Forms are essential elements of any website, and it works as the gateway between the visitors and the webmasters. Standard and well-designed forms always play a vital role in any sites. With the help of the forms, you can easily collect customer information, payments, feedback etc.

In this article, I have covered 5 Best Software To Create Froms through which you can create any type of digital or web form in a quick and easy manner. All these software offer you amazing features like:-

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Pre-built templates
  • Analytics and reports
  • 3rd party integration

And much more.

Have A Look At Comparison Chart

Services Pricing  File Upload Data Encryption Social Sharing Ratings
FormGet  $10/M Unlimited 5.0/5.0
Pabbly Forms $10/M Unlimited 4.8/5.0
Zoho Forms $8/M 10 GB 4.6/5.0
123ContactForm $24.99/M 5 GB 4.6/5.0
Wufoo $14.08/M 10 GB 4.3/5.0
Let’s explore all these form maker tools one by one:-

1. Pabbly Form Builder

It is a modern digital form builder software which gives easy to use drag and drop interface and allows you to create beautiful & elegant forms such as email collection form, payment forms and any other forms in a matter of a minute.

The software is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to build a standard form for their website, as it is super easy and simple to use. For those who are also looking for advanced features and want to make their form powerful, this is an apt choice.

Pabbly Form Builder



Makes Payment Painless

With the help of Pabbly Form Builder, you can create payment forms effortlessly and collect one time & recurring payments. It can be connected with secure payment processors like PayPal and Stripe.

Show & Hide Form Fields

With the help of logical form functionality, you can apply conditions to show and hide fields when certain conditions are met.

Get Email Alerts

You will get email notifications after every form submission in order to stay updated about every single form entry.

View Form Submission

You can easily see all form submissions in one place and also export all entries as a CSV file for viewing in an application like Excel.

Pabbly Form Builder Pricing:-

This is completely free Form builder app where you will get free extensions like Social Sharing, Mobile forms, Weekly reports, and one free-form creation. This free form can be embedded on multiple websites, used for lead collection and more.

If you want to add more advanced features and make your form powerful, then you need to switch to paid plans.

Pabbly Form Builder offers yearly plans. Let’s have a look at these premium plans:-

Start creation responsive forms with the Starter plan which will cost you just $5/m. It gives you single user access, one form creation, multiple payment gateways, along with various other features and facilities.

Next is the Rookie plan which is priced around $35 for monthly access. You are allocated 5 users, 25 forms, 25,000 form submissions and payment gateways with this plan. Other than that you can also have 5 payment accounts and collect recurring as well as one-time payments.

The Pro plan comes with a price tag of $79 which is charged a month with which you get unlimited form creation facility, these forms can be embedded in 75 domains. Plus, it also holds autoresponder, 260+ pre-designed templates and accepts 60k form submissions as well.

Last is the Advance plan which is priced $99 for a month. It has unlimited service like form creation, users, submissions and other high-end facilities are pre-loaded in this plan.

Note:- If you don’t want to purchase a complete bundle of extension, you can also buy individual extensions according to your needs and requirements. An additional discount of 2-months is available on all yearly plans.

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2. FormGet:-

FormGet is a form building application which comes per-equipped with custom-designed templates that can use to create responsive forms. You can apply custom branding, upload media files, and create forms in multiple languages.

All these forms are also capable of collection payments as you can integrate PayPal as well as Stripe payment gateways.



  • Drag Drop Form Building

With FormGet creation is just a few clicks job as you have to drag and drop the required fields in the form, edit them and arrange them accordingly. The user console is very easy and it also helps you preview the changes that are made.

  • Form Management

You can manage multiple forms with multiple details can be managed with ease as FormGet has got form management facility as well. If different forms are embedded on different domains then also the details will be displayed on the same dashboard.

  • Online Payments Via PayPal & Stripe

Payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe are fully supported by this form builder. If you have an online business or an e-commerce store with these forms you can collect one-time as well as recurring payments.

  • Clients & Members Form Access

FormGet gives you the ability to grant team members as well as clients the access permissions. With this service, you can create forms and give different users varied access to those forms.

Pabbly Forms Pricing:-

  • Free plan of this service allows single form creation using all the features and facilities. You can embed this free form on a website, share it online or you can attach then in website widgets.
  • First is the starter plan which is offered at a price of $5 for a month. It has single user access, one form creation, and payment integration with multiple other features.
  • If you need more service like 5 users access, 25 forms building capability, 35 domains embed. Them you can have Rookie plan which will charge $35 for a month to you.
  • The pro plan has extended service like 10 users, unlimited form creation, it accepts 60k form submissions and payments collection can be done through PayPal and Stripe. All this at a cost of $79 for a month.
  • Advance is the top of the line plan which will cost you $99 and give you unlimited form creation, submissions, payment accounts and more.

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3. Zoho Form:-

Zoho Form is another form builder software through which you can create simple to advanced forms using fields like name, checkbox, dropdown, date & time and much more. The form can be embedded into any part of the site using the simple shortcodes.



Design Matter

Zoho provides you rich interface to design the form so you can create and customize the form and get the look you want.

Configure Email Alerts

Get email alerts when someone submits the form and send confirmation emails to your respondents automatically.

Analytics & Reports

Keep track of your form performance and get all stats such as forms views, number of form submissions, Visitors information, conversion rate and much more in just a few clicks.

Zoho Pricing

Basic Plan:- The basic plan costs you $10 in a month ($96 on yearly basis) where you can create unlimited forms, accept 10,000 form submissions and grants one user access.

Standard Plan:- Under this plan, you would be charged $25 per month ($240 on yearly basis) and provides you 10 users access, unlimited forms creation, and 25,000 form submissions.

Professional Plan:- Professional plan will cost you $50 ($480 on yearly basis) where you will get 25 users access, create unlimited forms, and 75,000 form submissions.

Premium Plan:- In this plan, you can create unlimited forms, 100 user access, 150,000 form submissions and will charge you $100 per month ($960 on yearly basis).

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Pabbly Form Builder

4. 123ContactForm:-

123ContactForm is a web form builder which offers a great form building capacity. The forms can be created and customized in a minute without any coding and developers help.



Multi-Language Support

123ContactForm supports multiple languages, so you can create forms in any language you want.

Create Form With Upload Functionality

This software gives you file upload facility by which user can upload & send files in the prescribed format.

3rd Party integration

123ContactForm provides you 3rd party integration including MailChimp, Zendesk, SalesFroce, AWeber, NationBuilder and much more.

123ContactForm Pricing

Basic Plan:- This is a free plan where you can create only 5 forms, add 10 fields in a form, and accept 100 form submissions in a month.

Gold Plan:- Gold plan will charge you $19 per month ($190 on annual basis) where you can create 20 forms, add unlimited fields, and accept 5000 forms submissions in a month.

Platinum Plan:- Platinum Plan would charge you $39 per month ($390 on annual basis) and provides you unlimited forms creation, unlimited data fields, and accept 20,000 forms in a single month.

Professional Plans:- Professional plan gives unlimited forms creation, add unlimited data fields in the form and can accept 100,000 form submissions. It will charge you $79 per month ($790 on annual basis).

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5. Wufoo:-

Wufoo is simple and easy to use platform that provides all the features that you need to design different types of form like payment form, registration forms survey form etc.



Customize Ready To Go Themes

With the help of these themes, you can design your form instantly and also customize the theme according to your needs and requirements.

Track Your Performance

This form maker tool gives you analytics report that helps you to understand your form performance.


Wufoo can be integrated with a number of popular tools including SalesForce, MailChimp, Sendloop DropBox, Nutshell, and many other.

Wufoo Pricing

Gratis Plan:- This plan is free forever where you can design 3 forms, add 10 fields in the form, receive 100 entries in a month.

AD HOC Plan:- AD HOC plan allows you to build 10 forms, add maximum fields, accept 500 entries in a month in $14.95.

Bona Fide Plan:- Under this plan, you would be charged $29.95 per month where you can create an unlimited form, add unlimited fields, and accept 3000 entries.

Carpe Diem Plan:- Carpe Diem plan allows you to design unlimited forms with unlimited fields, accept 15,000 entries in a month in $69.95.

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6. Jotform:- 

JotForm is an online form maker software which offers a simple drag and drop interface through which you can build custom forms easily and quickly.



Accept Online Payments

With the help of Jotform, you can design payment forms and accept online payment through different payment processor including PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net and more.

Widgets & Integrations

This form builder provides you a number of widgets and integrations to make your forms more powerful & useful including SalesForce, DropBox, Google Docs, etc.

Form Designer & Device Responsive

By using font styles, color, background image, themes, etc. you can design the forms to make it look just the way you want.

JotForm Pricing

Starter Plan:– The starter plan is completely free where you can design 5 forms, accept 100 monthly submissions along with SSL secured submissions.

Bronze Plan:- Bronze plan will charge you $19 per month in which you can create 25 forms, accept 1000 form submissions with SSL security.

Silver Plan:- Under the silver plan, you would be charged $39 in a month where you will be able to create 100 forms, accept 10,000 form submissions with SSL security.

Gold Plan:- In the gold plan, you can design unlimited forms, receive 100,000 form submissions with SSL secure submissions and it will charge you $99 in a month.

Wrap Up

I hope this list helps you to choose the best form builder software for your website.  Above, I have mentioned 5 best form builder tools through which you can design all types of form such as registration form, payment forms, survey forms and many others in few minutes.

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