“Everyone does business, but the ones who do it in a strategic way is most likely to prosper!”

Every entrepreneur on the face of this earth wants to increase revenue, customer growth, sales price & funds! That’s what you are here for, after all.

But there’s no proper strategy to do so.

Won’t it be cool if you are in full control over the payments made through Stripe on Internet?

Now, you must be wondering – How would this happen? 

Well, their thousands of Stripe Payment Analytics Software out there.

But, we are going to highlight few of the Cheapest Stripe Payment Analytics Software that can display all my payment metrics and helps to design a powerful strategy for the growth of my business.

Further, you can easily integrate your Stripe account with these pocket-friendly analytics tools and you will be able to gather all the payment metrics details at a single dashboard.

With these software, you can effortlessly-

  • Shows overall metrics of one’s Stripe account.
  • Can effortlessly calculate the MRR, quantity churn rate, customer growth, and refunds of his business.

Comparison between Cheapest Payment Analytics Software

Services Pricing  Dunning Emails Recurring Payments Unlimited Revenue
Pabbly Subscriptions  $5/m
Databox $49/m
 MRR.IO $19/m
Exploratory $39/m
AccountDock $45 /m

1. Pabbly Subscriptions | Cheapest Stripe Payment Analytics Software

Pabbly Subscriptions is the cheapest Payment Analytics Software currently available in the market, this is the reason why it holds top position on this list and other blogs.

Other than being pocket-friendly, it also offers numerous services and advanced features using which you can perform analysis on Stripe payment with ease. It generates different types of reports, allows you to manage multiple gateways, customers, plans and create products for your business.

Cheapest Stripe Payment Analytics Software


  • Easy To Use Dashboard 
    The dashboard provided by Pabbly Subscriptions is extremely user-friendly and allows you to monitor business activities like total sales, refunds, rebills, recently added customers and more.
  • Advanced Stripe Reports 
    Get access to insights about Stripe transactions through MRR, new subscribers, new customers, net revenues and various other reports. These reports can further be filtered to get a refined view of Stripe data.
  • Multiple Currencies & Payment Gateways 
    Other than Stripe you can also analyze transactions done through PayPal gateway as well. Plus this software also supports more than 25 different currencies in order to simplify global transactions.

We are using Pabbly Subscriptions monthly plan to manage & analyze our subscription payments and trust me it is one of the best.

Besides, it provides you with a very suitable plan at a low price that costs $5 per month. With this plan, you get permission to Create Limitless Invoices and Analyze unlimited Stripe payments at no additional transaction charge, monthly cost or extra tax.
Check Services Offered By Pabbly Subscriptions At $5


  • The Starter plan of this service is available at a minimal cost of $5 per month where you can manage a list of 50 customers along with unlimited product & plan set up.
  • While the Rookie plan is of $29 per month & you can add as well as manage the list of 1000 customers. Alongside, you can also set up unlimited products & plans.
  • For acquiring the Pro plan, you have to pay $59 per month & get access to manage the list of unlimited customers as well as all the features.
  • To purchase the Advanced plan, you need to spend $99/month & get unlimited access to all the features like invoice billing, dunning emails, etc.

Check Service Details

2. Grow – Stripe Payment Analytics Software

Scattered data & out-dated report make the decision difficult. So, give a look at Grow Analytics Tool and create a modernize report of updated information like monthly recurring revenues, funds, refunds and much more.

You can keep an eye on every payment updates of your organizations by simply integrating Stripe account with this powerful invoice tracking software.

Grow cheapest Stripe Payment Analytics Software


  • Historical Snapshots
    Analyze all the payment records in a single dashboard and see the historical data by just scrolling back to the time.
  • Unlimited Real-Time Updates
    This unique feature keeps your data alive because it gives a timer that you can set according to the need for once in a day or every 5-minute updates.
  • Send Automated Email Reports
    Send dashboard snapshot to your team, company, and investor in an automated PDF report format.


Following are the 3 plans given by Grow:-

  • Professional: – Analyze core business metrics & for more detail contact Grow.
  • Premium: – Align your entire company. Fill the contact form for detail.
  • Branded: – Real-time reporting. More info

Check Service Details

3. MRR.IO – Payment Analytics Software For Stripe 

Track the business payment performance over a single dashboard with MRR payment analyzing solution.

This tool permits you to analyze all the data of your Stripe account here so, that you can easily monitor the payments reports that were made. Along with Stripe payment gateway, MRR also gives analytics facility for Paddle.

Mrr cheapest Stripe Payment Analytics Software


  • Cohort Analysis
    In this payment metrics software, you can analyze the data that comes from a group of people that share common characteristics.
  • Advanced Email Reports
    MRR.Io gives a best and easy feature through which you can easily get advance reports via email. As this has an inbuilt email marketing functionality.


  • Basic:- $0 – it’s free!
  • Pro:- $19/month + 30 days free trial

Check Service Details

4. Databox – A Payment Analyzing Tool

Use the Stripe data to acquire, retain and grow client revenue for your business and with Databox analytic software you can keep yourself updated about all the payment process.

This is the best way to increase invoice rate, funding so that you can take the business where you wish to see it.

DataBox1 cheapest Stripe Payment Analytics Software


  • Create Beautiful Reports
    Give a unique look to all your payment reports using template gallery.
  • Monitor All Your Client’s KPIs In One Place
    Don’t waste your time finding the important information in excel or spreadsheet. Just collect them all in a single place and analyze them at a time.


  • Free:- $0. It doesn’t cost a single penny.
  • Basic:- $49/month + 15 days free trial
  • Business:- $249/month + 15 days free trial
  • Custom: – Contact the team

Check Service Details

5. Putler – Payment Analytic Software 

This is a robust, powerful analytics tool which keeps the pulse on the heart of your business.

And the finest way to check all the revenue data over a single screen is by integrating your Stripe account with Putler tracking software. In just a few clicks you will be able to view real-time various information related to charges, refunds and much more.

Putler cheapest stripe payment analytics


  • Get Immediate Notification
    No matter where you are this analytic tool will always be there to send instant notification of any transaction. So that you never miss any important information related to the payment metrics.
  • Collecting, Comparing & Correcting Stats
    Don’t waste time in complex calculations generate the results of upgrades/downgrades by easily understanding the graphical presentation of data.

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6. AccountDock – A Tool For Stripe Payment Analysis

AccountDock is a premium analytic tool that holds the customers in a loop and provides a facility to check the billing history of your Stripe account.

This is a quick setup tool with European and VAT support.

AccountDock is also providing its service to some amazing brands like KeyHole, Helpjuice, Baremetrics, readme, and iDoneThis.

AccountDock cheapest Stripe Payment Analytics Software


  • Upcoming Payments
    AccountDock gives a prior notification to your customers about the upcoming payments. With acts like an asset for your business as payments can be received much earlier than accepted.
  • Multi-Currency
    This metrics software is currently supporting some currencies like USD, CAD, AUS, EUR, GBP, SEK, DKK, NOK. You can get more currencies added to the system easily.
  • Charge Breakdown
    Sometimes the bill can include multiple charges of which the customer is not aware of, in such situations the customer can check all the taxes before printing the bill.


  • Free: – Just try AccountDock without paying any cost for 14 days
  • Basic:- $45 /month including 14 days free trial

Check Service Details

7. ProfitWell – Stripe Payment Analytics Tool

ProfitWell analytics software will drive your business to a faster path to profitability.

You just need to integrate your Stripe account with this payment tracking tool.Then you will be able to monitor all the latest revenue metrics through which you can easily identify profitable stages and take your business to the next level.

ProfitWell cheapest Stripe Payment Analytics Software


  • Count The Cash
    ProfitWell knows that everything can be easily understood. As, here you can find all the information about annual subscription, refunds and fees impact in a well-managed form.
  • Report On Retention
    With this analyzing tool, you can track revenue retention, MRR, churn rate, and delinquent churn. Here you can also find a cohort report that will help you visualize how revenues and customers stay over time.
  • Discover High-Performing Plans
    ProfitWell payment analytic software gives a top-class feature with which you can view & explore metrics report for deep analyzing.


Free:- $0/Month for unlimited users

Check Service Details

8. Exploratory – Payment Analytics Software For Stripe

Exploratory analytic software makes it easy to explore your Stripe account data by quickly visualizing, transforming algorithms to achieve the deep insights about your customers & business details.

Quickly import data from multiple sources and combine them with your Stripe account because this will give a 360-degree view of your growing business.

Exploratory cheapest Stripe Payment Analytics Software


  • Visual Data Exploration
    Stripe data can be easily visualized from the range of basic chart to advance chart and maps.
  • MRR by New, Recurring, Churn Rate
    Can effortlessly segment your yearly subscriptions as monthly and also can separate churn from recurring.
  • Anomaly Detection
    By making use of this feature you can check financial frauds, machine faults. This can help you maintain a report of it that will assist you to cure different damages.


  • Personal:- $39per user/month + 30 days free trial
  • Pro:- $79per user/month + 30 days free trial
  • Premier: – Contact Exploratory.!

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Wrapping Up!

By proper analysis of the sales and payments, you can easily achieve the total control over your business and chances of facing loss due to any reason are also reduced.

As I have mentioned almost all the cheapest Stripe payment analytics software in my blog. From this 9 services, you can go with anyone which better suits your business.

So, don’t think twice just pick up any software and integrate your Stripe account to get the latest updates of your revenues.

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