As we know that taking a loan is a very crucial decision for every customer that’s why users are searching for various online loan providers from where they can get a loan with the utmost efficiency and care.

Loan Managment PHP Script

If you are a loan provider or planning to create a lending business website then adding the loan management PHP script in your site is definitely the best solution for you.

We are here with a list of 5 best loan management PHP script which helps you to create or manage an online lending business website.

These scripts enable financial organizations and banks to completely manage their loans, deposits and more to provide a better experience for their customers.

You can manage loans, your clients, employees, transactions, payment and more from the admin panel. Also, it has an analytics dashboard which is capable of displaying all essential loan related information in the backend.

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Loan management PHP script will definitely increase the productivity and overall performance of your lending business. let’s have a look at each PHP script in detail.

1. Loan Management System

It is a powerful loan management PHP script which is specially designed for managing the task of the entire loan cycle. You can apply this script in your lending business website and can do complete borrower management from loan origination to debt collection.

This script is best suits for mortgage companies, commercial lending, credit unions, and more.

Further, you can manage all types of loans such as student loans, real estate loans, and a lot more easily with this loan management system PHP script.

Loan Management PHP Script


  • Admin can add, view, manage borrowers personal and financial information easily from the backend.
  • The script allows you to manage and receive payments with ease. Further, you can set a schedule of payments, & print payment schedule receipt in pdf format in just a few clicks.
  • Supports email messaging so, you can send various emails to your clients with the help of pre-built email templates.


The loan management system PHP script is available at an affordable price of $46 with future updates, 6 months support and more.

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2. Ultimate Loan Manager PHP Script

Ultimate Loan Manager is easy to use loan management PHP script. After including this script, you can manage multiple loans, repayments, and more.

Moreover, admin can view and manage loan portfolio, savings reports, and more in the sorted dashboard provided by this script.

Ultimate Loan Manager PHP Script


  • A webmaster has full control of their website. They can capture clients personal, and business information with ease. In addition to this, admin can upload scanned photos or documents to a client’s account in just a few clicks.
  • In the visual report section, you can view various accounting reports like balance sheet, profit & loss accounts and more.
  • You can give certain permission to each staff member of your company. So, they can view or control a particular page of your loan management website. Further, you can also set a payroll for each employee.


There are two pricing plans available for this ultimate loan manager PHP script

  • Regular license – It will cost you $171 where you will get full updates and support up to 6 months.
  • Extended License – This plan is available at $815 with advanced features and regular updates.

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3. Advance Loan Management PHP Script

This script is highly customizable and provides you with a beautifully designed user interface. Here, you can manage all the relevant data about your clients at your fingertips.

It is used by loan provider companies and mini/microfinance banks who want to manage the loans, transactions, borrowing, payment processes and more.

Advance Loan Management PHP Script


  • In the account management dashboard, you can view and manage total amount in the wallet, the amount loaned, payments, and more.
  • Admin can manage all type of transaction such as withdrawal, deposit etc after applying this script on your website.
  • You can edit, add, or manage any module of the script by your own. Further, it allows you to manage your employees as well as your borrower’s information.
  • There is an internal SMS notification system by which you can send messages to the individual clients and employees.


  • Advanced Loan Management PHP Script is available at a reasonable price of $36 with regular updates and support.
  • The extended license plan will cost you $425 along with 6 months support and more enhanced features.

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4. Multipurpose NGO – Loan, Deposit & Interest Management

One of the most powerful and secure scripts used for managing loan, deposit, and interest in a well-organized manner. You can create a loan management website using this script and showcase your loan packages in the frontend of your website.

Multipurpose NGO Loan Management PHP Script


  • It helps you in the management and utilization of microcredit, microfinance, insurance, and a lot more loan type.
  • You can create deposit packages on your own from the backend of your site and display them on the homepage. Also, it gives deposit installment notification to you as well as to your users.
  • Admin can view all the client’s installment list along with their ID and conversion day in the admin panel. Further, the script allows you to take print or copy of the list easily from the backend.


Get this loan management PHP script at $41 with 6 months support. Also, you can extend the support up to 12 months by just paying $13.50.

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5. MLX LoanBook – Loan Management System

MLX is an all in one loan management PHP script which is specially designed to manage two kinds of loan these are a personal loan and vehicle loan.

This LoanBook PHP script helps you to create a loan for your customers at the branch level. Here, each customer will have their different account no. for different loans.

MLX LoanBook Loan Management PHP Script


  • You can add customers along with 2 guarantors where you can upload files of customers as well as guarantors individually in the admin panel.
  • Admin can create and manage branches for loan management along with username, email id and more. In addition to this, they can generate a bank book and cash book at the branch level online with the help of this script.
  • It gives you a sorted dashboard where you can get multiple reports such as profit and loss report, total customers, total running loan and a lot more.


MLX LoanBook Loan Management System will cost you $100 along with regular updates, full support, and enhanced features.

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If you really want to increase the efficiency of your website then, don’t wait to invest in these loan management PHP scripts. It plays an important role in increasing the productivity levels of your loan provider organizations.

We hope that you have found the best suitable PHP script for your business from the above list.

Still, if you have any doubt, you can ask it in the comment section below.