Comparison Of Best Stripe Payment Analytics Software

Services Pricing Free Trial
Pabbly Subscription $99 Lifelong Usage No Free Trial
Chartmogul $100 A Month Free Trial With Limited Access
Baremetrics $500 A Month Free Trial 14 Days
GetControl $149 A Month Free Trial 14 Days
Putler $109 A Month Free Trial With Limited Access

Wanna keep an eye on every activity of your business like recurring payments, funds, refunds, etc on a single platform?

Or are you using a stripe software for your payment but not able to analyze its metrics and stats?

If yes, then don’t worry…it’s very simple & easy with a solution called Payment Analytics Software.

Let’s have a look that how does this payment metrics software works

  • Gather all your payment related data at a single dashboard.
  • Clean incorrect, irrelevant and incomplete information.
  • Calculate and sort all the transactions and manage in an understandable format.

In this way, you can easily monitor all your business metrics, monthly & yearly revenues, payment transactions, funding and optimize your business performance effectively.

I have found 10+ best payment analytics software that shows analytics of stripe to maintain your ROI, campaigns, new revenues.

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Let’s have a look at the list of Best Stripe Payment Analytics Software.

1. Pabbly: – Best Stripe Payment Analytics Software

Pabbly is an awesome software which allows you to do analysis of business transactions done via Stripe.

It offers a well-designed dashboard which is easy to use, supports different gateways as well as currencies. Plus this software comes at a very low cost of $99 which is applicable for Lifelong usage.

We deployed Pabbly in our business, as earlier we struggled in managing Subscription Plans and Payments Reports separately from Stripe.

But now we can handle both the tasks from a single dashboard of Pabbly.

Another exciting thing about Pabbly is the cost. It charges only $99 for lifetime use of services that other software charge $50 to $100 a month.

Best Stripe Payment Analytics SoftwareTry Pabbly @ $99 For Lifetime



  • Filter Transactional Reports
    You can easily apply filters on different types of reports like Net revenue reports, MRR, New subscribers & customers, Active subscribers & customers. This will help you do deep analysis on Stripe transactions.
  • API Environment For Easy Integration
    Pabbly has got a full-fledged API using which you can easily integrate this software in various SaaS and other applications to facilitate the working of your business.
  • Get Insides Of Sales
    Sales details from Stripe or other gateways can be analyzes with this software. You will get access to various complex details like Refunds, Total sales, Subscriptions, Customers info and more straight from the dash.
  • Pabbly Supports 23 Different Currencies
    Payments from different countries can be accepted as to facilitate transactions as Pabbly supports 23 types of currencies from around the globe.


The cost of Pabbly LIFETIME package is around $99 using which you can create unlimited invoices, manage large number of customers, design multiple plans for different products and most importantly analyze Stripe transactions without paying any transaction fees.

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2. Chartmogul

Chartmogul analytics software helps you to quickly uncover your stripe payment details so that you can make your valuable data secure and take a legitimate decision in order to drive your business forward. 

ChartMogul1 Best Stripe Payment Analytics Software


  • Automate Your Metrics Reporting
    ChartMogul’s gives an excellent feature with the help of which you can easily calculate all the metrics which are required to scamper your business.
  • Calculate Everything! MRR, CLTV, Average Sale Price & Churn Rate…
    Now you just don’t have to depend on ROI. Effortlessly count monthly recurring revenue, customers growth, churn rate, etc and can exact known revenues of your every campaign.
  • Integrate The Tools Which You Are Already Using
    Web services that you are already using can be easily integrated, so it’s super easy to sync your data.


  • Launch: – Here, you can sign up for FREE and check MRR upto $10k. 
  • Mogul: – You just have to pay $100/month for 1000 paying customers.
  • Volume: – You can contact them for pricing if you have more than 10,000 paying customers.

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3. Putler:-

Putler is a smart & brilliant tracking software that gives details about your stripe account. It keeps eyes over many functionalities such as customers segmentation, visitor monitoring and also gives you personalized growth rate ideas, aggregated financial data 153+key metrics & report.

Putler1 Best Stripe Payment Analytics Software


  • E-commerce Analytics
    In pulter, you will find this amazing feature using which you can easily detect important KPI’s, metrics on sales, products, customers, subscriptions, etc.
  • Unified Reporting
    Consolidate all your data in a single report that comes from various sources connected to you. No need to check multiple reports.
  • Growth Tips
    Here you will find expert advice to increase sales & conversion rate.


  • Plus:- $29+1000 transactions per month
  • Pro:- $59+2500 transactions per month
  • Max:- $109+unlimited transactions per month

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4. GetControl:-

GetControl analytics software enables you to keep a pulse on your business. This required No coding, No credit card, it’s a Quick Setup via which you can analyze all your real-time transaction at a distinct platform. 

Along with stripe, this software also shows the analytics of Paypal, Square and many other payment gateways.

Control stripe payment analytics


  • New Customers & Churn Metrics
    GetControl analytics software gives us the facility to always be updated about new customers & churn metrics which will result in the growth of your business.
  • Revenue Tracking
    Track your revenues and make a profitable decision for your business.
  • Customer Purchase Histories
    Here you can find the purchase history of every customer which will help you to provide them a better service.


  • Starter:- $19+14 day free trial+200 data points/month
  • Growth:- $79+14 day free trial+750 data points/month
  • Scale:- $149+14 day free trial+10,000 data points/month
  • Enterprise: – This pack is for high volume business for that you have to get in touch with them

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5. Baremetrics:-

Baremetrics is a fascinating analytics tool which gives numerous services such as net revenue, average revenue per user, and much more.

This all will help to widen your business with its risk-free 60-day guarantee. Additionally, it shows the analytics of multiple subscription billing solutions like Recurly, Braintree, Chargify, etc. 

Baremetrics1 Best Stripe Payment Analytics Software


  • Recover Lost Revenue
    We even don’t have any idea but the start-up business loss upto $1500 per month. Baremetrics gives us a feature name Dunning with the help of which you can recover almost $100/day.
  • Increase Sales
    Baremetrics analytics software gives a sales feature to find the best lead for your business. You can find many things like lead scoring, lead profile, better prospects and much more.
  • See Your Forecast
    You can predict your revenues with the help of forecasting tool. Intelligent projections are the key to keep ourselves one step ahead of the competition.


  • Enterprise:- 500$ per month which includes MRR upto 500,000$
  • Business:- 250$ per month which includes MRR upto 200,000$
  • Professional:- 100$ per month which includes MRR upto 50,000$
  • Startup:- 50$ per month which includes MRR upto 10,000$

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6. Getmetrics:-

Getmetrics has given a new look to metrics & notification of strip payments account [charge succeeded, failed or refunded, customer created]. By using this analytics software with just one click you can connect stripe account easily and will be able to view your data in a well-managed dashboard.

Getmetrics1 Best Stripe Payment Analytics Software


  • Real-Time Notification
    Getmetrics connect an amazing feature Stripe webhooks. With the help of which you are able to receive email notification of every event like charge notification [Successful/failed], subscription notifications, transfer notifications, etc which are important to you.
  • Automatically Updating Cards
    This is a brilliant feature which will update saved customer cards automatically. That results in less failed payments & less churn due to expiring credit cards.
  • Handley Dashboard
    Getmetrics has added an accessible dashboard for metrics business that will help you to view every important information like Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Annual Run Rate (ARR) or Churn Rate from your business at a single place.


  • Basic:- $25 per month + 7 day free trial
  • Plus Subscription Metrics:-  $39 per month + 7 day free trial + stripe subscription metrics

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7. FristOfficer:-

FirstOfficer analytics software is a professional visualizing platform. You can know all the activity of stripe account in just one click.

To make your optimal business growth possible & easy this designed a proper chart of your subscription data.

FirstOfficer1 Best Stripe Payment Analytics Software


  • Understand Your Monthly Recurring Revenue
    FirstOfficer will not only show new, lost, expansion and contraction MRR rather than it will drill you deep to those numbers. Go through it and know the number of customers in every group.
  • Weekly Reports
    Running a business is not that easy it takes time that’s why FirstOffice analytics software send the most significant data direct in your inbox so that you are able to see whether the trends are turning or not.
  • Growth Ceiling
    This the Marvelous feature that FirstOffice give with this you can estimate whether your business model is profitable or not.


  • Hobby:- $29/mo upto 250 customers + 30 days free trial
  • Startup:- $79/mo upto 1,000 customers + 30 days free trial
  • Professional:- $149/mo upto 2,500 customers + 30 days free trial
  • Business:- $249/mo upto 5,000 customers + 30 days free trial

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8. Attribution:-

Attribution analytics software is driven by savvy marketers like you. One can easily connect their stripe account here & can see a snapshot of campaigns, ROI, cost, quantity churn rate, customer growth in a single platform.

Attribution1 Best Stripe Payment Analytics Software


  • Identify Users
    This identifies the identity of each and every users and distinguishes them with a unique identity. So, that while payment process there would no problem occurs because of identity.
  • Track Events
    Attributes recognize the revenues property on the track event and store that data in a specified way.


  • Developer: – It’s a free plan
  • Startup:- $79 per month + 14 days trial
  • Business:- $399 per month + 14 days trial
  • Enterprise:- $999 per month + 14 days trial

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9. Metricsco:-

With Metricsco say goodbye to all your niggling worries related to sales, funding, customer lifetime value (LTV), average sale price. This is one step solution to automate all your payment process. Manage all your leads in a single platform and generate more revenues for your business.

Metricsco Best Stripe Analytics Software


  • Multi Channel Messaging Facility
    When payments get fails this software helps you connect to your customers in multiple ways such as email, text message or you can also integrate with any other channel via Metricsco web-hook facility.
  • Easily Update Your Credit Cards
    Metricsco offers you to give flexible credit system to your top most clients. You can easily clean the credit cards rating to overcome from the future dealings.
  • Intelligent Payment Reports
    Stay informed about all pending & received payment with real-time payment facility. By knowing your current accounting you can build a powerful strategy to boost up your business.


  • Starter Plan:- 30 days free trail + $49 per month per 1,000 unique subscription.
  • Professional Plan:- 30 days free trail + $199 per month for up to 10,000 unique subscription.
  • Enterprise Plan:- To know its pricing you have to contact Metricsco support.

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10. Hookfeed:-

Retain your most valuable customers with Hookfeed analytics software. Easily compare key business metrics across customers segments & find all the data related to MRR, annual run rate at a single platform.

Hook-Feed1 Best Stripe Payment Analytics Software


  • Customer LTV
    Hookfeed knows the importance of customers that’s why this provides us a prodigious feature customers lifetime value with this you can predict the net profit attributed to the future relationship with the customer.
  • Net Revenue
    Can easily calculate the net revenues of discounts, returns, and sales which can help you to make a huge net profit for your business.
  • Churn Cohort Analysis
    It will be easy to average the churn rate of 100 customers and come up with the single number. This analysis is known as churn cohort analysis.


  • Growth plan:- $149/month which includes 7 days risk-free trial
  • Business plan:- $79/month which includes 7 days free trial
  • Startup plan:- $49/month which includes 7 days free trial

11. Quintu:-

One of the different tracking tool is Quintu. It’s an affordable software that shows all the data of your stripe account on a single platform. And get sales, refunds notification on your desktop. This did not require any cloud to make your data secure.

Quintu1 Best Stripe Payment Analytics Software


  • Event Notifications
    Quintu analytics software offers a convenient event notification with visual and audio alert, that notifies you when any sales come, or a refunds process is going on.
  • System Tray & Menu Bar
    If you are using windows then Quintu runs in your tray and if you are using Mac then this analytics software uses the menu bar, to show little or much information as per your requirement.
  • Subscription Metrics
    Here you can view that how many active free trial and how many active paid subscription you currently have. Plus, you can also intelligently calculate your MRR, ARR even is you offer multiples plan also.


  • Free 30 days trial
  • Just at $39 one -time purchase. No monthly subscription fees

So, The Culmination Is..!

After reading this 10+ best stripe payment analytics software I feel like you came to know the importance of analytics in your business. So, don’t think twice just integrate with any one of the above analytics software and manage all your payments smartly which will give a new look to your business and its growth rate.