A better way to collect leads for your business is via Electronic Forms as it can diminish the risk that goes along with using the Paper Form (like lost and damaged forms, incomplete information, etc.).

You have two choices to design the forms either you can hire a programmer to make custom forms for you, else you can go with the best online form builder software.

Form Builder is a tool that allows you to design creative & professional forms in just a few clicks, all you have to do is drag and drop the field that you require in the form and after that, you can view your form by simply clicking on the save & preview button.

Before selecting any software, things that you have to keep in your mind are –

  • Cost
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to customize
  • Integration with other software

Keeping these points in my mind, I have found some Best Online Form Builder Software which requires No Coding to build a form. Go through the following service and decide which one can fulfill your requirements.

We have also got a comparison table below which can be a great help is software selection:-

Services Form Validation Multiple Users Access Payment Gateways Social Sharing Ratings
FormGet 5.0/5.0
Pabbly Forms 4.8/5.0
Google Forms 4.6/5.0
FormStack 4.3/5.0
Wufoo 4.2/5.0

1. FormGet – Online Form Builder Software

FormGet is an amazing form builder software which will make your form creation task extremely simple and easy. The best part of this software is that it allows you to collect payments, apply conditional logic in the forms, manage your team, send autoresponder, and a lot more.

In addition, the forms created using this software can be used in multiple ways. Like you can share the forms online on social media and other platforms, embed the forms straight into a website without any hassle and lastly, you can embed them as widgets on a website as well.

FormGet Online Form Builder Software


Some Important Attributes That FormGet Provides –

  • Collect Online Payments Through Forms

If you want to collect one-time, recurring or subscription payments then FormGet is one of the best application. As it comes pre-integrated with PayPal as well as Stripe payment gateways.

  • Drag & Drop Form Builder

It allows you to design forms that are responsive with just a few clicks. Simply by dragging the required fields like name, email address, number, message, etc you can create custom forms. Plus, you also get a live preview link which displays all the changes done in live.

  • Apply Logic Form

You can easily apply conditional logic to the form fields. This is an advanced facility using which you can display or hide fields available on forms when a certain condition is been satisfied.

Let’s say if you create a form of product selling that consists of male & female fields so you can make the form look shorter by showing different fields for male and different fields for female.

  • Easy To Use Dashboard

FormGet provides an extremely user-friendly dashboard through which you can create forms without any coding skills. It also has a full view of the form details which are submitted by the users like new messages, on hold, replied and more.

  • Additional Amenities

Other than the above you also get autoresponder, custom form templates, data export, and multiple facilities as well.

Pricing Details Of FormGet Form Builder Application:-

Free Plan:- An entirely free plan which allows you to create one form with all features. With this form, you can collect leads, share them from online and embed it on a website without paying any charge.

Starter Plan:- This plan will cost you $5 for a month with which you can create one form to accept 1200 submissions, collect onetime as well as recurring payment via PayPal & Stripe, apply conditional logic and more.

Rookie Plan:- $35 a month is payable for this plan. You will have 5 users access, 25 forms creation allowed, and It will help you accept 25k submissions in a month and multiple more services.

Pro Plan:- With this plan you can have 10 users, unlimited form creation facility, collect 60k form submissions and more and for all this, you just have to pay $79 for a month.

Advance Plan:- This is a high-end plan which comes with unlimited users access, unlimited form creation, unlimited submissions, and much more. The price tag attached is $99 for a month access.

[Note – You can also buy individual extensions like form scheduler, helpdesk, email customizer and more. Plus, on yearly subscriptions you get 2-month discount as well.]

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2. Pabbly Forms – Online Form Creator

Using Pabbly Forms you can create a variety of forms for lead collection accepting payments, online research, user information gathering and more. This is an easy to use platform that allows you to embed single form on multiple domains.

You are also provided pre-designed templates, upload storage, custom branding and other facilities as well. This forms can be created in multiple languages and accept payments in different currencies.

Pabbly Forms Online Form Builder Software

Features that are offered by Pabbly Forms Application –

  • Form Management

Pabbly Forms has got forms management facility with which you can manage multiple forms and details related to them through a single website. Even if you have forms embedded on different websites, those details can also be shown collectively in the same window.

  • Form Access To Clients

This form builder software permits you to give members as well as clients access permissions. You can create different types of forms and give users & members their access permissions as per their needs.

  • ReCAPTCHA & Custom Email Responses

ReCAPTCHA is a feature which is also available in this form building application which will help you do spam prevention. Plus, you can create custom emails which are triggered when a successful form submission is done.

  • Accept Online Payments Straight Via Forms

Pabbly Forms supports different payment gateways which are PayPal and Stripe. These can be integrated easily into forms and you can accept payments through them, additionally, multiple currencies are also allowed.

Pricing Details Of FormGet Form Builder Application:-

  • You can commence by creation one form for free with Pabbly Forms as it permits one form creation through which payments, leads and other information can be collected. It is a shareable form which can also be embedded on a website as well.
  • The starter package will help you create one forms with single user access at a cost of $5 per month. You can also have 1 payment account, Google analytics, and embed this form in 10 different domains as well. Alongside you can collect payments for PayPal and Stripe as well.
  • For the Rookie package, $35 will be charged. It delivers 5 users access, 25 forms creation, 35 domains embed features, along with multiple more.
  • Pro package will cost you $79 on a monthly basis with which you get 10 users with unlimited form creation facility. It will allow you accept 60k form submissions and collect payments through PayPal and Stripe.
  • Finally, if you need unlimited forms, users, submission and payment account access then you should opt for the Advance package which will cost you $99, along with other features and facilities.

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3. Google Forms

Google Forms – an amazing online form maker tool which let you create and analyze surveys, quizzes and more all from a single platform. Along with forms, you can also use Docs, Sheets, and slides.

This software is very easy to use but the only demerit it has is – it does not allow payment collection. Here you can only design form templates and use them on your site but you can not create payment forms using this service.

Google Online Form Builder Software

Let’s have a look at some attributes that Google Forms provide –

Get Fast Answers

You can easily receive answers of any events trips or anything as the form is online and can be filled from anywhere, anytime. You can also collect the email address of customers for the next newsletter, create a pop quiz and much more with Google Forms.

Survey With Style

You can give a unique look to your form by using your own photo or logo, picking up the right color to make the form differ from rest other. Also, you can choose the theme of your choice with this service.

Create responsive Forms

Google form let you build responsive form templates so that it can be easily edited or accessed from big and small screens.

Organized And Analyzed Forms

Here you can neatly manage all your surveys response data that are collected automatically at the time of form filling which can be stored in the excel sheets.

Build Together

You can add collaborates like friends, classmates, co-workers, etc and let them build your survey just like docs, sheets, and slides.


Google Form is completely FREE for all!

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Pabbly Form Builder

4. Formstack

FormStack – incredible form creator software not only lets you build forms but with its additional features you can design a professional form in just a few minutes. The e-signature and payment give power to the growth of your business via forms.

FormStack Online Form Builder Software

Numerous attributes of FormStack form maker software –

Email Notification

Get easily notified when a submission has been received. You can also create confirmation email and trigger those unique emails to the right customer as a confirmation email.

Data Routing

You can quickly transfer the collected form data to the right persons and departments. Here you can also apply routing logics like you can redirect a customer to different URLs or payment processors.

Collect E-signature On Any Device

You can easily add an electronic signature field on your form, all these signatures are saved as image file and stored in the FormStack account. E-signatures can be used on a variety of online documents like employment offer letter, financial account and more.

Secure Payment Forms

Collect money for products, events and more by using the online payment form. The main field of this form is calculation fields which calculates the quantities of tickets, products, and other online purchases.

Automate Your Data Collection

You can easily automate the collection of your data with 40+ form integration such as MailChimp, Salesforce, PayPal, Aweber, Box, Beanstream and a lot more.


Formstack – form creator tool gives 3 pricing plans all along with 14 days free trial.

Silver Plan

The Silver Plan charges $39 per month which contains all the basic feature, 20 forms, 1000 submissions detail and 5 users can access this account at a single time.

Gold Plan

For the Gold Plan, you have to pay $99/month for 100 forms, 10,000 form submission details, and access to 10 users.

Platinum Plan

The Platinum Plan cost is $249 for base features, mobile-friendly forms, HubSpot integration, SalesForce integration, 1000 forms, 100,000 form submission details and at a time 25 users can access this account.

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5. Wufoo

Wufoo – the best form automation software which has a form field that you have to drag & drop into a form, including payment fields that work with the variety of payment processing software and a file uploader tool that let people’s submit images, documents and much more through a form.

Wufoo Online Form Builder Software

Some amazing attributes that Wufoo software contains –

Easily Creates Custom Forms

Create and send beautiful forms with the intuitive feature of this service like drag & drop with no coding knowledge. Also, you can brand your forms by adding a logo, modifying themes or creating your own.

Collect Responses Anytime, Anywhere

Share the mobile responsive forms on social networking market or embed them into your existing websites. You can also connect Wufoo with 60+ tools like Salesforce, MailChimp and more.

Powerful Insights For Form Analytics

Check and analyze the entries from any device as they roll into your account. As Wufoo gives a dynamic analytic dashboard which will keep you organized and informed about every data entry.

Accepts Online Payments

The service accepts payments from Paypal, Stripe and authorize.net payment gateway software. Along with this, it has 256-bit SSL encryption, field encryption option, and smart CAPTCHA.

Numerous Inbuilt Templates

Here you will find 400+ customizable, professional online form templates which you can use with a single click.


Gratis Plan

The Gratis Plan is complete FREE forever with 3 forms, 100 entries, 10 fields, single user, 3 reports and unlimited API request.

Ad Hoc Plan

For Ad Hoc Plan just pay $14.95 per month and get 10 forms, 500 entries, maximum fields, single user, 20 reports, 259MB upload facility and unlimited API request.

Bona Fide Plan

The Bona Fide Plan charges $29.95/month for unlimited forms, 3000 entries, maximum fields, access to 5 users, unlimited reports, accepts payments, 1GB data upload, and field encryption facility.

Carpe Diem Plan

In Carpe Diem Plan you will get unlimited forms, 15,000 entries, 20 users, unlimited reports, 3GB file uploads, accept payments and unlimited API request all at just $69.95 per month.

NOTE – If you go with the annual plan of Wufoo then you can save 25% on cost!

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6. Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms – an awesome form builder tool with which you can design beautiful forms for your business by adding calculated fields, payment fields, conditional logic and a lot more.

CognitoForms Online Form Builder Software

Awesome attributes of Cognito Forms are –

Create Multi-page Forms

Manage your long and complex surveys with page breaks, progress bars, and conditional pages.

Entry Sharing

This feature enables users to view or edit their forms as many times as they need. But this feature is active with pro, team and enterprise plan.

File Storage Facility

You can upload the files, images, documentation, resume, cover letters, spreadsheets and more with the form entries.

Data Encryption

While collecting forms there are a lot of sensitive information such as driver’s license number, passport number, account number, etc. and with data encryption, you can keep this information safe and secure.

Document Merging

Here you can easily create your own custom documents templates and can easily customize its wording, formatting, and fonts. Also, you can convert these templates into a PDF format.


Cognito Forms – form designer software offers 4 pricing plans for its user.

Individual Plan

The Individual Plan is free for unlimited forms, 500 monthly entries, and only 1 user can access it at a time, also you can store 100MB of data.

Pro Plan

To buy a Pro Plan you have to pay $10 per month which offers unlimited forms, access for 2 users, 2000 entries for a month and storage upto 1GB.

Team Plan

The Team plan charges $24 for unlimited forms, access to 5 users, 10,000 entries per month, storage upto 10GB and also you can make payment using PayPal, Stripe, and Square.

Enterprise Plan

For Enterprise Plan you have to pay $99 per month and it offers access to 50 users, unlimited forms, unlimited entries, storage upto 100GB and free payment processing using PayPal, Stripe, and Square.

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7. Survicate

Survicate is a survey and NPS software that helps you capture more customer feedback and deliver a better experience. Send surveys by email, link, or in chat. Run targeted surveys on websites,in web apps, or in mobile apps.


Responses autosave 

Survicate records every single response, even when someone has not completed the entire survey. People can resume surveys where they left off.

Unlimited surveys and questions

Create as many surveys with as many questions as you need, even on the free plan.


Survicate provides direct integrations with popular marketing automation and customer service tools like Intercom, HubSpot, and ActiveCampaign. Connect Survicate with your entire stack and empower your team to act on customer feedback.

A wealth of survey distribution methods

Run surveys on one or all of these channels: email, link, chat, website, web app, and mobile app (iOS & Android SDK).

Unlimited users on all plans

You can invite all your team members to collaborate on customer feedback with no additional cost, even on the free account.


Free plan
The free plan offers 100 answers/month and all essential features, including skip logic, access to a library of over 100 proven templates, integrations, and respondent identification.

This plan offers 1000 responses every month, data export, and answers and attributes piping, which allows you to personalize survey experience. The Essential plan costs $99 per month on monthly billing, and you can save 50% by choosing annual commitment.

This plan includes 5000 responses every month, automated recurring surveys, the possibility of removing Survicate branding, implementing a custom design with CSS, data export API, and advanced targeting of surveys. The Professional plan costs $199 per month on monthly billing, and you can save 50% by choosing an annual subscription.

This plan offers 25000 responses every month, access to premium integrations (including Salesforce), webhooks, and the ability to host surveys on a custom domain. The Enterprise plan costs $499 on monthly billing and $249//month when you choose an annual subscription.

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Closure Is!

Hope that after going through the blog you have understood the importance of form builder software. So don’t think much, quickly decide which software fulfills the requirement that you need at the time of form creation.

But according to me, you should go with that software which gives payment collection and analytics facility because this two are the main factor for the lead and revenue generation.

If you require any related information related then just go through the following blogs –