Payment Analytics is one of the major concerns of people doing business these days as analyzing payments, refunds, reversal reports and other online transaction related things from gateways like PayPal & Stripe is a tough job.

Understanding the outcome of these kinds of reports is pretty hard even for experts. It’s a loophole that develops chances for frauds and reclaims which gradually causes financial as well as goodwill harm to any business.

So, is there any proper solution to overcome the frauds, reversals and analyze the business transactions, payment metrics, and reports?

YES! There are some quality transaction analytics software’s available in the market for converting all raw data of your business into useful information. And I’ve mentioned some of the best PayPal payment analytics software which can help you with it.

Pricings of Some Best PayPal Analytics Software & Their Features

Services Pricing  Dunning Emails Recurring Payments Unlimited Revenue
Pabbly Subscriptions  $5/m
ChartMogul $125/m
Putler $29/m
GetControl $89/m
Databox  $59/m

Through them, you will be able to generate informative reports, plan strategies, point out the recurring mistakes and a lot more things. So with a clear mind, just read out this article & finalize the best tool according to your needs!

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1) Pabbly Subscriptions | A PayPal Analytics Software

Pabbly Subscriptions offers top-class payment analytics services using which you can track every transaction of your business done through PayPal gateway. Its dashboard provides a detailed description of newly added customers, refunds, sales, etc.

In addition, it also supports 25+ different currencies and multiple payment gateways to facilitate global transactions. This software comes loaded with various other features like advanced reporting, plan & customer management, full-fledged API and more.

Before migrating to Pabbly Subscriptions, we had to use separate software for Subscription Billing & Payment Analytics for which a monthly bill of $448 was generated.

Payment Analytics $149 + Subscription Management $299 = Total Cost $448.

But now for Pabbly Subscriptions, we paid only $5/m and got access to its attractive features & facilities.

Get Access Of Pabbly Subscriptions



  • Starter: This plan will cost you $5 per month where you can manage 50 customers and explore all the essential features of Pabbly Subscriptions.
  • Rookie: The Rookie plan costs $29 on the monthly basis & after purchasing it, you will get to use its PayPal analytics feature for 1000 customers.
  • Pro: Its Pro plan is best for mid-level companies as it charges $59 on the monthly basis. Here, you won’t find any limit on the number of customers.
  • Advance: At last, this plan is most suitable for big companies. It costs only $99 per month with unlimited customers, analytics feature, product subscriptions & many more.


  • Advanced And Self-explaining Reports

Pabbly helps you extract and analyze reports related to profit affecting factors of your business like MRR, net revenue, new & active customer details, etc.

  • Allows Different Applications To Integrate Easily

You can easily integrate various third-party application and services in order to automate different aspects of your business which will be managed through this.

  • Easily Understandable Sales Analytics

With Pabbly Subscriptions, you can monitor things like Sales, Subscriptions, Refunds, Cancelled Subscriptions and other business details straight from the dashboard.

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2) Putler

Putler analytics software helps you generate a proper graphical view of the extracted reports of PayPal and other platforms. It will give information that is much needed for the growth of any business.

Putler has the capability to integrate with more than 15 services directly. It is an effective tool to get the insights of your excel sheets and dig out the useful information.

Best PayPal Analytics Software by Putler



  • Starter: Its Starter plan bills $29/m for 300 paid orders & 2 integrations facility.
  • Growth: This plan charges $79/m for up to 3000 orders as well as 7 integrations.
  • Scale: The Scale plan costs $249/m for only 10,000 orders with up to 20 integration add-ons.


  • Closely Monitor Different Profitable Aspects

Putler makes it easy to run a business as it gives direct access to visuals of online sales, refunds, product performance, customer details & activities.

  • Makes It Easy To Handle Subscription & Recurring Analysis

Subscription management details, recurring revenue, reversals, churn rate and much more details can be extracted from this software. Additional information like best-performing products, the high seller will be at your fingertips.

  • Complete Business Analytics Can Be Done From Single Dashboard

Putler keeps the track of almost every details starting from the minimal sales, customers information, products which is a great help when deeper information is required.

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3) Databox

Databox is a premium analytics software which helps you bring Excel data and cloud applications all together at one place within few minutes. This is a solution which makes payment analysis an easy job even for the beginners.

This payment analytics application is accessible through mobiles as well as wearable devices. Mobile app by Databox provides easy access anytime, anywhere to all business details.

No doubt this is one of the best analytics software in the market loaded with tons of features.

Best PayPal Analytics Software


  • Free: It is free of cost with 3 users, dashboards & data connections facility.
  • Basic: The Basic plan charges $59 on the monthly basis for up to 10 users & goal tracking features.
  • Plus: This plan bills $119 per month for providing features like Slack integration, data board designer, alerts facility & so on.
  • Business: The Business plan costs $299 per month. You will get to use some features of it such as SQL & database integrations, scheduled email snapshots.


  • Design Your Own Dashboard For Analytics

With Databox designer feature, you can create your own dash which gives you an instant view of all the key payment metrics. To set it up, no special coding skills are required.

  • Automates Your Progress Tracking

This is an analytics software which allows you to track the progress of your business, set goals and do more. The system fetches the data automatically from the data sheets and processes it automatically to produce useful information.

  • Extremely Easy To Use And Implement

The drag & drop feature in this software gives you a helping hand to customize and build personalized reports which are simple to understand.

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4) PaySketch

PaySketch is one of the best payment analytics and reporting tool available in the market for merchants who are consuming the services of PayPal.

It is super easy to connect this software with PayPal. Once connected you can perform deep analytics of payments through this software.

The best part of this tool is – you can fetch real-time updates of your PayPal account on the dashboard. These updates will be reports depicting the data about your online sales/payment transactions, customer details, products info, payments data and more.

Best PayPal Analytics Software


  • Standard: The Standard plan costs only $7.99 on the monthly basis for up to 5000 transactions visibility.
  • Business: This plan bills $9.99 on the monthly basis for transactions up to 20,000.
  • Professional: The professional plan costs $11.99/m through which you can keep track on 50,000 transactions without any hindrance.


  • Monitor Each & Every Detail From The Dashboard

Track down the sales progress of your products through PayPal. Get a clear view of all transactions and their summary of sales, refunds, payments, reversals etc.

  • Know More About Your Customers

From the customer dashboard, you can have a precise information about customers who have paid through PayPal. This will include details like name, email ID, the cost of purchase and a lot more than you expect.

  • Easy Synchronization Process

With PaySketch payment analytics software, you get auto synchronization feature which downloads the most recent transactions automatically as soon as the application gets connected to the internet.

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5) ChartMogul

Theis payment analytics solution by ChartMogul is best to build and grow any subscription or recurring payment business. Analyzing different aspects of your business becomes very easy once you have merged the data by payment gateway with this software.

Best PayPal Analytics Software by ChartMogul



  • Launch: This plan is free for revenues up to $10,000 per month.
  • Mogul: It is a paid plan which costs $125 for 1,000 customers management.
  • Volume: The Volume plan is a customizable one which majorly depends on the customers range starting from 1000.


  • Automate All Your Reporting Metrics

This software solves your problem of data extraction as it automatically pulls out needed data using all key metrics which is essential to run your business.

  • Proper Promotion Of Products Can Be Done

Pricing is an important factor which is very hard to understand if correct data is not provided. But with the analytical data from this software, you can rate the products or services according to the success and sales rate of it.

  • Helps You Deliver Best Customer Services

Managing customer details and information is not at all critical with this software. Client information is of greater importance in subscription business.

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6) GetControl

GetControl is a payment analytics system which is easy to setup and extremely user-friendly. It gives you access to all analytics of payments and different alerts on a single dash.

This software allows you to acquire data from multiple sources and helps you handle duplicates entries, calculation errors and more.

GetControl payment analytics software is highly compatible with PayPal, Stripe, Square and helps companies to understand data generated from various payment gateways.

Best PayPal Analytics Software by Control


  • Starter: This plan is free of cost for revenues up to $10,000 per month.
  • Growth: For revenues under $10K-$100K, this plan charges $89/mo.
  • Scale: The Scale plan costs $159/m for the monthly recurring revenue ranging from $100K to $10M.
  • Enterprise: It is a customizable plan for revenue of more than $10 on the monthly basis.


  • Produces Real-Time Transaction Alerts

This payment analytics software delivers you each & every alert whether it is a new sale, new customer info, reversals, refunds or a case of any type of fraud.

  • Fetch Every Simple And Complicated Detail With Ease

With this solution, you can segment the list of customer details like contact info, country, account age, the number of transactions, payment mode and much more.

  • Support Multiple Analytic Sources

This tool helps you track payment metrics, view data history and most importantly compare business performance. You can easily integrate it with different payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Square and more.

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Conclusion Is

In this blog, I have described almost all the details about the 5+ Best PayPal Analytics Software & Reporting Tools available in the market that will help your business grow.

If you find reports & data sheets generated by PayPal confusing and difficult to understand, then the above solutions are the best options to invest in.

Through some of them, you can do unlimited tracking of PayPal payments without any limit on the revenue.

So have a clear mind & choose the best tool for your business.

In case of any queries & suggestions, just drop a comment below & we’ll get back to you soon!