Let’s assume one situation, that you are scrolling a long page with content and suddenly you find something interesting but until this time you have reached the bottom. Now, you want to move back to the top of the page.

This can happen to any viewer and it is not wise to hang them in between, scrolling all the way to the top of the webpage. It’s the reason why we have come up with the back to top WordPress plugins.

These back to top WordPress plugins can ease your visitor’s work, save their time and¬†enhance user experience. In short, anyone can scroll the whole page in a single click.

Let’s know what these plugins exactly do.

Then here is the answer to your question, these back to top wordpress plugins will add more functionality to your website. Thus, it will help in decreasing the scrolling time.

Furthermore, with these, you can change the background, size, color or symbol of the back to top button. Also, hover effects, different layouts, scroll duration and text can be enabled on the buttons and a lot more.

So, we will take you to the features and pricing section of back to top WordPress plugins.

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1. Back To Top Plugin – WordPress Plugin

Back to top WordPress plugin provides an easy and straightforward way to add a back to top button on a website.

You do not require any kind of coding or technical skills to add this button. Just from the theme customization options, you can easily add it.

Easily configure the button icon form the inbuilt 17 icon package that comes with this plugin. This plugin has the ability to attach the back to top button with any kind of theme.

Back To Top Back To Top WordPress Plugin


Back to top Plugin comes with a price tag of $12 with lifetime updates.


  • You are provided with unlimited color skins that can match with any kind of theme.
  • It lets you add hover effects in the buttons to make them look attractive on a website.
  • Easily preview all the real-time changes on the admin screen of the dashboard.
  • Also, you can set the margin and position for the button.

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2. Back To The Top – WordPress Plugin

Back To The Top WordPress plugin comes with the ready-made solution of adding a button with high quality flat and clean designs. It comes with the 32 scroll to top animation effects that can be added to the button.

Moreover, the button provided with this plugin is fully responsive to all kind of screen devices like tablet, mobile, tab and also its fully based on HTML5 & CSS3.

Back To The Top Back To Top WordPress Plugin


You will be enriched with its features and services just by paying $9 with 6 months client support facility.


  • This plugin is already available with 8 predefine awesome color themes.
  • You can insert back to top button anywhere on the page with its 6 button positions.
  • You are provided with 4 different button layouts to establish a decorative button for websites.
  • 500+ font awesome icons are included with this WordPress plugin.

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3. To Top – A part of Back To Top WordPress Plugins

Thinking to add some CSS effects, the To Top is another great and free WordPress plugin for adding a back to top button.

This plugin works with a smooth scrolling design that will help visitors to easily get engaged with the website. As in no time they can get back to the top area.

The best thing about the plugin is that you don’t have to insert any code or query to get started with this WordPress plugin.

To Top Back To Top WordPress Plugin


With its 20,000+ active installation, this WordPress plugin is free for you.


  • You can add animation effects to the back to top button on any individual pages or post.
  • Add any kind of image or icon in the button that will give a stunning look to the button.
  • You can easily set the color, background, icon size and shape whether it’s a square or circle button.
  • Moreover, you can show/hide the button on the admin pages.

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4. GP Back To Top – A part of Back To Top WordPress plugins

This is another multi-purpose WordPress plugin with the feature of adding a back to top button on a website. This plugin adds some more utility bars on a website.

This WordPress plugin is very simple to use as its clean and elegant in nature.

GP Back To Top Back To Top WordPress Plugin


GP Back To Top WordPress plugin is free of cost for you and easily can be downloaded from WordPress.org


  • This plugin helps you to create custom scroll speed for the back to top button on pages.
  • It is fully cross-browser compatible and supports all kind of browsers like firefox, safari, opera etc.
  • Also, this plugin is responsive to all screen devices like tab, tablet, desktop, mobile and many more.

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5. WPFront Scroll Top – WordPress Plugin

WPFront Scroll Top is a feature-rich WordPress plugin to add a back to top button on pages or posts on your website. It offers a different kind of animations effects for the back to top button.

On the other hand, this plugin enriches you to add any kind of image for back to top button. You can also create text, image or font awesome button
for your website.

The WPFront Scroll Top is fully responsive and correctly works on all the modern browsers like Firefox, chrome, safari etc.

WPFront Scroll To Back To Top WordPress Plugin


WPFront Scroll Top is free of cost for you with its multi features.


  • You can enable or disable the button icon through the backend setting in the dashboard.
  • This plugin helps you to set the duration of scroll button, that is in what time user can reach a top of the page.
  • There is an option for the auto-hiding of the button for different pages and post.
  • You can insert a small text for a button like “Get Back To Top” from the theme option setting.

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6. Simple Scroll to Top Button – WordPress Plugin

The Simple Scroll to Top Button also allows you to create a simple and elegant back to top button for your website.

This plugin will ease you with the location of a button and will give a professional look to your website. A great list of scrolling customization option is the most notable feature of this WordPress plugin.

Then it will ease you with 10 symbols and 4 background button style which you can choose from font awesome library.

Moreover, you are provided with the 40 variations of the button.

Simple Scroll Back To Top WordPress Plugin


This plugin is compatible with all the cross browsers and moreover its free for you.


  • This plugin is RTL compatible if your text varies from right to left or left to right than the button automatically shifts.
  • It comes with font awesome integration icons through which you can set any button icon.
  • You can easily change the size, background, and symbol of the button from the admin panel setting.
  • With this plugin, you can auto-hide the back to top button on the top of the web pages.

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Here we have covered all the essential features of back to top WordPress plugins. We hope you will find the best back to the top plugin from above collection and will ease your customers with it.

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