Sending emails in bulk is such a hectic task nowadays as most of the emails do not even reach the inbox, instead they go into the spam folder or get blocked. We are listing the best email monitoring tools that you can use to track your email sending effectively and make sure that your emails reach your customers’ inbox.

I was dealing with the same situation for several years and finally, come up with a complete solution for it.

Email Monitoring tools allow you to review the campaigns once you send the emails and allows you to take best steps to ensure best possible inbox delivery.

So that you don’t have to bother about email going to spam and easily send bulk emails without any hassles.

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1. G-LockApps

G-lock App is one of the best tools for checking the deliverability of your email. It filters out all the email from spams, find out the problems and fix them before sending. So, maximize the deliverability of emails and fix all the issues.

Pricing Plans –

It has “pay as you go” option starting from $19 where you get Gmail tab tracking, spam filter testing along with 10 credits for the test.

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2. 250ok

250ok is yet another email monitoring software that you can use for checking the deliverability of your emails. It helps you in monitoring the inbox, spam and all the missing emails. So, you can easily identify the spam filters by testing the preview of your campaigns before sending.250ok Email Monitoring Tool

Pricing Plans –

You need to get the quote to know the pricing plans for this tool.

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3. Return Path

Know exactly where your message is delivered with the Return Path inbox monitoring tool. It gives you accurate information about the email delivery and filters all the emails from spam. This could lead to an increase the inbox delivery and also improve the performance of your service.ReturnPath Email Monitoring Tool

Pricing Plans – 

To speak up with Return Path for pricing plans, you have to contact them by filling out a simple form.

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4. MailMonitor

The name itself suggests that this tool is specially designed for the monitoring of emails. It shows in real-time when and where your emails were delivered, track each of them and fix all the deliverability issues quickly.Mailmonitor Email Monitoring Tool

Pricing Plans are here –

The pricing of MailMonitor starts from $79 where you get spam filter testing, 40 monthly campaigns, and much more. You can also go for annual plans if you have a large number of emails to send and check.

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5. Mailtrap

Using Mailtrap, you can test the sending of emails at the development stages. This tool allows catching your test emails safely – no spam for real customers or teammates. You can improve the functionality of HTML email campaigns and easily streamline the testing process in virtual inboxes.

Mailtrap Email Monitoring Tool

Pricing Plans –

With a quick sign up, you can use Mailtrap for free. There is also an individual paid opportunity for $9.99/monthly or team plans starting from $24.99 per month, providing advanced features.

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6. eDataSource

eDataSource is another best deliverability monitoring tool that helps you in delivering the emails successfully to the customer’s inbox. The tool checks out all the campaigns along with a report that shows the number of sent campaigns, successfully delivered campaigns, and the number of campaigns that delivered to spam filter instead of reaching the inbox.  It is the perfect solution for checking the email deliverability.eDataSource Email Monitoring Tool

Pricing Plans – 

To know the pricing plans of eDataSource, you have to signup for the demo.

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7. GreenArrow

Improve the inbox placement by finding out all the spam and deliverability issues, fix them quickly and then send it to your potential clients without getting worried about its delivery.GreenArrow Email Monitoring Tool

Pricing Plans – 

Contact them for the pricing plans of this tool.

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8. SendForensics

SendForensics is developed keeping in mind the email deliverability issues as it is the biggest challenge that online marketers facing. The tool identifies all the mistakes of your campaigns before it affects your marketing reputation. Testing of emails, spam filtering, inbox placement, all such things can be solved out easily with it.Sendforensics Email Monitoring Tool

Pricing Plans – 

Different packages of pricing are available here. Starting from package A – it costs you $49 that comes with multiple features along with the deliverability testing.

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9. Inboxtrail

Measure the performance of your emails before you hit send with Inboxtrail. Find out the spam filter issues, detect them and send your emails without bothering about the delivery.InboxTrail Email Monitoring Tool

Pricing Plans – 

The basic plan of Inboxtrail is started from $9.99 per month where you get 10 delivery tests, spam testing, and much more. You can also go with the yearly plan if you have bulk emails for testing.

10. EmailReach

Track the status of all the sent emails and improve their performance by testing them with the EmailReach tool. It lets you check whether the email was successfully delivered to the inbox, whether it reached to the junk folder, or whether it has returned without getting delivered.

Along with inbox monitoring, the service also included email verifier feature, list checker, blacklist checker and much more.EmailReach Email Monitoring Tool

Pricing Plans – 

The pricing of EmailReach starts from $79 where you get spam filter testing, 40 monthly campaigns, and much more. So, select any monthly plan as per your need.

11. Email On Acid

Another tool that is best suited for solving the major email delivery issues is Email On Acid. It not only fix the delivery problems but also filters out all the campaigns form spam and generate a pass or fail report. You can also track the email opens and clicks with advanced analytics options, resolve the code issues, and much more.Email-On-Acid Email Monitoring Tool

Pricing Plans

The pricing started from $45 where you get unlimited previews and spam testing. It has monthly, yearly, or pay as you go option, so choose one according to your requirement.


Now, you are well aware of all the 10 Best Email Monitoring Tools 2022. So, select one that boosts up your delivery rate by knowing the delivery stats and results.

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