Creating an appeal officially is what we understand from the term petition. More of a judicial process, Right?

Now, Courtrooms are not the only place for petitions. Now, people have online platforms to speak up and start a petition. Such believers behind have proved this fact, creating a tremendous impact all around the world.

So, if you want to join the league of those thinkers then you can simply activate petition WordPress plugins on your website. These plugins not change the world but would definitely change your website into space where people can file and share their petitions.

WordPress Petition Plugins

Having a polling option on your website will attract a bigger lot of audience. As those random visitors will turn into your supporters real quick. Revolution Time!!

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The following discussed WordPress Petition Plugins will allow the visitors on your website to create petition forms for your website with different features enabling you to customize the forms and its fields. They can also be shared on various popular social networking websites. Also stores the signatures in the database for the future analysis

1. SpeakOut

Creating a petition form on your website becomes very easy with SpeakOut plugin. Whenever a visitor submits a petition, a copy of the message is sent to the specified email address on submission of a petition form.  This makes the plugin more reliable. The form submitter has to provide contact details while signing the message.

It format a petition in a way, that it accepts the signatures only till a specific date.

SpeakOut WordPress Petition Plugin


The best part about using this plugin is that you can use it for free.


  • Once a petition form is signed, you can hide it.
  • First 100 characters of a custom message from a signer can be displayed in the signature list.
  • No need for multiple pages for multiple petitions, you can load petitions dynamically by using the URL ID.
  • This plugin provides Privacy Policy checkbox option to follow GDPR regulation.

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2. LH Signing

This plugin allows you to have verified and trusted users. It can be used for events, petitions or any verified list for that matter.

An email with a verification link is sent to the visitor who is not logged in. This link has to be clicked to verify the agreement. While the logged in users can submit the form directly.

LH Signing WordPress Petition Plugin


No charges applied it can be freely downloaded from!!


  • This plugin works for both posts and pages of your website. It also gives you filter to add/remove a custom post type.
  • This plugin allows you to send an automated email to the logged in users or the one who has confirmed their email address.
  • It provides shortcodes for various purpose, like to enable signatories on any post or page.
  • This plugin comes with various editors to configure the sign-up process.
  • The inbuilt email templates of this plugin are customizable. So you can easily edit the format of confirmation emails.

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3. WP Petitions

WP Petitions allows you to create a petition for your WordPress Website via simple shortcode and widget. The best part about using this plugin for your website is that it allows you to set a target for the estimated signatures.

You can further keep a track on it with the help of a progress bar. This progress bar also contains signature count along with the percentage of target accomplishment.

WP Petitions WordPress Petition Plugin


You do not have to spend any amount to avail this plugin.


  • The visitor can share the petition page on Facebook and Twitter after signing it.
  • Signature and IP address are saved in the database and can be exported in CSV format for future reference.
  • If the signature list contains the full name, the plugin adds an honorific field in the target email.
  • This progress bar is customized in a way that it turns red when hardly signed and green when target achieved.

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4. Civist 

With this plugin, you can start your own petition. You can create pages, posts for it and the best part is the donation!

It comes with a donation form, anyone can submit a small donation using credit cards. Then, it is an open source software which is being used widely by people around the globe.

Civist WordPress Petition Plugin


This plugin will not cost you anything.


  • You can manage the contact list directly from WordPress.
  • The contacts and signatures can be imported in the CSV files.

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The above WordPress Petition Plugins are absolutely free to use yet are capable enough to provide you all the features to enhance the productivity of your website.

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