We recently get a email for our user asking that can she create survey form via FormGet. Here is the questioner. So if you are looking to create survey for your user, you can follow the FormGet App to create survey.

1. Can the survey results be sent to a particular (or various) email address based on user input?

Ans: Yes, When a user submit any survey form, our system will immediately send complete form to any email address.
Here is the link of some of the survey that is built using FormGet.

 2. Does your company advertise on the survey more than a footer at the bottom of the page?  If so, is there any way to remove the advertisement?

Ans: Yes, you can remove the footer advertisement.

3. Can an individual attach documents and/or photos to the survey?

Ans: Yes, Or system allow upload file, so Individual can attach document any document in the form of Zip Files.

4. How much storage is available?

Ans: Maximum upload file limit is 10 MB.

5. Can it be integrated with an external cloud storage system?

Ans: You can upload file directly to drop box.

8. Can the surveys be password protected?

Ans: No. This facility is not available. We generate unique link for survey, So survey link will only be found who has access to link.
FormGet App is very efficient system collecting leads,  form and payment.