In this age, when people have numerous options on health services & every information is available on fingertips – healthcare organizations must focus on building relationships with patients via a quick online (marketing) channel.

Start Email Marketing!!

Emails will promote medication & wellbeing counsel, hence, will keep your healthcare brand at the top in the client’s mind when they need health-related assistance.

A software that helps in formulating a marketing technique & excellent execution is needed at this point. This list post of 13+ best healthcare email marketing services will help medical practitioners to find the solution & enable to:

  • Prepare templates & newsletters by mapping the patient’s medical requirements.
  • Collect leads through sign-up forms & send automatic emails to new subscribers.
  • Send & track bulk emails with the inbuilt Google analytics functionality.

1. Email Marketing Service For Nutrition Firms

This sleek email marketing software for diet & nutrition advisory firms has a handy drag and drop builder. It helps to design/edit the template by adding images, text, social media icons as per the need of the healthcare needs.

Inform the prospective & current clients about nutritious diet by giving them tips & advice in a timely manner using the drip emails. You can pre-schedule the emails & they will automatically get dispatched at the set date & time.

Email Marketing Service For Nutrition Firms

Main Features:

  • The software gives details of those contacts who have not opened the emails, bounced & unsubscribed email addresses.
  • Segment the subscribers & patients according to their diet consultancy needs and send them specific emails.
  • Build up a recognized image in the nutrition industry, as this tool promises a high inbox email delivery rate.

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2. Email Marketing For Medical Services

Medical services like nursing homes, health clinics can use this affordable & result-oriented email marketing software to send bulk emails in regards to promoting the facilities provided by you.

Compose email templates by adding pictures of your clinic, text describing your specialties, powerful links & CTAs. This tool helps you to manage huge contact lists by segmenting them & cleaning them by removing spam, bounced & unsubscribed users.

Email Marketing For Medical Services

Prime Features:

  • Preview the emails before sending them to the contacts and rectify errors, if any.
  • Inform the patients about upcoming medical checkup camps by sending them a systematic series of emails using drip campaign.
  • Create as many lists of contacts as you want by manually importing the contacts.
  • After sending the emails, you can evaluate the email opening, clicking rates with the help of stats displayed on the dashboard.

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3. Email Marketing For Healthcare Industries

Healthcare industry is a wide market and hence they need an advanced email marketing tool like this one to reach out a diverse crowd. With this software, they can design email templates, send them in bulk & track them regularly.

Collect contacts & leads, segment the subscribers on the basis of their health care needs. This helps to send the right message to the right person, which subsequently increases the client engagement rate.

Email Marketing For Healthcare Industries

Highlighting Features:

  • All the email templates created and sent with this software are completely responsive in nature.
  • As soon as a new subscriber gets registered send them automatic welcome emails & medical advice e-pamphlets via autoresponder.
  • Hike up the email opening rate as this software guarantees an increased inboxing rate.

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4. Email Marketing For Pathology Labs

Pave out a pathway to the patients & other people via their email inboxes. This email marketing software will assist in doing so with the multiple inbuilt functionalities. Email building, bulk emailing are all an easy going process with this tool.

You can choose to send the emails from two email campaigns namely regular and drips. Educate patients about the diagnosis, test facilities that you provide with attractive e-templates & compel them to try your services by adding links in it.

Email Marketing For Pathology Labs

Main Attributes:

  • Schedule the emails to be sent at a specific time when it is most likely to get maximum attention from the recipient.
  • Attach email subscription forms on any page of your websites as per your convenience.
  • The software offers various tools to create emails & templates like drag & drop builder, custom code & basic text editor.

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5. Email Marketing For Diagnostic Centers

Diagnosis & Prognosis centers who are planning to promote their venture amongst the potential clients base should go for this responsive email marketing tool. This top-class service enables to plan & strategize everything from creating & maintaining contact lists, sending them specific emails & tracking them.

The software gives the details of unopened emails & you can then automatically send follow-up emails to these particular contacts.

Email Marketing For Diagnostic Centers

Supreme Features:

  • Send thousands of emails with personalized names and that too without the hectics of individual personalization.
  • Mention the features & diagnostic facilities that you cater on well-illustrated email templates.
  • The dashboard stores in all the previously sent emails so that you can edit & use them in future.

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6. Healthcare & Wellness Clinic Email Marketing Service

Spread the word about your health care clinic with this exclusive & workable software. promote the medical facilities in a divergent & unique way along with increasing your financial revenue in no time.

Embed email newsletter sign-up forms on your as well as on other high-profile websites to grow the subscribers list effortlessly. Segregate them into various groups, select any one of the groups & send instant bulk emails.

Healthcare & Wellness Clinic Email Marketing Service

Main Features:

  • Notify the clients about free health checkup camps, give medical care advice through emails & maintain a constant communication with the clients.
  • With the inbuilt email tracking analytics, keep an eye on the performance of the email campaigns.
  • Provide a 24*7 emailing service & assistance to the clients using the automated emailing feature.

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7. Email Marketing For Chiropractors & Spinal Health Clinics

Publicize your chiropractor clinic by running successful email campaigns using this email marketing software. It incorporates various functionalities like multiple email building tools, inbuilt SMTP connection to send bulk emails & Google Analytics to track down the emails.

Inform thousands of prospects, clients about the spinal treatments that you provide with the help of attractive & informative email templates. Keep a pre-written set of emails and the software will automatically deliver a particular email based on the client’s action.

Email Marketing For Chiropractors

Main Attributes:

  • The tool allows to filter the contacts, manage them properly & maintain a clean list by removing spam & bounced email addresses.
  • Allow the recipients to unsubscribe the emailing services if they want to discontinue the newsletters.
  • Supervise all your email campaigns on the basis of your chiropractic sessions & keep the clients updated.

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8. Email Marketing Service For Health Survey Agencies

It’s a peak time for fitness survey agencies to go for a promotional channel like email marketing to reach out health organizations who are willing to map the societal health. This service has a smart email builder & custom code editor to compose email templates as per your health survey agency’s requirements.

Send the emails manually on a regular basis or automate the whole process of sending a series of sequential emails using the drip campaign.

Email Marketing Service For Health Survey Agencies

Highlighting Traits:

  • Track the emails, subscribers, their behavior towards the sent emails easily with the integrated tools.
  • Create the lists of health clinics & other agencies’ contacts by importing the email addresses by uploading a CSV file.
  • Preview the emails, scan them & rectify the errors made in it so that it does not damage the image of surveying agency.

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9. Medical Centers Email Marketing Software

This easy going email marketing software is crafted keeping in mind the promotional needs of medical & health centers. They can add newsletter email sign-up forms on their websites to fetch leads of potential clients.

Send emails in bulk & this software will give complete details of email opening rates, which contact opened the email & which contact did not open them. This will help to analyze what works best for engaging the user & also maintain a clean mailing list.

Medical Centers Email Marketing Software

Main Features:

  • Link subscription forms with autoresponder emails so that you can build a healthy communication channel with contacts.
  • Pre-schedule the emails so that you don’t have to worry about their dispatch, while you are busy in your clinic or hospital.
  • This software is compatible with Google Analytics via which you can see the source traffic at your website and other information.

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10. Email Marketing For Skin Care Clinics & Dermatologists

Help the people who are searching for a legitimate dermatologist by informing them about your skin care clinic through emails. With this bulk email sending, the software delivers emails right into the contact’s email inbox, as the tool prevents them from going into spam.

Employ the drip email campaign to set date & time of a series of skin care clinic promotional emails and they will be automatically delivered on the set schedule.

Email Marketing For Skin Care Clinics

Main Features:

  • Enhance the experience of email recipients by sending multimedia packed e-templates featuring the dermatology services.
  • Segment the users according to their skin treatment needs & convert them into your client by sending specific emails.
  • Stand out in the client’s inbox among other emails by attaching names of the recipients in the email subject lines.

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11. Email Marketing Service For Private Nursing Centers

Promoting your nursing center is important but getting the right audience is important to expand the venture. Utilize this effective & responsive email marketing service to develop emails, send them in mass to the right bunch of people.

Begin sending delightful email formats using Drag and Drop email developer. Simply drag the content fields like headings, pictures, content, links and drop it to the format zone. Nursing businesses can utilize email tracking analytics to study advanced reports.

Email Marketing Service For Private Nursing Centers

Key Features:

  • With email list administration feature organize and partition the patients to get maximum results from the campaigns.
  • Increase client’s engagement by sending auto-follow-up emails to those who have not responded for the first time.
  • The email templates dispatched with this software are responsive in nature.

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12. Email Marketing For Pharmaceutical & Medical Companies

If you are looking for one of the cheapest email marketing services for promoting your pharmaceutical company, then you have arrived at the right place. This software has inbuilt functionalities that are bound to popularize the antibiotics across a wider orbit & will bring in more revenue.

With the different email template builder tools like drag & drop builder, basic text & custom code editor, you can design the emails as per your wish. Choose a particular contact list & send them emails in bulk.

Email Marketing For Pharmaceutical Companies

Main Features:

  • Keep the subscribers & clients up to date about the new range of medicines by pre-scheduling the emails via a drip campaign.
  • Track the email opening rates & after knowing the unopened email addresses, resend them the same emails.
  • The clients can view the email templates & newsletters from any of the handy devices.

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13. Email Marketing Service For Surgeons

Surgeons can now inform people about their specialist medical operating skills to a huge number of people by sending emails with this niche-targeted email marketing service. Design the emails keeping in mind your surgeon profile & you can also pre-schedule them to be sent on any specific date & time.

Attach personal names of the contacts in the email subject line to grab the recipient’s attention & constantly keep an eye on their behavior towards the sent emails.

Email Marketing Service For Surgeons

Key Attributes:

  • Collect leads of each & every visitor coming to your site by embedding subscription forms on your website.
  • To provide an easy way to the email recipients to opt out of the mailing service, you can add an unsubscribe link in the e-templates as well.
  • Manage a huge number of subscribers list with the inbuilt functions of this software.

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14. Email Marketing For Aids & Hiv Education Centers

Propagate your Aids prevention & awareness program on a global level with the help of this top-class email marketing tool. Plan the email template layout & their delivery as per the agency needs to reach the upright client at the most suitable time.

Make sure that the emails you have sent are read by every client. This will be done by auto-follow-up feature, which on its own sends the same emails to unopened email addresses.

Email Marketing For Aids & Hiv Education Centers

Major Highlights:

  • Trace the email campaigns with the integrated Google Analytics tool and consistently upgrade the emailing style.
  • The email marketing software is very affordable & comes with an easygoing dashboard.
  • There’s no need of an external SMTP connection to send thousands & lakhs of emails.

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Over To You…

Hope you have got what you have been looking for so long time. The healthcare specific bulk email sending software is built on a responsive email marketing tool – MailGet Bolt.

MailGet Bolt can be used by anyone belonging to any medical sector to plan, customize & execute their own email marketing campaign. You just have to login here to begin with it.

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