Transactional emails also commonly known as triggered emails are automatically sent to a particular user whenever a specific action or event is being performed by him (online purchase, verification, etc).

So, it’s really important that these emails successfully make up to the recipient’s inbox as they may hold confirmation messages, purchase orders, and other useful information which maybe essential for users.

Therefore, it is much necessary to have a reliable SMTP service which avoids sending these essential emails in the spam box.

But, which platform to trust for sending these crucial transactional messages? As there are hundreds of SMTP service providers available online who brag about their service to be the best.


Here, we have sorted down 10 best transactional email service providers of 2022, which are tested and ensure that all your emails safely land in customer’s inbox no matter how many emails are sent to how many contacts.

Before we dive into the service details let’s have a look at the comparison between some of them:-

Comparison Between Transactional Email Service Providers
Services Pricing Of Popular Plan DKIM Signature Inbox Delivery Domain Rating
Pabbly Email Marketing $49 100% Multiple 4.9/5.0
SendinBlue $66 80% Multiple 4.1/5.0
Pepipost $101.5 100% Multiple 4.5/5.0
Mailjet $8.69 100% Multiple 4.4/5.0
Amazon SES $25.98 85% Multiple 4.5/5.0
[Note:- All these are approx figures which we got while testing these services]

Let’s start off by looking each of the services one by one –

1. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing is the most cost-effective email marketing software that is available in the market. It helps to simplify your work of sending bulk email and increase open rates.
Although, this email marketing tool offers all the latest features at a very low price such as drag-and-drop email builder, templates, and many more.
Whereas it comes with the inbuilt SMTP that helps to send the emails without any risk of landing in the spam box, unable to make up to the inboxes, emails bounce back, and so on.


Key features of the Pabbly Email Marketing–

  • Pabbly Email Marketing comes with the email inbox preview option that allows you to see the preview of your email before sending it to the user’s inbox.
  • Allows you to add subscription forms to your website and helps you to grow your email list.
  • By using its drip automation feature, the software will automatically send a series of emails to customers on a specific date & time intervals.
  • Pabbly Email Marketing helps you to manage your contacts and their details from the same place by using its list management feature.

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2. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is designed to be a reliable email service for developers. Not only it delivers your emails, but also includes email validation features to check and make sure you’re sending messages to valid email addresses.

It provides the user an easy way to manage all his email lists separately or manage client emails along with their own. There is a batch sending feature which allows the user to personalize emails, gives a detailed analysis and mentions logs.


Key features of the SendinBlue –

  • Track your email status and know what happened to them after you hit send.
  • Validate your emails before sending.
  • Filter out all the spam emails.
  • Powerful APIs that enable you to send, receive and track email effortlessly.

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3. Pepipost

Pepipost is a very well know transactional email service provider and is extremely easy to integrate. They provide an API that you can utilize or you can use the tried-and-true method of sending your email through SMTP.

The interface they provide to manage your account is very easy to use and effective. All the information you need to get started is readily available to you. Pepipost Best Transactional Email Service Provider

Key features of the Pepipost –

  • Easy configuration with major website creation tools.
  • Highly optimized inbox delivery.
  • Best delivery protocols and guidelines to fight spam.
  • It is easily scalable.
  • It has a powerful trigger ware rule engine.

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4. Mailjet

Being one of the leading transaction email service provider, Mailjet has a good price and great features to customize emails to clients in mass scale fairly easily. When sending thousands of emails the ability for customization is essential to avoid being flagged as a spam mail.

One of the great feature is that the customization for each email is individual. The ability to do split testing is very helpful as well. The templates included were also very helpful to build professional looking emails.Mailjet Best Transactional Email Service Provider

Key features of the Mailjet –

  • With the drag-and-drop builder, to customize your email campaigns and transactional emails in minutes
  • It offers the contact list management
  • Build beautiful newsletter templates
  • Helps in segmenting the data.
  • Know your email performance by checking the open and click rates.

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5. HubSpot

HubSpot is probably best known for its powerful marketing automation features, but their free email marketing tool can accomplish all of your transaction email needs as well.

Whether you need to send kickback emails from lead offers, thank you emails after purchase, or just recurring invoice emails, HubSpot’s free version can do that. It gets even more powerful when you upgrade to the paid tiers, as you can start to do all sorts of behavioral segmentation and triggered emails. But the basics? You can get started with no money, right now, today.

Hubspot Email Marketing

With basic automation and up to 2,000 contacts, the free tier is quite generous, but you really get the robust personalization, behavioral targeting, A/B testing, and analytics for transactional emails on the upper pricing tiers.

Key Features of HubSpot:

  • The Free Plan includes up to 2,000 emails/month
  • Use the drag-and-drop email builder to create your unique template or choose from one of the dozens ready-made templates available
  • Native integration with the free-forever HubSpot CRM (free for unlimited number of contacts)
  • Available integrations with popular tools
  • Personalize tokens for contact details, email subject lines, CTAs, and more
  • A/B testing


Free Plan: contains up to 2,000 contacts. 5 “smart lists” and 25 static list segmentations

Paid Plans:

Starter Plan – $40/month
Professional Plan – $800/month
Enterprise – $3,200/month

With these paid plans you get email marketing, with other features like marketing automation, landing pages, and live chat.

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6. Amazon SES

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a cost-effective emailing service for sending self-triggered & transactional emails. These emails may include order status updates, password resets, confirmation messages and other important notifications.

This service is built on the reliable and scalable infrastructure which has a good reputed background and you don’t need to configure or maintain the mail servers. The service also filters out all the emails from spams and reduces bounce with 100% guarantee of email deliverability.Amazon SES Best Transactional Email Service Providers

Key features of the Amazon SES –

  • Multiple email sending interfaces are provided.
  • Allows users to check all the statistics like delivery attempts, rejected messages, bounces, complaints, and much more.
  • Provide a notification and monitoring system.
  • Email processing options.

Note – Amazon SES charges the user 0.1$ for every 1000 emails sent and if you integrate the service with MailGet – an affordable email marketing service, then you can send 10,000 emails to 25,000 users at a very cheapest rate i.e $30.

Yes! $1 for Amazon SES and $29 for MailGet cheap email marketing service. This would be really a great deal for you.

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7. Postmark

Postmark helps you to send transactional emails from a simple App which is highly convenient and easy to use as no coding skills are required. It helps you send transactional emails lightning fast speed to your clients.

This service gives a good reputation amongst the ISPs, it is easy to migrate as proper documentation is provided, plus you get quick & responsive support.Postmark Best Transactional Email Service Provider

Key features of the Postmark –

  • 100% inbox rate as only transactional surveys are sent.
  • User can view 45 days of searchable sending history including full content, bounces, and spam complaints.
  • Recipient history – it gives you a detailed data about how many clients opened the email and from which location they read the email.
  • Campaign statistics – provides how many tags, drip emails, welcome emails, and invoices have been used.

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8. Sparkpost

Sparkpost makes it easy to send customized messages, with HTML templates that support variables. It allows you to monitor user actions on emails as you can track around 42 real-time metrics and see where your emails are doing best and how to improve them.Sparkpost Best Transactional Email Service Provider

Key features of the Sparkpost –

  • With this service, you get high email deliverability.
  • Real-time data integration is also allowed.
  • Campaign management facility is also available in this service.
  • Email designing tools are also given through which attractive emails can be made.
  • Inbox preview for better prediction of how emails will look like.

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9. SendGrid

SendGrid is one of the largest transactional email delivering service. It delivers over 14 billion emails each month for companies like Spotify and Uber.

You’ll find built-in support for email authentication and reputation scoring for your IP address, to make sure your emails get through, along with a library of online documentation and videos to help guide you along.SendGrid Transcational Email Service Provider

Key features of the SendGrid –

  • Offers high email delivery to make sure your emails get delivered.
  • Let you analyze the results of the sent emails like number of opens, clicks, bounce, etc.
  • You are also allowed to edit the transactional email templates either with the drag n drop editor, HTML or CSS.
  • Open your Sendgrid account and other reports in the mobile phones.

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10. Elastic Email

Elastic Email is a powerful email platform built from the ground up to send your email more efficiently. Thousands of companies use this service for sending out bulk emails on a regular basis. It is widely reputed for its excellent customer care service and a great user interface. Elastic Email Best Transactional Email Service Provider

Key features of the Elastic Email –

  • Test your emails from spam across most popular clients before sending.
  • Track your emails and get beautiful analysis reports.
  • Gives you a guarantee of email delivery.
  • Great customer support of 24 hours.
  • Segment your contact list.

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11. AuthMailer

AuthMailer is a complete service for sending email. It ensures the security of your emails as it gone through the secure and encrypted servers. With a versatile compatibility and high delivery rate, they are quickly emerging as a great service provider. Their customers have been satisfied and have given positive reviews. It is recommended by many professionals.AuthMailer Best Transactional Email Service Provider

Key features of the AuthMailer –

  • The service filters out 99% of spam from your emails.
  • Safely delivers your emails to the inbox.
  • Encrypted servers provide high-level security
  • Data travels through multiple servers, thus ensuring speed and reliability
  • All servers that use SMTP to send emails are supported.

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Dyn is one of the oldest organizations providing transactional email services to the users. It is reputed for being fast, efficient and reliable. With its large server space, triple-digit sender scores and excellent customer support, it is the preferred choice of the large companies.

With its experience, it not only enables users to send out emails but also provides them various features which helps them to formulate better plans and strategies and hence ease the process of sending such emails.Dyn Best Transactional Email Service Provider

Key features of the email service provided by –

  • It helps in traffic management of emails.
  • It helps in better message management.
  • Provides large server space hence speeds up the process
  • Extremely high delivery rate.
  • Does not get listed as spam.

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13. MailGet SMTP

MailGet SMTP provides one of the perfect SMTP services through which you can send a number of emails without any hassle. This service assures you that email will definitely reach the inbox of the right recipient.

MailGet SMTP

Key feature of MailGet SMTP –

Deliverability Rate –

The main focus of the MailGet SMTP is on delivery rate of email so, that user can rely on the service without any tension. It assures a high inboxing rate without spamming & deliver right email to the right customer at the right time.

White Listed Server –

It has got white listed server which means it will definitely help you in the enhancement of your stature. Along with these you can also authenticate your emails with SPF validation and embedded DKIM signature in them as well.

Pricing Plan –

MailGet SMTP Bulk Emailing + High Delivery Rate + White listed Servers
Plan Pricing Emails
1st Plan $10 30,000
2nd Plan $25 75,000
3rd Plan $50 150,000
4th Plan $75 225,000
5th Plan $100 300,000
6th Plan $200 600,000

After checking almost all popular SMTP services the best one I found was MailGet SMTP which is the CHEAPEST among all as this service reduces your email marketing cost by 3 X time and ensure high inboxing deliverability rate too.

So, don’t waste time in finding good service for email marketing and promotion, just try the MailGet SMTP once!

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It’s Your Call Now

Transactional emails can be a powerful tool for marketers. By taking advantage of the high open rates of transactional emails and establishing brand loyalty at the time, customers are most likely thinking about the top online retailers to strengthen relationships with customers and drive more revenue growth.

So, just grab the best service and start sending bulk emails with 100% inbox deliverability.

Don’t forget to tell which service you have taken for your business in the comment section below.

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