Start collecting payments with best payment request forms!

Going forth is the motto for a successful enterprise & necessary measure should also be taken for the same to make your business profitable. An important way to do is to capture leads & taking information of the people in every possible way.

For that, you need to create a form for your website and nothing better than a form builder software that will let you do so. In that software, you can create a number of forms with a variety in full spectrum.

And a great software would be that which is user-friendly and is easy to use. That’s why we’ve listed a bunch of best payment request forms software in this article in order to make your form builder hunting a bit easy. These software will definitely make your form creation a lot easier and faster letting you pace up your business progression.

Through these forms, you can collect both one-time as well as recurring payments of multiple currencies. That’s how you don’yt have to worry about loosing any international client.

So all we want from you is to go through this article & finalize the best form builder according to your needs.

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A quick pricing comparison between some of the best payment request forms

Services Pricing Multilingual Forms Multiple Users Access Ratings
FormGet $5/M 5.0/5.0
Pabbly Forms $5/M 4.8/5.0
Wufoo $14/M 4.2/5.0
Formstack $19/M 4.2/5.0
Cognito Forms $19/M 4.3/5.0

1. FormGet

FormGet is an amazing form builder service which lets you create awesome payment request forms integrated with PayPal and Stripe. All you have to do is to simply select the required fields that you want in your form and then, they will appear in your form without any hindrance.



Free:- This plan allows you to create one form & lets you embed it on multiple websites without any boundations.

Starters: In the plan 1 of the FormGet, the user would have to pay $5. It charges monthly in which the user will get a single form, 1200 submissions/month and file uploading functionality in the forms up to 20MB.

Rookie: For plan 2, the user would have to pay $35/mo in which er will get 25 forms, 260+ form templates & file uploads up to 2GB.

Pro: In the plan 3, the charge is just $79 on the monthly basis in which the user will get to create unlimited forms, customizable branding & unlimited form submissions.

Advance: At last, this software has an advance plan charging $99/month. With this plan, you will get to provide account access to unlimited users, payment accounts & Google Analytics account integrations.


  • You can set the customizable autoresponder emails from the settings pannel. Whenever someone makes the payment, they will automatically recieve an email of it.
  • It comes inbuilt with form as well as Google Analytics through which one can easily track the rate of incoming payments.
  • Also, you can apply custom designs to the forms with different colors and headings to make it look attractive as well as distinctive.

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2. Pabbly Forms

Pabbly Forms is another best form builder through which one can create multiple numbers of forms without any need of coding skills. If we talk about payment collection then it provides the safest medium. It comes integrated with SSL encryption & reCAPTCHA funtionality for enhanced security purpose. So you don’t have to worry about any data or money stealing.

Pabbly Payment Request Form


Free:- It allows a single user to create one form which is socialy shareable accross all of the websites.

Starters:- This is the first & the most affordable plan of this product which charges only $5/mo for creating a single form with 1200 submissions.

Rookie:- Here comes the 2nd plan which costs $35 on the monthly basis.  Through it, you can create 25 forms with 25k submissions along with 100k form views.

Pro:- The Pro plan charges $79/mo in order to create limitless forms in a couple of clicks. It also allows 10 users which can access this form builder at a time.

Advance:- For bigger businesses, this is the best plan. It posses same features of the Pro plan along with unlimited users, forms, submissions & many more.


  • As it comes inbuilt with email notification system, you will receive emails whenever a customer makes payment through your forms.
  • Also, you can set your own header image on the form or choose 12 default images to groom your payment form in a new way.
  • Even you can create a sliding popup form for collecting payments. Eventually, it will give your website a little bit unique look.

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3. Wufoo

Wufoo is an outstanding form building service that enables you to create and customize the form as per your need and requirement, the user can create professional templates with the help of the drag and drop amenity.

Wufoo Payment Request Form


Gratis:- The plan is free forever for up to 3 forms and 100 entries in a month.

Adhoc:- The plan is charged as $14.95 per month for 10 forms and 500 entries.

Bona Fide:- In the Bona Fide plan, the charges are $29.95 per month for unlimited forms and 3,000 entries.

Carpe Diem:-  In this plan, the user will be charged as $ 69.95 per month for unlimited forms and 15,000 entries.


  • The software allows you to collect payments online in a jiffy, also you will get its updates with the help of dynamic analytics dashboard.
  • The form builder software dispenses you a powerful security as well, through 256-bit SSL encryption and smart CAPTCHA to deter form abuse.
  • There are inbuilt templates through which the user can create form from the incorporated predefined structures.

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Pabbly Form Builder

4. Formstack

Formstack allows you to grow your business online with secure payment form features that can collect money for products, events, and more. The software has a calculating field where it quantifies the total for tickets, products, and other online purchases.

Formstack Payment Request Form


Silver:- The user will be charged $39 per month giving 20 forms and 1000 submissions.

Gold:- Similarly, the user will be charged $99 per month giving 100 forms and 10000 submissions.

Platinum:- In this plan, the user will be charged $249 per month giving 1000 forms and 100000 submissions.


  • The form builder also has an amazing feature which permits you to send notifications in the form of the emails to confirm their online order after purchase.
  • You can also put discount codes and coupons mentioning the percentage off from the total that your original cost is.
  • There is a variety of payment processors through which you can connect to keep your data secure and intact.

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5. FormAssembly

FormAssembly is a great medium to create new forms which will be responsive in nature and one can fill it from anywhere. Also, you can create forms through a drag and drop builder which is an easy way of framing forms.

FormAssembly Payment Request Form


Professional:- In the professional plan, a single user will be charged $89 per when billed annually and the same service will be charged $99 per month when the user pays the bill monthly.

Premier:- Likewise, in the premier plan, a single user will be charged $224 per month when paid annually and will be charged $249 per month when the bill is paid on the monthly basis.

Enterprise Cloud:- In the enterprise plan, 3 users can start availing the service at $599 which will be billed annually.

Compliance Cloud:- For the cloud compliance plan, you need to get in touch with the sales team.

All the plans include common, yet advanced features such as autoresponders, payment gateway integrations, reports & charts, SSL security, etc.


  • The exclusive form builder gives your customers the flexibility to design a form and then save it and resume it again later.
  • The user can also create brand recognition through their own customized form URL, in addition. You can also create ultimate forms from scratch or with pre-made templates.
  • A special feature termed as the conditional logic comes in this form builder software. It allows the user to show or hide form fields or entire sections based on the answer a person chooses.

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6. JotForm

The software allows you to directly start building forms, you can create forms through which you can generate leads, collect order payments, conduct customer surveys, find applicants for a job, or register guests for an event.

JotForm Payment Request Form


Starter:- The starter plan is a free plan which gives 5 forms with 100 monthly submissions and 100 MB available space.

Bronze:- In this plan, the user will be charged $19 per month for 25 forms with 1000 monthly submissions and 10 GB available space.

Siver:- In this plan the user will be charged $39 per month for 100 forms with 10000 monthly submissions and 100 GB available space.

Gold:- In this plan the user will be charged $99 per month for unlimited forms with 100000 monthly submissions and 1TB available space.


  • The website does not ask for any sign-ups for the free user. Also, you can receive responses by adding the email id in the end.
  • The software allows you to create templates and the forms through a smooth drag and drop mechanism.
  • The customization of the form is quite easy with UI interface of JotForm, there are also more than 2500 pre-built templates and 40 themes.

Conclusion :-

All the above-mentioned software provides a great payment request form which you can create with ease. There are also multiple fields that you can add in the form to make it attractive and useful at the same time.

These form builders will help you capture leads and all the contact details of the customers visiting your site. You can use it for the future contacting of the specific individuals.

So all I want from you is to choose the best form builder from this article & play with money in a matter of time!

For any queries & suggestions, please drop a comment below. We’ll surely get back to you!