Use WordPress bbPress plugins & make your forum with hybrid features!

If you have a bbPress forum website or use it for some work then you might face challenges like setting login access for specific users, activity tracking of posts/replies, page loading speed, handling private replies & many more.

That’s a tough call!

So there are WordPress plugins which are available online. They come with these features which even a non-techy guy can also understand.

Apart from it, there are thousands of add-ons floating around the market for same use but with different accuracy. That’s we’ve mentioned some of the most popular WordPress bbPress plugins which are best because of their features.

Through them, you can truly customize your WordPress bbPress site with lots of tweaks. If you use more than one plugin from this article than we are DAMN SURE that they will truly hybridize your forum site.

So just surf down into this article & enjoy it reading!

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What are you waiting for? Let’s grab an interesting plugin!

1. bbPress Access: Best in WordPress bbPress Plugins

bbPress access is a WordPress plugin through which you’ll be able to restrict the access to your forum page for some specific users. For each forum, you can set individual conditions. If the users don’t have permission to access a page then you can redirect them to any page you want to.

bbPress Access WordPress bbPress Plugin


  • This plugin has a basic plan which charges only $25 for general features. For extended support up to 12 months, you can additionally pay $7.88.
  • Apart from the basic one, it also has a plan of $299 for more features. You can also get the additional support for 1 year by paying $104.63 apart from base price.


  • You can even restrict some specific users from logging in to your form.
  • For each forum, you can set different settings according to your needs.
  • Also, you can create a customizable page to which a user will be redirected if he has no access to a URL of your forum.

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2. Smart bbPress nVerify: WordPress bbPress Plugin

The Smart bbPress nVerify is for those authors who want to sell products via Evanto Marketplaces & also provide the support to the customers. Also, you can set the forum protection such that the customers are required to enter a valid code to purchase your product on Evanto.

Smart bbPress nVerify WordPress bbPress Plugin


  • It has a base plan which costs $35. If you want the support for 12 months then you’ve to pay an additional amount of $11.63.
  • This WordPress plugin charges $175 for the extended features or you can pay a total of $233.13 just for a year support.


  • To prevent the exposure of topics & replies via RSS, you can disable the bbPress RSS feeds through this plugin.
  • If the purchase of a product is reversed/refunded, this plugin automatically validates its purchase code to avoid any confusion.
  • Apart from all of this, it supports multiple site WordPress modes too.

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3. bbPress Activity Tracker: WordPress Plugin

bbPress Activity Tracker is WordPress plugin which analyzes & tracks all of the forum activities. If a thread arises, it will alert you about the status of the topic by using multiple labels. So it will definitely help you to analyze as well as improve your forum, i.e., an analytics tool for your forum.

bbPress Activity Tracker WordPress bbPress Plugin


  • $18 is the charge of its package with half yearly support.
  • For more features, you can also purchase it’s another package of $90.


  • You can check different activity status from its interactive graph.
  • Based on thread settings, you will be able to set auto post & reply to the other users.
  • After a specific interval of time, the topic is automatically closed in case you forgot to go back to an earlier page.

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4. bbPress WordPress Plugin:

bbPress WordPress plugin is mainly focused on ease of use, integration, speed, web standards & security. Besides that, it comes with many features like you can set the number of topics & replies to be shown on a single page.

bbPress WordPress Plugin


  • It does not charge any amount & you can download this plugin just from site.


  • You will be able to allow the guest users to create the topics & reply to them without an account.
  • Also, it has a feature in which you can set a specific interval of time in which a user can edit anything.
  • On the RSS page too, it comes with a feature of setting a number of replies & topics on a single page in order to improve the loading speed of the page.

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5. bbPress Private Replies: WordPress Plugin

bbPress Private Replies is a WordPress plugin which can help you in handling the personal replies. It allows the users of forums to mark their replies with a private tag which can only be seen by the admin of that forum other than himself.

bbPress Private Replies WordPress bbPress Plugin


  • This bbPress plugin is free of cost. You can download it from the website.


  • When the users want to any kind of confidential information which only you should see then this is the right choice.
  • Other than English, you can also translate the private messages into Dutch, French & German language.
  • In a couple of minutes, your users can create the replies with multiple styling & formatting options.

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6. GD bbPress Attachments: bbPress WordPress Plugin

This WordPress bbPress plugin is best for adding & managing the attachments via the WordPress media library. Apart from it, this plugin is way too easy to use in such a way that even a non-technical person can also use it.

GD bbPress Attachments WordPress bbPress Plugin


  • It is free of cost which can be downloaded from network.


  • You will be able to set how many files the forum users can add in a single reply.
  • Also, you can set a maximum size of a file which can be uploaded in the replies & topics easily.
  • Apart from all of it, the size of the image thumbnail can also be set for better pixels ratio.

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So above are some of the best WordPress bbPress plugins which you can integrate with your site. They all have distinctive features according to different purposes.

Some of them will allow you to set some specific users which can only access to a particular page of your forum while others can provide you the analytics features for tracking the activities of your forum.

Well, this article consists of an equal number of free & paid plugins. So you can try any of them according to your needs. Also, the free add-ons are quite affordable which you can easily opt for. So don’t worry about money problem.

Just try them out & finalize the best one!

You may also comment below for any queries or suggestions for other bbPress WordPress plugins which you want us to mention in this article.