“Are you in search of something which enables you to embed videos on your site?”

Well, WordPress video post plugins are your savior in this case.

Everyone wants to make their website more attractive and keep their audience engaged in something unique.

And adding videos to your post is just another winning way of appealing the audience and garnering traffic to your site.

What if I say it is possible without writing a single line of code?

With the help of WordPress video post plugins, you can actually insert videos from various sources like YouTube, Vimeo, etc directly to your page.

Isn’t it amazing?

You don’t need to hassle around with categorizing, tagging, or even posting. All these tasks can be done with the help of video post plugins for WordPress. Or, you also have an option to define different video settings manually.

So, we have come up up with a list of 4+ WordPress Video Post Plugins which will help you embed videos on your website with ease. In this blog, we have elaborated on some of the key features, pricing, and other details of the plugins. Some of them are free while others are paid.

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Now, without frittering away any more time let’s get going with our topic.

1. Imageomatic Royalty – WordPress Video Post Plugin

This is probably one of the best plugins available. With the help of this plugin, you can embed any video or image from Pixabay to your WordPress site without any trouble.

It enables you to add shortcodes that automatically searches for royalty-free images or videos & include them in your posts.

Imageomatic Royalty comes with Google translate support with the help of which you can post the articles in any language you want and the Keyword replacer tool which substitutes the defined keywords with your affiliate links.

Apart from this, you also get text spinner support with which you can automatically change the words and replacing them with their synonyms.

Imageomatic Royalty WordPress Video Post Plugin


  • This plugin generates the categories & tags for the posts right from the marketplace. Though, you can also add them manually.
  • You can also generate post, page, or any custom post type.
  • It also allows you to define publishing constraints like do not publish posts that are without images, posts with short/long title/content.
  • This plugin empowers you to filter the content before adding it to your posts like add post only if predefined keywords are found in title or content or if certain banned keywords are not found in the content or title.
  • It enables you to enable or disable comments or ping-backs as per your requirement. It also automatically generates a featured image for your post.


You can avail this plugin at two different prices:

  1. Regular License – $19.
  2. Extended Licence – $95.

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2. YouTube WordPress Plugin – WordPress Video Post Plugin

YouTube WordPress plugin allows you to effortlessly embed the videos from YouTube to your post or blog. You can easily toggle the playlist in or out of view & also add external CSS.

The YouTube videos are imported as posts and all the content is displayed on a single page. It also provides a very responsive video playlist design and is touch-friendly.

Also, you can embed videos to your page in bulk i.e. you can add multiple videos to your site without any trouble.

Moreover, you can embed multiple players or playlists to your site. Plus, this plugin also supports HTML5 & is compatible with various WordPress themes.

YouTube WordPress Plugin WordPress Video Post Plugin


  • You can effortlessly customize the content you want to display on your page like you can choose the categories and tags all by yourself or let the plugin decide it for you.
  • It also provides you the latest video widget with the help of which you can display all the latest videos in the widgetized area.
  • This plugin automatically sets the featured image for the post which you can also set manually at your convenience.
  • It enables you to synchronize YouTube channels with your site, so as soon as the videos are updated it will display on your page.


This plugin can be purchased at two varied prices :

  1. Regular License – $36.
  2. Extended License – $190.

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3. Cincopa WordPress Plugin – Videos, Images, Podcasts and Audio Files

Cincopa WordPress Plugin

Compared to others in this list, Cincopa is a true unicorn. A digital asset management platform, Cincopa’s WordPress plugin enables you to embed all forms of media: Images, podcasts, and, of course, video. You can easily create immersive, Netflix-like video channels, and transform your WordPress site into a video destination. Cincopa’s unique JSON-LD will lead to significant boosts in search engine ranking, unlocking your videos’ true SEO potential. All video, audio, and image galleries are responsive and leverage the power of HTML5. Most importantly, Cincopa offers robust analytical features. You will know who, how, where, and how much of each video was consumed.


  • More than 100 templates
  • Near-infinite customization options: size, colors, text and more
  • Simple media management directly from your WordPress dashboard
  • Automatic resizing of photos
  • Automatic uploading and hosting
  • Automatic video transcoding to flv/3gp/mp4
  • Supports all forms of media
  • Complete analytics of your traffic
  • Supports iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Hosting and delivering your media on Amazon S3 Web Services ensure scalability and reliability.
  • Video hosting, video serving, video streaming and pseudo streaming (progressive download)
  • Integrates with your CDN solution
  • A management tool to allow your users/designers/webmaster to upload videos
  • Support HTTPS (SSL) sites
  • Google Analytics Tracking Enabled


You can download this plugin from ‘wordpress.org’ completely free of charge.

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4. WordPress Vimeo Videos – WordPress Video Post Plugin

This is an amazing plugin that helps in embedding the Vimeo videos to your WordPress site. You can easily categorize the content manually or it can be done automatically also.

Without much effort, one can easily import a single video or videos in bulk to the page.

WordPress Vimeo videos provide HTML5 video player support and it is responsive to all mediums like iPhone, iPad, etc.

WordPress Vimeo Videos WordPress Video Post Plugin


  • It allows you to add a single video shortcode at any location on the page to display the video.
  • The plugin automatically imports the video and all the details like title, description, thumbnail, etc by itself.
  • Along with this, you also get the latest videos widget which you can be placed in a widgetized area to display the latest widgets.
  • You can easily insert as many videos as you want from various feed types like Vimeo, videos from an album or channel, user uploads, etc. and also view the details about these videos.


You can avail this plugin free of cost. Simply download it from ‘wordpress.org’. That’s it!

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5. Automatic YouTube Videos – WordPress Video Post Plugin

Automatic YouTube Videos is a WordPress plugin that enables you to insert videos from YouTube to your site.

You can easily add YouTube videos from various channels, playlists, or from any uploader to your page.

It is responsive to all sizes of screens and uses API v3.

Automatic YouTube Videos WordPress Video Post Plugin


  • It provides you a duplicate cleaner tool that automatically detects the duplicate videos and prevents it from being posted on your page.
  • This plugin provides syncing of videos manually after they have been imported if the video has changed on YouTube.
  • It automatically imports the video thumbnails for display on your site. You can also add YouTube video and video meta to any present post.
  • Apart from this, you can also save the post as a draft or publish it automatically. You can also categorize your videos the way you want to.


You can download this plugin from ‘wordpress.org’ without paying a single penny.

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6. Video Post Webcam Recorder – WordPress Plugin

With the help of Video Post Webcam Recorder, you can effortlessly record and insert any video to the post or blog. You can also preview the video by simply inserting the recorded video to the WYSIWYG editor.

This is a responsive plugin as well as a user-friendly plugin that easily gets integrated with Video Share VOD.

Video Post Webcam Recorder WordPress Video Post Plugin


  • It facilitates video management, multiple players, customizable conversions, and a lot more.
  • You can also record a stand-alone VSV video by simply inserting [videowhisper_recorder category=”category-name”] shortcode.
  • By simply inserting shortcodes, you can handle a lot of tasks like synchronizing YouTube and Vimeo recordings.


Without spending a single penny, you can download it from the ‘wordpress.org’ website with a few clicks.

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Above, we have discussed a few brilliant WordPress video post plugins. By using these plugins on a website, you can insert videos into pages, posts, and more. They are easy to install and even a non-techie person can use it without any trouble.

We hope after scrutinizing the details about each mentioned plugin, you would have found a perfect plugin for your website by now.

Don’t forget to share your views. Contact us for any more suggestions and queries, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.