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Don’t waste your time in manual documentations rather do it in an automated manner through WordPress plugins.

Now the idea of a paperless office can be implemented within a WordPress site very easily with the use of plugins. In this blog, we’ll uncover the document management WordPress plugins. These plugins will help the website masters to better manage files & documents from the dashboard and also modify them. You can even password protect the files. This way you can make the files available to only registered users etc.

Also, these plugins will automatically organise the workflow & provide an effective system that allows working with files of different formats. Then these plugins also offer numerous functions for documents like add, edit, delete, storing & publish.

Don’t waste your time in manual documentations rather do it in an automated manner through WordPress plugins. Get started with the 5+ best document management WordPress plugins free & paid.

1. File Manager Plugin For WordPress

It facilitates an online process to easily select & manage specific documents and files. It assures a user that they have complete control over the information flow to add/modify projects.

In addition, it provides the PSD/PDF editor with folder sharing. With this plugin, you can easily view, edit and create files in your WordPress site.

File Manager Plugin - Document Management WordPress Plugins

Pricing plan:

File Manager plugin provides Regular license at the charge of $19 and for the extended license, you have to pay $95.


  • With drag and drop feature you can easily upload files and folders.
  • You can edit text and images with amazing editing features.
  • It can work on any theme without any trouble.
  • Apart from this, Admin can set folder permission for different users.

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2. Fivo Docs – Document Management WordPress Plugins

This is an advanced document & attachment manager WordPress plugin. It is developed with serious attention to the different document types & their details. It will help you in displaying almost every type of document such as- word. excel, power point, PDF etc.

Moreover, both a beginner to WordPress as well as an advanced developer can easily make use of this plugin.

Fivo Docs Document Management WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

The Fivo Docs WordPress plugin has a regular license plan of $24 & an extended license of $490.


  • It supports two types of layouts namely- boxed & list.
  • This plugin has added categories for media files. Plus you can filter the media items based on different categories.
  • It is an SEO optimized WordPress plugin.
  • This plugin has a very useful documentation which will make its usage easy as a pie.

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3. Wiki API Docs – Document Management WordPress Plugin

Wiki API Docs allow you to create clean, clear, searchable & easy to use documentation as well as also allow you to manage it. It will definitely save a lot of your time and efforts in manually creating an effective documentation.

The complete look & feel of this plugin is so designed that it looks like a template. But it is a highly an adaptive plugin that will easily adjust to any WordPress theme. That way you can easily continue with your website theme as well as start managing the files and documents with the help of this plugin.

Wiki API Docs Document Management WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

The Wiki API Docs WordPress plugin will cost you $19 for a regular license & $95 for an extended license.


  • This plugin will work with other add-ons such as Visual Composer.
  • It is also compatible with latest WordPress version.
  • Wiki API Docs plugin can easily adjust to changing themes.
  • The plugin files include JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP files.

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4. Docu Magix – Document Management WordPress Plugin

Docu Magix WordPress plugin will help you build & maintain online as well as offline documentation for your WordPress site. You can easily manage your site’s products and services in an efficient manner. There are options available for creating multiple documentations such as- user guide, help articles, manuals, knowledge base, product/service documentation & much more.

You can create as many as product and service documentation as you want. Also, this plugin provides a facility to download the HTML folder for offline usage.

Auxillary features of the plugin will let you upload a logo or write footer text to every project. And The POT file also included in document files format.

Docu Magix Document Management WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

You can grab this plugin at for two easily affordable costs.

  • Regular license – $11
  • Extended license – $99


  • You can easily modify & update old documentation.
  • Shortcodes available for changelog, alert message, related resources, tabs, steps, and buttons.
  • Options for social sharing & next/previous post are also available for each post.
  • 17 elegant colour options available for every project.

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5. Document Management System – WordPress Plugin

Document Management System WordPress plugin is basically designed to be used in law offices. It is a digital solution to the document management problem. It supports organising, uploading, & sharing any file format.

The access to the files is controlled by a complete permissions system. The management of different folders and sub-folders nesting is also supported by the same system. The complete permissions system also provide a security mechanism.

Document Management System Document Management WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

Document Management System WordPress plugin is completely free with a four stars rating.


  • Documents can be organized by projects.
  • Proper login mechanism for accessing, managing & downloading the documents.
  • It also includes the localization support mechanism.
  • The categorization and searching of documents are possible via name, the owner or a keyword/properties search system.

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6. WP Document Revisions – WordPress Plugin

WP Document Revisions is a professional document management WordPress plugin. It is designed specifically for time-sensitive & mission-critical projects. Editing files of different formats such as- text, spreadsheets, images, sheet music etc is possible in a collaborative way.

Furthermore, smooth tracking of a document’s progress in the organization’s workflow is also possible.

WP Document Revisions Document Management WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

It is another free-to-use plugin with 4000+ active installations. You can directly download it from


  • It stores a full file history in the form of secure revision logs which are accessible via RSS.
  • Each file/revision gets a permanent, authenticated unique URL accessible only to the legitimate users.
  • It can run in-house or in the cloud very easily.
  • It posses recently revised documents widget, shortcodes & templating functions for the front-end integration.

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Consequently, most of all these plugins are most noteworthy in various domains. You can choose the one which best satisfies your site needs.

For further queries regarding the topic or if you are having a much worthy product, please share your comments in the section below.

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