Try the best alternatives for ProfitWell & transform the growth of your business!

The first name that comes to our mind while thinking about payment analytics software is mostly ProfitWell Payment Analytics Tool.

We all are aware of the fact that ProfitWell is one of the high-end payment analytics software and holds a strong position in the current market.

It provides all subscription as well as financial metrics in one place, a consolidated dashboard, key performance indicators and vital graphs helpful for your business growth.

This software also comes loaded with multiple advanced features that can easily handle complex business problems.

But is that the limit that only ProfitWell can fulfill the payment analytics needs of any business?

For this, the answer is NO… There are other payment business analytics software available in the market that can provide far better services than ProfitWell at a great price point. 

Get A Clear Differentiation B/W Popular Alternatives for ProftWell

Services Pricing  Dunning Emails Recurring Payments Unlimited Revenue
Pabbly Subscriptions  $5/m
PaySketch $7.99/m
ChartMogul $125/m
Baremetrics $50/m
DataBox $50/m

After mentioning the table above, I’m pretty sure that you might have chosen an alternative for ProfitWell already. STILL, I’d like you to go through this article once & make sure that you will not only choose a cheaper product but also an accurate one too.

The reason about which I’m telling you is that you might find some services in this article which are affordable as well as way too efficient to use.

So just grab a pen or the sticky note & dive with me!

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1) Pabbly Subscriptions

Pabbly Subscriptions is the best in the alternatives For ProfitWell & also the most affordable software currently available in the market which offers best payment analytics & reporting tool. It helps you track payments from different gateways, analyze payments, monitor customers & subscription details and more.

Pabbly Subscriptions Vs ProfitWell

This tool is one of the best replacement For ProfitWell in terms of cost as well as features.

Pabbly Subscription charges $5/m which is way too affordable. Whereas ProfitWell will bill you on monthly basis on recovered revenue.

It allows you to do analysis on both PayPal as well as Stripe transactions. But ProfitWell doesn’t analyze PayPal transactions.

ProfitWell is equipped with features which will help you perform payments analytics, whereas Pabbly Subscriptions comes loaded with advanced Payment Analytics and Subscription Management tools. This means you can manage both using a single software.

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Pricing Plans

  • Starter – You can buy this plan at $5/m where you can manage up to 50 customers along with all the essential features such as multiple payment gateways, invoice billing, dunning emails and more.
  • Rookie – This plan charges $29/m for up to 1000 customers & you can create unlimited plans for each product too.
  • Pro – It cost only $59 per month for an unlimited number of customers without any restrictions.
  • Advance – This plan is for bigger businesses as it charges $99 on the monthly basis. You will get to customize the domain of your checkout page according to the needs.


  • This tool provides advanced reporting system using which you can track net revenue, MRR, new subscriber and other customer details. You can also apply filters on these reports to get a refined data.
  • The dashboard designed in extremely interactive, users can fetch all the important details like refunds, total sales, rebills and more directly from the dashboard.
  • It also offers a complete API framework through which Pabbly’s integration into other software and SaaS applications become easy.

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2) PaySketch

PaySketch is a top of the line payment analytics and reporting tool that delivers real-time updates about online sales, payments products performance, customers etc.

This payment analytics system does all the hard work and gives you all the essential data from your PayPal account needed for your business with its advanced system.

PaySketch Vs ProfitWell

When we compare ProfitWell with PaySketch payment analytics software they are pretty close to each other in the feature section. Both offer a variety of service to facilitate your business payment analytics.

But the major difference between them is the cost, as the price plans offered by ProfitWell are more expensive than that of this tool, even though ProfitWell provides a free plan.

Nevertheless, PaySketch has more affordable plans loaded with an enormous feature at a lesser price point.

Top Competing Alternatives For Putler

Pricing Plans 

  • Standard Plan – It charges $7.99/month for 5,000 transactions access along with single connected account.
  • Business Plan –This plan charges $9.99/mo for 20,000 transactions access & customer’s + product’s dashboard facility.
  • Professional Plan – The professional plan bills $11.99 A Month For 50,000 Transactions Access & 6 months transaction history limit.


  • Analyze the sales trends of your products and services to predict the correct online sales of your business.
  • This software allows you to point the top of the line product which has done the most sales.
  • Get a quick view of sales, products performance, customer details and more through the dashboard.

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3) ChartMogul

ChartMogul is a premium payment analytics software that helps you build a proper subscription business. With this software, you will get a clear understanding of customer needs and requirements.

You can connect other tools as well like billing, customer support etc which are already being used by your business.

ChartMogul Vs ProfitWell

Integration is one major feature in which ProfitWell lacks in and ChartMogul gets an upper hand. With the help of CharMogul payment analytics solution can easily merge services that already being used by your business.

You can sync data from various other sources and can also customize integration.

Top Competing Alternatives For Putler

Pricing Plans

  • Launch Plan – This plan is free for first $10K MRR.
  • Mogul Plan – It costs $100 for up to 1,000 paying customers.
  • Volume Plan – This plan has a custom price for customers from 10,000 to millions.


  • Data can be imported easily as ChartMogul payment analytics software has CSV upload tools and Import API’s. Data extraction from different sources becomes very simple through this software.
  • It automatically calculates and generates the essential data from the key metrics which is needed for the growth of your business.
  • Place the pricing of your products and services according to the success and sales rate.

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4) Baremetrics

Baremetrics is one of the top class payment analytics software that can give a tough competition to ProfitWell payment analytics system.

This system comes preloaded with features that will help you increase sales, extract customer details and other business information easily.

Baremetrics Vs ProfitWell

No doubt ProfitWell will deliver you a refined and detailed product reports through which you can see what is getting sold and what is not. 

But with Baremetrics you can extract reports and send them to your team members on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with an automated system. This will keep all your team members updated about the latest sales and business trends as well.

These are the features in which ProfitWell majorly lacks in.

Top Competing Alternatives For Putler

Pricing Plans

  • Startup Plan – It bills $50 a month for up to 10,000 MRR.
  • Professional Plan – This plan has an affordable charge of $100/m for up to 50,000 MRR.
  • Business Plan – It costs $250/month for up to 200,000 MRR which is good for medium-sized businesses.
  • Professional Plan – Finally, $500 a month for up to 500,000 MRR is the charge which is way too suitable for large businesses.


  • Get each & every customer related details like lifetime values, MRR, cohort and essential data along with transaction history.
  • Send reports and notifications daily, weekly and monthly to your team members as well as customers and notify them with this automated system.
  • This is an intelligent payment analytics system that will help you predict the problems and come up solutions for the growth of your business.

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5) DataBox

Stripe allows you to accept payments online, but Databox is a payment analytics system that helps to convert the unformatted data generated from these payment transactions into meaningful information.

This software combines data from multiple sources and delivers information which is useful for your business growth.

DataBox Vs ProfitWell

ProfitWell gives a single dashboard to view details of transactions info, recurring revenue, churn rate, canceled and refunds. But with this kind of dash, it sometimes becomes difficult to find the correct data within a short time.

DataBox payment analytics tool comes with some added dashboard templates designed by experts.

With the help of different templates, you can bring together essential data needed for your business at one place.

Top Competing Alternatives For Putler

Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan – $0 Forever is the charge of this plan for 3 data connection & 3 users.
  • Basic Plan – The basic plan costs $49/m for 10 data connection & 5 users.
  • Business Plan – It bills $249 on monthly basis for up to 50 data connection & 20 users.
  • Custom Plan – This plan is the best one as it includes custom price, unlimited data connection & unlimited users facility.


  • You can create personalized reports which are easy to understand and simple to read. This software permits you to build reports for the web as well as mobile is just a few minutes.
  • With this solution, you can have access to multiple business KPI’s like LTV, MRR, a new subscription, canceled subscription and much more.
  • Design an analytics dashboard which is fully customizable according to the need of your business.

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6) Statsbot

Statsbot is a software which delivers top quality payment processing analytics along with all the details that are important for the growth of any business.

With this software, you can easily connect payment processing account and setup essential notifications about the transactions and other business details.

Statsbot Vs ProfitWell

ProfitWell gives multiple price plans using which you can manage your payment analytics easily. But Statsbot is a premium payment analytics software that hands over a system which is stuffed with the latest feature.

These features are provided at a lesser price. If you want to save money and get a good deal of feature alongside then Statsbot is the best option.

Statsbot Top Competing Alternatives For Putler


  • With just a few clicks you can fetch out the information about customer transactions, payment essentials and more.
  • Auto calculates different transaction details in real-time which will keep you updated about your payment business.
  • Deliver instant notifications like payment failure and other important transaction-related information.

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Final Conclusion

The payment analytics software elaborated in this blog are some of the best alternatives for ProfitWell analytics tool. I am sure that with help of this blog you will be able to find a correct and affordable alternative for simplifying your payment analytics.

It is because not only you can add customers to your service but can also create multiple products, plans & coupons too.

So just finalize the best tool according to your needs & transform the growth rate of your business!

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