Does your website is failing to rank in the Google? 

Well, that’s probably because your website is not properly optimized for search engines.

So, to get a higher site ranking and improves your organisation’s deals online, the first thing is to lay your hands on the best SEO tool available.

These tools are a boon for the SEO professionals as it makes their life much easier and take the business to a new level of success.

“SEO is like a resume. Polish it to have your best foot forward.”

So, given below is the list, check out these 10 best SEO tools software and select the best one for your company.

Let’s Start With Free Tools

1. AoRank

If you are looking for the most user friendly and efficient SEO tool, then AoRank is a must-have one. Within a year of coming into the market, this tool has developed a lot to be one of the most accepted SEO analyzers. As per user’s reports, it is completely safe to browse.AO Rrank Best Seo Tools Software

Check out what makes the tool so efficient.

  • Convenient reports: Reports by AORank includes headings, titles, keywords, size of page, time of loading, tips on speed, backlinks, technology, etc.
  • Content Optimization: Helps in optimizing the content through consistency statistics and keyword cloud in report.
  • Performance Improvement: Lets you improve your website’s performance through statistics on 404 error messages, loading speed, etc.
  • Competitor’s tool: Gives you reports on the technology and tools used by your competitors..
  • Popularity on social media: Know your competitor’s popularity of his blogs or website on social media (Facebook, twitter, and others)– lets you develop your content accordingly.
  • Notification on upgradation: Identifies the faults in your website if any and notifies you where to improve and upgrade effectiveness.

Pricing and Packages – 

The AOrank is totally free.

Well, if you want to create your own website and want to include the features of aorank then, you can purchase the script by paying one time. !! Yes you heard right.. No Recurring Charges. !!

To check the script pricing visit here –  SEO Analysis Tool – PHP Script Using CodeIgniter 

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2. Seo Keyword Rank Checker

Another tool for checking the page and alexa rank by submitting the website URL is Rank Checker Tool. It has lot of interesting features that make it outstanding among other SEO tools.
Rank Checker Best Seo Tools Software

Features of Seo Rank Checker Tool –

  • Get all the website stats and keyword ranking within a single click.
  • Track all the website pages and keywords and check it on a graph.
  • Get an automatic email when the ranking of your keyword get changed.

Pricing and Packages – 

The AOrank is totally free.

Well, if you want to create your own tool like this, just purchase the script by paying one time. No Recurring Charges. !!

To check the script pricing visit here –  SEO Keywords Rank Checker Script 

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Paid Tools

3. Keyword Tool

One of the best keyword research tool that is capable of generating more than 1000 suggestions for a single term. It uses “Google Autocomplete” for suggesting those keywords that people search in the Google search box. The tool also helps in finding the keywords that are hidden in the google keyword planner.Keyword Tool Best Seo Tools Software

Features of Keyword Tool –

  • Generates accurate keyword for advertisements campaigns like PPC, CTR, and CPC.
  • Export all data to CSV file.
  • Generate keyword double than free version– more than 1500 from Bing, YouTube, Google, App store and Amazon.
  • Monitor Google AdWords competition level.
  • Generate suggestive bids on Google AdWords.
  • Perfect tool for International SEO as it is availbale in 83 languages.

Pricing Plans and Packages: 

Free Trial – The free version of Keyword Tool is easy to avail. You don’t have to create any account for that. It suggests 750 relevant keywords.

Paid Plans – If you want to purchase Keyword Tool Pro, there are three packages that you can avail, Pro Plus, Pro Basic, Pro Lite – where monthly subscription is started from $88 and yearly subscription is from $845.

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4. Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider is a desktop tool for day-to-day SEO audit, quick search for issues, systematic analysis, and website scraping.

Netpeak Spider  Best Seo Tools Software

Key Features Of Netpeak Spider: 

  • This tool allows you to:
  • Check 50+ key on-page SEO parameters of crawled URLs.
  • Spot 60+ issues of your website optimization.
  • Analyze incoming and outgoing internal links.
  • Find broken links and redirects.
  • Avoid duplicate content: Pages, Titles, Meta Descriptions, H1 Headers, etc.
  • Consider indexation instructions (Robots.txt, Meta Robots, X-Robots-Tag, Canonical).
  • Calculate internal PageRank to improve website linking structure etc.

Pricing Plans and Packages: 

You can try a14-day free trial with full access to the Netpeak Spider.

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5. LinkResearch Tools

Here comes one of the accurate link data platforms – LinkResearch Tools.

Let’s get straight to its features –

  • Data from 24 link backends like Google Analytics, MagesticSEO, SEMRush, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Analysis link by 97 SEO metrics like Trust, Power, Buzz, etc.
  • Removes Google Penalty using Link Detox.

Linkresearchtools Best Seo Tools Software

The tool offers other benefits in terms of optimization –

  • Uses Link Detox Boost to recrawl disavow file faster.
  • Compares with 10 competitor domains to track link growth.
  • Provides all contact data of your required domains.
  • Builds penguin-safe links faster.
  • Link Check Tool and Link Alerts sends notification on new links or changes via e-mail.

Pricing Plans and Packages:

Free Trial – Here you get a free trial of 7 days that will be expire automatically in a week.

Paid Plan – The tool has different plans say Agency, Superhero, Expert, Starter which include different pricing starting from €149/ month to  €1799 / month. Choose one as per your need.

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6. Ahrefs

The speciality of Ahrefs is – it uses exceptional tools to monitor brand mentions, backlinks, and keywords. It lets you track the work of your competitors and helps to improve your performance more efficiently.Aherefs Best Seo Tools Software

Things you can track with Ahrefs tool are – 

  • Position Tracker: Shows where your keyword ranks in all countries and languages with both monthly/weekly ranking reports.
  • Position Explorer: Discloses your competitor’s all keywords, and their complete status of ranking.
  • Site Explorer: Explores a site and take out and an elaborate backlink profile of any website or URL.
  • Ahrefs Alerts: Notifies every time when there is a change or new addition in your competitors’ backlink and track their sources. It also alerts who are talking about you and your online rivals.
  • Content Explorer: Effective in creating a content strategy and link building campaign. The tool notifies about which content of yours is getting more shares and traffic.
  • Crawl Report: Tracks and fixes any issues that may affect your website’s Google ranking.

Pricing Plans and Packages:

Free Plan – You can get a free trial of all premium features of Ahrefs for 14 days.

Paid Plans – The tool consist of two types of plans Personal Plans and Agencies Plans and these plans again consist of different payment structure starting from $99/month to $2500/month.

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7. DeepCrawl

If you talk about the appropriate website crawling tool, DeepCrawl is an obvious mention. It has got recognition as the world’s most comprehensive crawler and allow you to compare your site with others and find more flexible ways to improve your website.

With DeepCrawl, you can track the problematic URLs and prioritize your requirements easily in no time.DeepCrawl- Best Seo Tools Software

Have a look, what else DeepCrawl offers you – 

  • Uses ‘site migration’ feature to recrawl the already crawled site.
  • Checks whether the tags are linked correctly.
  • Monitors the tags for international search in right language.
  • Inspects if all redirects are authorized and expands crawling efficiency.
  • With ‘Deep Rank’, it digs out prioritizing factors for your website.

Pricing Plans and Packages:

It has both “monthly” and “pay as you go” option starting with a price of $80/month up to $1750. Grab one of them as per your need.

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8. SEMRush

As you need an excellent SEO tool additionally with digital marketing feature, you cannot miss out SEMRush tool. It is ideal for middle sized and large enterprises and easy to determine difficulties in keywords and win the online race. You will get less critical search terms with only few clicks.

Let the public opine about your brand.”SemRush Best Seo Tools Software

Here are the features:

  • Reveals advertisement strategies of your competitors in link building, display advertising, paid and organic search.
  • Ideal for launching global campaigning projects with metrics regarding on-page health, keyword rankings and online rivals.
  • Analyses their keywords and Ad copies through traffic, position, competition score, CPC,etc.
  • Takes your advertisement campaigns to local level in 16 languages and 26 regions with SEM Advertising Research feature.
  • Get your online rivals’ video advertisement strategies.

Pricing Plans and Packages:

Free trial – If you are a beginner, then you can try out the free trial package of the tool.

Paid Plan – There are a few differences in the packages that differ in prices too. Starting from the Pro plan where you have to pay $69.95 monthly, ended with business plan where you will charge up to $5499.40 anually.

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9. CognitiveSEO

CognitiveSEO has all the reasons for being chosen as an effective SEO tool to increase website traffic. Once availed, it will provide you with exclusive analysis of business marketing strategy and more suggestive measures for your progress.

Features of Cognitive:

  • Customizable SEO dashboard with 35+ metrics.
  • The ‘link management tool’ automatically checks broken links.
  • Backlink analysis and rank tracking for every site.
  • With CognitiveSEO’s“Rank Tracker”, 10 keywords monitored daily for ‘Entry’ plan and 400 keyword for ‘Elite’ plan (covers both local and global).

CognitiveSEO Best Seo Tools Software

Pricing Plans and Packages:

Free Trial – You can also avail the 14 days trial package and get a glimpse of how proficiently CognitiveSEO works.

Paid Plans – Monthly and yearly both plans are available here. Starting with the professional plan where you have to pay $99 per month and get 25 sites analyzed. ( Save up to 10% on yearly subscriptions of the packages)

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10. Linkdex

Linkdex is one of the most trusted and reliable SEO platforms for professional maketers. It has equal efficiency in flexible ranking, content strategy, technical SEO data with crawl analytics, link data assessment, and review quality links.Linkdex Best Seo Tools Software

Read on the features –

  • Evaluating reports:
    • Delivers well detailed reports in Excel or PDF formats for your personal master templates or slides.
    • Extract click-and-go report elements with around 100 dimensions.
    • Also apply SEO report dimensions like pages, keywords, time.
    • Get newly added reporting components every month.
  • Analyse website visibility:
    • Uniquely designed KPI generates visibility data, pages, and domainpromptly.
    • Complex keyword filters for comparing KPIs on channels, categories, both counting and without branded traffic.
    • Filters keyword searches and domain data for multi domain
    • Access to more than 100 million valuable keywords in the internet world.
  • Project Management:
    • Helps you with insight product management.
    • Manage your SEO activities and report on outreach campaigns.
    • Task management made flexible.
    • Helps enhance website performance with high impacts.
  • Discovers authors:
    • Helps you find authors’ names of highly ranked contents.
    • Let’s you include them in your outreach campaigning circle.
    • You can build relationships with them, mostly prioritized by search engines.
    • KPIs can be compared with both internal and external links, anchor text to match yours with market-leading contents.

Pricing Plans and Packages:

It has 3 plans Standard, Premium and Enterprise. The standard plan starts from £600/month, premium starts from £1500/month and enterprise starts from £6000/month.

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11. Raven Tools

You must have heard about Raven Tools. If not, check out the amazing features. Raven Tools save your time in generating customised reports in minutes. It easily stores complete link building campaign in an organized manner for content outreach.Raven Best Seo Tools Software

Features of Raven Tools – 

  • It offers automated and interactive reports on marketing.
  • Gives out reports on website’s SEO issues in a granular view to understand
  • Also, incorporate more than 20 data sources like Google Search Console.
  • Site Auditor can automatically crawl websites for finding out technical SEO problems. It takes note on Google’s latest SEO needs to qualify a site’s ranking value.
  • The software design is highly focused on research that makes this tool generate exact solutions and reports. 

Pricing Plans and Packages:

Free Trial – Try out the 30 days Free and unlimited trial package to have an excellent experience of using Raven Tools.

Paid Plans – It’s Pro plan is ideal for small agencies and marketing professionals where you have to pay – $99 / month and Agency plan charge $249/month that is ideal for both large groups and middle sized agencies.

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12. Moz

Another SEO software with exclusive metrics and features present is Moz. The software is also specialized in page optimization, reporting and workflow.Moz Best Seo Tools Software

Have a look at what makes it unique – 

  • Overall ranking:
    • Monitors keywords ranking in more than 200 countries on a weekly basis.
    • Generates Search Visibility Score based on CTR (Click Through Rates) and positions.
    • Monitors mobile friendly tags, makes a comparison of mobile and desktop ranks.
    • Also, tracks keyword rankings at geographical levels – local or national.
  • Website Crawling:
    • Exposes issues of duplicate content, broken links, missing pages or other crawl errors.
    • Makes unlimited audits of public websites for around 1 million pages.
  • Target keyword research:
    • Provides smart SERP analysis to track who’s ranking higher and why.
    • Analyses keyword for effective keyword strategy with competitive keyword metrics.

Pricing Plans and Packages:

Free Trial – The tool offers you a 30 days trial for free with site explorer, internet explorer, etc.

Paid Plans – 

Different pricing plans are exist in this tool – standard, medium, large and premium. The standard plan starts from $99/month. Choose one as per your need.

Last Words

Hope you have found the above information helpful. All the SEO tools mentioned above are highly qualified in some way or the other.

So, it’s up to you now to choose the one among these free and paid SEO tools that best suits your business needs.

Tell me which tool you like the most in the comment section below.

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