternative. I say so, because of AWeber pricing plans.

As, it offers monthly, quarterly and annual plans of $19, $49 and $194 respectively.

Here is a table that explains the pricing plan of AWeber.

For example, if you have taken up a monthly plan and have 5000 subscribers, then you need to pay $19 for a monthly plan plus $49 as monthly subscriber fees i.e. $68 per month, to AWeber.

Whereas, MailGet Bolt has no such pricing plans. Its plans are simple, relevant and reasonable.

Note: “It gives 30-days free trial with the limit of up to 300 emails”.

The table below explains the pricing of MailGet Bolt.

MailGet An Aweber Alternative

2. On The Basis Of Number Of Unsubscribes:

You can’t expect everyone to like your product, because opinions vary from person to person.

What we mean to say is, some people will unsubscribe from your email list even if you send them the valuable emails.

And, MailGet Bolt doesn’t charge you for the unsubscribers. Here you pay for only what you use.

And this saves your cost to a considerable extent.

Now, if we talk about AWeber, it charges you for these unsubscribes.

Due to which there will be an unnecessary hike in your pricing plan, which you have to pay off. Moreover, you have to follow a complex procedure to remove them from your list.

3. On The Basis Of Number Of Duplicate Emails:

Segmenting and cleaning your email list is a necessity if you have a large subscriber list. And it is quite possible that some email addresses repeat themselves in more than one lists.

But, MailGet Bolt saves you from this by considering the same email addresses as one subscriber. And, doesn’t charge you for duplicate email addresses.

Whereas, AWeber counts an email address as two subscribers even if it exists in more than one email list. This directly means you have to pay twice or sometimes thrice for a single subscriber.

So be smart and pay reasonably only for the features used by you.

 4. No Re-subscription Required while Importing Contacts:

With MailGet Bolt, you don’t have to subscribe again while importing the contact lists. You just need to import your list in .csv file format and you are ready to send your message.

If you want, you can even manually import your contacts.

“But, trust me that will become a headache soon”.

However, while using AWeber, you have to re-subscribe your list for importing contacts.

5. No Confirmation Required to Send Emails:

MailGet Bolt has single opt-in enabled and so you can freely share your piece of information to everyone who is there on your email list.

Note: “But be careful while entering the email addresses, as you will lose your subscriber”.

Whereas in AWeber, confirmed opt-in is enabled by default, which makes the subscriber confirm whether he wants your service or not.

And, as a marketer’s point of view, it is not profitable. Although you can disable this feature, yet, again it is a time taking process.

6. High Deliverability Guaranteed:

Deliverability is one of the most concerned issues in email marketing. But, with MailGet Bolt on your side, you can assure high deliverability rates.

In fact, it detects and blocks email containing viruses and malware.

Although AWeber claims high deliverability to its users but often land their emails into the spam folders of their subscribers.

Now if an email lands in the spam, what value can you get in return?

So it’s better to rely on MailGet Bolt’s deliverability rates.

Wrapping Up…

Just because a majority of people using a particular service we cannot use the same service. I am not saying, that you should use MailGet Bolt, but, the service you take up should meet, all of your requirements.

Before purchasing any random service you should test it first, compare it and only then you should invest in it.

MailGet Bolt is one such service that can meet all your requirements at very reasonable prices and prove itself as an AWeber alternative.

You should at least give it a try!

By using it you can easily enjoy simple, inexpensive, fast and reliable email marketing solution.