Cheap PayPal Payment Analytics Software

Payment analytics is one of the widely used analytics software in today’s scenario!

The brand ensures that you get the best analysis of the payment that undertakes on your website in such a way that any transactions and the redemptions can easily be measured, tracked and figured out with the respective software.

Wanna know how??

Let’s understand this in five easy steps:

Collecting :- The primary step in this regard is to collect the payment data and store like the spreadsheets, account billing, transactions received payments and all sorts of relevant data can be collected.

Cleaning :- In the process of collecting the data you must have also elicited some of the useless, irrelevant and other non-relevant data which needs to be removed.

Combining – Combining data which is useful into one manageable platform where all the actions and analysis can be done and worked on.

Calculating :- The estimation of the data thus collected needs to taken out, the amount of money that has been transacted from your site, how much money did you made, all sorts of profit and loss has to be figured out.

Customizing :- At last, customizing the data that you have calculated and organizing it a sequential and productive manner as to use it for the future reference and the data becomes feasible enough.

The above-mentioned process is the one which is carried out in a PayPal analytics that is offered to you as to simplify your financial transaction analysis.

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Let’s have a look at 6+ cheapest PayPal payment analytics software using which you can easily monitor all your payments done via PayPal and optimize the performance of your business.

1. Pabbly : Cheap PayPal Payment Analytics Software

Pabbly is one of the most affordable payment analytics software using which you can easily manage PayPal transitions. It provides best in class services along with various advanced features. Pabbly helps you manage profit affecting factors of business like sales, refunds, newly added customer directly from the dashboard.

If you are looking for a cheap solution to analyze business transactions from different payment gateways.

In that case, my recommendation is with Pabbly as it is price of $99 for the LIFETIME subscription and comes pre-equipped with numerous features.

Plus you can effectively handle both Subscription Billing and Payments Analytics needs of your business with Pabbly dashboard.

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Pricing :-

Lifetime Plan – $99 is the one-time cost of this plan with which you will get unlimited access to features & facilities amenities available. This plan will let you use Pabbly for lifelong without charging any extra cost.

Cheapest PayPal Analytics Software

Features :-

  • Sales analytics will give you all the complex details on PayPal payments like refunds, subscriptions canceled, net sales, customers and more.
  • You can create unlimited products, plans and custom invoices using Pabbly and their management can be done easily through the dashboard.
  • Advanced API framework will help to simplify the process of integration of Pabbly inside other applications and software.
  • Get detailed reports on Net Revenue, Monthly Recurring Revenue, new as well as active customers & subscribers.

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2. PaySketch

Paysketch is an amazing analytics software that provided world class analytics and reporting for your online sales and payments, you can monitor, analyze and perform through the particular software.

Pricing :-

Pricing of the software is as follows standard:- $4.99/month and $59 a year, business :- $5.99/month and $69 a year, professional :- $6.49/month and $79 a year


Features :-

  • Track and analyze payment so that you are updated on the balance that you have to not run out of cash.
  • Monitor sales performance for all the sales done for the products and services done online.
  • To see top line and bottom line products and their contribution to the sales revenue.

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2. Putler

Pulter is an amazing e-commerce analytics software which consists of 150+ metrics and reports that enable you to track the payments and the transaction more precisely, one can track the transaction date and time and the status of the payments done. The frequency of the new orders and invoices, all can be analyzed on a minute level.

Pricing :-

Plus – 29$ per month

Pro – 59$ per month

Max – 109$ per month


Features :-

  • The customer order history can be tracked along with the top paying customers that purchase on your site.
  • How much revenue is generated with what product or service velocity all that can be easily seen and monitored.
  • Customer segmentation is another great feature of the analytics software which will let the user differentiate between different sorts of elite customers.

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3. GetControl

GetControl is another magnificent tool which analyzes your transaction data and manages all your historical data and performance, all your SaaS and commercial metrics will be tracked effectively, what is the churn rate of your company and how the revenues are getting generated all these things can be easily determined by the software.

Pricing :-

Starter- $19

Growth – $79

Scale – $149

Enterprise – Customized service, need get in touch.


Features :-

  • Gauge data through multi source analytics and upgrade yourself, track average order value other such factors.
  • You can measure the new/previous revenue and similarly customers from the analytics software and can plan accordingly.
  • All your transaction analytics can be seen in one board and hence make your job more optimized and feasible.

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4. ChartMogul

With the help of the ChartMogul you can import customer’s record and it provides a full range of API integrations so as to make things easy for you. You can segment customers and perform analysis using the information.

Pricing :-

Launch – Free

Mogal – $100

Volume – Need to get in touch.


Features :-

  • In addition to the services the chartmogul, also provides CSV upload tool which will allow your tabular data to be saved properly.
  • Track transactions are done from your website and do the analysis of all the financial data that is available on the website of your business.
  • Importing data is also one of the prime features of the ChartMogul software which makes the customer’s data analysis easy.

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5. DataBox

Databox is a great platform which provides the PayPal analytics software which can be used to monitor your balance, sales, fees, refunds and much more. You can also know what are the top products and services that are purchased by your customers.

Pricing :-

Free- Free service.

Basic – $49

Business – $249

Custom – Need to get in touch.


Features :-

  • You can see the actual account balance in your PayPal analytics in all the currencies.
  • The net or total sales of the last 30 days can be seen and tracked and you can track them as well from the previous records and data.
  • The software contains a table which shows you the KPIs such as net sales, fees, refunds, pending transactions and expenses as well.

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6. Braintree

Braintree provides amazing payment solutions for accepting and processing the payments online there are multiple features like reporting and tracking of the payments. It provides one of the best commercial tools including the analytics software.

Pricing :-

Standard – 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.

Enterprise – Get in touch with the service providers to get to know about the respective plan.


Features :-

  • Show transactions that have been done currently as successful or unsuccessful.
  • Present transaction in each batch, segregated by payment method.
  • One can view and download the card details of the one which going to expire or has already expired.

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Conclusion :-

So we have summed up the best PayPal analytics software in the market among which you can select the best one suited for you and track your website data and transactional details very well.

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