Are you able to trace the results generated by your emails marketing campaigns.?

If you get to know the performance of your email campaigns, then you can groom and intensify your campaigns to make them more appealing one’s which eventually head you towards acquiring more leads and customers.

How to track and monitor returns generated through the email campaigns.?

Well, Google Analytics is the answer to this. With the assistance of Google Analytics, you can witness your campaign performance like check how many clicks your email got, how many people landed to your website, spot user behavior towards your email campaigns and much more.

Now, some email marketing services have come up with Google Analytics integration options under their services for campaign tracking and analysis.

So, I have listed below 10 Email Marketing Services that provides up the best Google Analytics Tracking Platform –

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1. MailGet Bolt

MailGet Bolt is an email marketing service that comes with a smart email marketing and email campaign tracking floor. With their effective marketing features and customer support staff,  you can run an effective email marketing program for your business.

Best Email Marketing Tools For Small Business

How MailGet Bolt with Google Analytics :-

MailGet Bolt provides you to integrate with Google analytics with just one click option. Just activate the Google analytics in your MailGet Bolt account and you are all set to review the exposure of your campaigns.

As per my view, the MailGet Bolt will act as a complete solution set for your web complications as along with the google analytics it allows you to create emails and send them to a number of customers as well.

One more thing about the software which I was attracted to was that it has a great OPEN RATE i.e 25% in the beginning itself which you do not get with other software, plus, the pricing is also very reasonable i.e $42 per month for the basic plan.

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2. MailGet

MailGet is a fresh, cheap and affordable email marketing service through which you can send professional newsletters and can do powerful email marketing.

Outstanding features of MailGet are:-

  • Build great emails
  • Maintain list hygiene
  • Properly manage contacts
  • Schedule emails to send later
  • Automate your email marketing
  • Email analytics system and much more..


How MailGet Connects With Google Analytics

MailGet includes Google Analytics Integration options through which you can study your client’s behavior and track website traffic due to email campaigns.

All you need is just to connect your email campaign with Google Analytics. You just need to activate Enable button that is provided on the Settings tab. By doing so, all your URLs in the campaigns get embedded with the UTM tracking link.

Check out the advantage of Integration of Google Analytics Tracking and Email Marketing here.

Past my research i found that MailGet is the best google analytics email tracking tool because along with analytics it is also giving you a feature termed as SMTP routing through you can send mails through multiple servers dynamically.

Not only that but you can connect to number of SMTPs too, on the pricing part you will get the cheapest available software whose price plan starts at $5 per month, which is an incredible & lighting deal you will ever find for email marketing service.

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 3. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is a simple email marketing tool that offers business companies to market their product and grow their business. It includes a lot of features like drag and drop email builder, delivery optimization, built-in list management tools, real-time reporting, and analytics, etc.

Sendinblue Google Analytics Email Tracking

How SendinBlue links with Google Analytics for Campaigns Tracking

SendinBlue provides user to go through a straightforward procedure for integrating with Google Analytics to track email campaigns. In the dashboard, you just need to select Google from Add Application button and then you will get combined with it.

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4. Addemar

Addemar is yet another email marketing service provider that contains tools through which you can perform multi-channel communication, plan automated email campaigns, and problem-free system integration.


Use Google Analytics in Addemar For Campaign Tracking

In Addemar, for integrating with Google Analytics, you need to follow few steps. In account section, you need to activate the Google tracking codes and get your email campaign linked to it.

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Sign-Up to is an online marketing solution that contains email tracking services through which you can successfully run email marketing program for your business. It offers various marketing solutions like targeted email marketing, SMS marketing, permission-based list building and social marketing at one platform.

Sign Upto

Using Google Analytics in

For tracking email campaigns through Google Analytics, it has email marketing analytics dashboard, from where you can connect to Google Analytics. You can connect to it either manually or do it while building up the email by just selecting the box present in the save dialogue box.

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6. Webpower

Webpower is a web-based marketing solution that provides services like email marketing, event marketing, Lifecycle Marketing, Customer intelligence, etc. It owns various striking features such as responsive email templates, Multilingual Campaigns, control frequency of emails, list segmentation, reports and analytics system, etc.


How Webpower Combines with Google Analytics

To have an in-depth analysis of email campaigns and website traffic, Webpower has provided the option for integration with the Google Analytics within their email marketing service.  By doing so, you can find out the number of page visits that come through email campaigns.

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7. ActiveTrail

The ActiveTrail gives user and business organization with an all in one email marketing platform. It includes a feature like landings page builder, marketing automation features, optimization tools, Google Analytics integration, advanced and mobile responsive email marketing, etc.


How to Use Google Analytics in ActiveTrail

ActiveTrail offers you with an option for integration with Google Analytics. In Active Trail, just tick the checkbox with “ Integration With Google Analytics” and then quickly track the performance reports of your email marketing campaigns.

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8. Click Dimension

Click Dimension is easy to use email marketing solution, through which you can build email, surveys, web forms, nurture campaigns and also provides marketing automation solution.

Click Dimension

Tracking Email Campaigns in Click Dimension

Click Dimensions automatically handles authentication process for integrating with Google Analytics tracking platform. No procedure required for connecting with the Google analytics. All you need is just an account on Google Analytics. That’s It..!!

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9. Doppler

A favorite name in the field of email marketing service providers is Doppler. A fully furnished email marketing service that provides features through which you can design and send email campaigns, track email campaigns,  powerful integration options, and various customized plans.


How Doppler Combines with Google Analytics Tracking System 

For integration of Google Analytics with Doppler, you simply need to activate the Google Analytics button provided in Control Panel Division. Then you will successfully combine your Doppler’s account with Google Analytics account, and you can start tracking your email campaign through it.

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10. SendBlaster

SendBlaster provides business organizations with a bulk email software for starting email marketing. It includes features through which stunning emails can be build, efficiently manage contact list, plan effective email campaigns, get email campaigns performance reports, and many other features you will find with their services.


How SendBlaster Integrate with Google Analytics for Campaign Tracking

SendBlaster, email marketing platform grants full integration with the Google Analytics to their user, so that they can easily track their marketing campaigns and see how email campaigns are performing.

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Probably, you are now knowledgeable of the email marketing services that comes with Google Analytics integration for campaign tracking.  Do you have suggestions of your own? Share in the comments section below!  I’d love to hear about it!

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