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The most concerned part of the business for any owner is the transaction of the money that takes place. The sale & purchase of the services and the commodities is a very important aspect of the trade.

Hence a keen monitoring is required for the same.

A subscription analytic software enhances your financial domain by effectively managing all your transactions done by your customers. There are numerous features inbuilt in the software that helps the user to gauge and track the subscription plans and expiry of them.

A successful analytics software makes your cash managing work a less cumbersome in such a way that all the work is handled automatically and you need not do anything manually.

From notifications to tracking transactions, everything automatically triggers itself from first to last.

Analyses of various Subscription Analytics and Revenue Reporting Softwares

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Pabbly Subscriptions

And to play our part and help you get the right subscription software, we have accumulated the 10 Best Subscription Analytics and Revenue Reporting Software that will help you chose among them the software that best fits your business requirements.

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Let’s scan these Best Subscription Analytics Softwares one by one: –

1. Pabbly Subscriptions | Best Subscription Analytics Softwares

Pabbly Subscriptions is an extremely affordable and wondrous subscription analytic software which gives you inside details about most productive metrics of your business.

You can view sales data, refund data and growth metrics (daily, monthly and yearly basis), easily calculate MRR & net revenue as well. This software does it all.

My personal recommendation is with Pabbly Subscriptions as it charged us $5 for monthly use and gave us similar services for which other companies were charging $99 a month.

That’s not all, we were allowed to create multiple plans & products, managed customers and send limitless custom invoices.

Plus we did Subscription Analytics and Manage Recurring Bills both through the same software.

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Best Subscription Analytics Software


The Pabbly Subscriptions provides its users with four pricing plans-

  • Starter- This is the base plan & it costs $5 per month. Along with this, you get various features like multilingual checkout page, unlimited revenue collection form upto 50 users, etc.
  • Rookie- To avail this plan, you gotta spend $29 per month. Plus, you get access to various features like unlimited plans, products & revenue, invoice billing, etc.
  • Pro- For acquiring this plan, you have to pay the amount of $59 per month. Also, it offers you various functionalities such as client portal, recurring and one-time payment collection, etc.
  • Advanced- If you want to opt for this plan, the price is $99 per month. Moreover, it provides you with features like custom domain, affiliate system, and all the features of previous plans.


  • Easy Monitoring directly from the dashboard. View all the profit generating factors like new customers, payment details, refunds and more about your business becomes very simple with Pabbly Subscriptions.
  • Get processed reports about Monthly recurring revenue, net revenue, new customers, new subscribers and more. You can apply advanced filters on these reports and analyze them more deeply.
  • You can create unlimited invoices, products, plans, manage customers without paying a single penny other than the lifetime cost.

2. PaySketch

PaySketch is an awesome subscription analytics software through which you can manage and analyze your payment transactions that take on your site. With the help of this, you can monitor all transactions in real time with automatic synchronization.



To know about the pricing details, you can contact the sales team.


  • You can analyze sales and payments with statistical reports and trends and organize your financial transaction accordingly.
  • In addition, you can gauge the sales insight, product performance and customer loyalty through the analytics software.
  • One can also process refunds through the respective software, powerful algorithms of the software let you search the transactions in a jiffy.

3. Braintree

Braintree offers you outstanding subscription analytics software, which can easily track your transactions. So, now the user knows how much amount to expect. You can also see the transaction disputes and submit supporting documentation.



  • Standard pricing is 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.
  • Besides, they also provide tailored pricing. You can contact their team
    Call- 877.511.5036
    Email- [email protected]


  • Take control of the cash flow through sleek API to build custom reports for your specific requirements.
  • Get the transaction details in depth so that you can effectively run the business. The system cab presents transactions processed in each batch, categorized by payment method.
  • You can filter your transaction search by card type, created date, settled date, and more.

Pabbly Subscription Billing

4. Putler

Putler is an accurate e-commerce analytics with 153+ key metrics and reports, get current growth sales and daily average revenue, plus, you can have new order frequency from the analytic tool.



  • Starter- This plan will cost you $29/mo
  • Growth- While, this plan will cost you $79/mo
  • Scale- Lastly, for this plan, you need to pay $249/mo


  • Monitor monthly recurring revenue and customer churn rate through the software, you can also know the subscription status.
  • Precisely consolidate multiple data sources and have an error-free calculation of the transactions and acquire reports accordingly.
  • Know the total visitors and top website pages, you will also be able to find the organic traffic that is coming on your site.

5. GetControl

GetControl is a great subscription analytic software has a quick setup and requires no coding knowledge, it is a multi source analytics which helps you control your key saas and commerce metrics.



  • STARTER- To start with, they provide you with a plan which is free of cost.
  • GROWTH- For this plan, the price is $75 on monthly basis. Also, you get 5 Custom Filters and a lot more.
  • SCALE- This plan will cost you $130 every month. Along with this, you also get Data Export, etc.
  • ENTERPRISE- If you want to customize the plan as per your requirement. You can do that as well.


  • Real-time transactions can be seen, get intimidated when you acquire high-value sale or new customer in your domain.
  • Analyze customer patterns like the history and spending, and have an in-depth study of the buyers and segment them on a country, account age, and total lifetime value.
  • You can setup flagging rules for high-risk charges and receive real-time notifications for important payment events.

Pabbly Subscription Billing

6. Chartmogul

A useful software that automatically calculates all the key metrics that you require to simply your business, so far as the management is concerned the MRR, ARPA, and LTV can be handled through the respective software.



  • Launch- This is a free plan which is Limited to $10K in MRR.
  • Mogul- While, this plan will cost you $125 per 1,000 paying customers / per month.
  • Volume- You can tailor the plan as per your convenience.


  • The subscription analytic software also handles the sales and marketing factor which measures the retention rate, trial to paid conversion.
  • The user can also know the average sales cycle length and retention cohort analysis.
  • Gross cash flow and net cash flow can be observed through the software, in addition, refunds and failed payments can also be tracked.

7. Baremetrics

A fine level of subscription analytics can be expected from the Baremetrics, you can amazingly gauge your saas metrics which includes annual run rate, churn rate, monthly recurring revenue and much more.



  • Startup- For this plan, you need to spend $50 for up to $10,000 MRR.
  • Professional- It costs $100 per month for up to $50,000 MRR.
  • Business- You need to pay $250 per month for up to $200,000 MRR.
  • Enterprise- It charges $500 per month for up to $500,000 MRR.

Features :-

  • The revenue lost can be recovered and you will also be able to increase your sales, the sale feature shows you the best leads that you can find.
  • You can forecast using the intelligent projections which help you in staying ahead and help you fix things before that could turn into a problem.
  • Baremetrics have their own dashboard which is one click, zero setup, subscription analytics and insights.

8. AccountDock

AccountDock gives the flexibility to have multiple features at the same time as you can receive notifications for the important events like the failed payments or anything of that sort can be precisely gauged.



  • The metrics are calculated around 200 times a day which means you can always analyze your latest data.
  • The user can have an eye over the new subscribers and the lost subscribers, along with the monthly recurring revenue and net revenue.
  • When the customer does his transaction the notification will be received for the subscription and the transfer. Moreover, the customer will also receive invoice notifications.

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9. Grow

Grow permits you to have an amazing subscription billing software to spill the beans behind the growth and churn rate by observing metrics. Also, these are in accordance with your business and eventually increasing your trade.

Grow Best Subscription Analytics Software


  • This software provides a full package of SaaS and e-commerce which allows you to know the MRR, ARR, LTV and similar other factors.
  • Synchronize your whole team by exporting customer data to other tools.  And thereby, make it easily available across the different phases of the customer relationship cycle.
  • You can discover valuable segments of the customers by comparing all kinds of criteria to track things like churn rate and other such factors.

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10. Databox

Databox is a stupendous subscription analytics software which supervises the cash transaction using key business metrics. The respective software is easy to connect, customize and access.



  • First is the Free plan which will cost you $0 forever.
  • Next is the Basic & the price for this is $49 per month.
  • Another plan is Plus, for this pack, you gotta pay $99 per month.
  • Last is the Business plan & the charges are $248 per month

Note- With all the mentioned plans, you can also opt for a free trial. So, you try before you buy!


  • You can track through the time-bound and numeric goals as to what progress is there in your part.
  • Databox provides an easy drag and drop builder through which you can construct your own reports and collect together all the information you need.
  • You can customize your views and by adding metrics and changing visualizations at any time.


Here we have listed the best subscription analytics which will organize and assess your financial activities and will track them all. Moreover, these software will simply manage your overall payment analysis task and contribute to flourishing your trade.

Consequently, each service provider has its own unique features and traits which are made for different sectors of the business.

Further, the customers who wish to have an analytic software can choose from the 10 Best Subscription Analytics and Revenue Reporting Software which is covered above.

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