Why do we need Payment Gateway PHP Script?

As we are all aware of the fact that payment gateways are one of the safest and quickest ways to transfer money in any corner of the world.

Payment Gateway PHP Script

Therefore, we have defined 6 best Payment Gateway PHP Script here which will help you collect payments, allows users to deposit money and spend them different clients just like PayPal and Stripe.

You can handle customer details, payment transactions like withdrawal, deposits, balances, refunds, and frauds.

Most of the listed PHP scripts offer multi-lingual support, multi-currency and helps you integrate renown payment gateways.

That is not all, you can create custom invoices, design web pages, menus, email templates and more using these scripts.

So, now for more details on these scripts lets dive in.

1. PayPal Advanced Payment Terminal – PHP Script

This is one of the best Payment Gateway PHP script that allows you to collect payments on your website through PayPal Standard.

You can easily handle recurring payments for different intervals and create custom invoices for payments.

PayPal Advanced Payment Terminal script helps you manage payments, subscriptions, items, invoices, and other essential settings.

PayPal Payment Gateway PHP Script

Price Plans For Payment Gateway PHP Script:-

  • $15 is the price payable for the basic services of this payment gateway script.
  • To enjoy enhanced features and advanced facilities of the extended plan you will have to pay $75.


  • This PHP script helps you collect one time and recurring payments for the subscription business.
  • Allows you to create free trials, customer invoices, multiple currency options and helps you define the time interval for recurring payments.
  • You can generate URLs which hold items that are pre-selected on the payment page.
  • Offers a secure and safe admin dashboard through which you can manage & view app payment details.

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2. PayMoney – Secure Online Payment Gateway

PayMoney is a fast and effective online money transfer system that helps you perform different types of transactions in a secure way.

With this payment gateway script you can send money in different forms of currencies and using multiple payment gateways.

You can apply a fixed charge as well as percentage charge on transaction fees. It allows you to create and manage users, merchants, and more.

PayMoney Payment Gateway PHP Script

Price Plans For Payment Gateway PHP Script:-

  • For the regular license of this PHP script, you will be charged $77.
  • The extended license of this script will come with a price tag of $725 and will offer advanced features.


  • PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, PayUMoney & coin payments are 5 different payment methods which supported by this script. The admin can easily activate or deactivate payment methods on the site.
  • Through the dashboard, you can fetch weekly as well as monthly details related to deposit, withdrawal, and transfer of payments.
  • With this script, users will get two currency exchange options with which they can change base currency to other currency as well as other currency to base currency.
  • Admin is allowed to set user roles and permissions, he can create groups and can also define time zone, date format, money symbol, etc.

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3. Wallet King – Online Payment Gateway with API

Wallet King is another online payment gateway script which can easily be used for online transactions. It offers an API system, advanced admin features, multiple user facilities, and other website modifications.

This script allows your clients to send and accept payments from people. You can also apply transaction, withdraw and extra charges setting through this script.

In addition, for each and every transaction performed you will receive a certain amount of money as profit.

Wallet King Payment Gateway PHP Script

Price Plans For Payment Gateway PHP Script:-

  • The regular plan will cost you just $51 for all basic payment gateway services.
  • The extended plan will cost you $505 and will give advanced payment gateway services.


  • With this PHP script, you get deposit options like PayPal, credit card, bitcoin, bank deposit, PerfectMoney and withdraw options like PayPal, Payoneer, skrill, and bank.
  • You can manage transactions, customers, withdraws and other payment details using the admin panel.
  • Wallet King helps you manage customer details like name, email, phone, balance, etc. You can ban or remove any particular customer.
  • Allows you to add social media links for Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Linkedin. Plus, you can add general site settings and SEO optimized your website with ease.

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4. WalletPRO – Dynamic Payment Gateway

With WalletPRO you get a full-fledged online payment solution that lets you check transaction, customer and other payment-related information.

The users are allowed to reject or receive payments, manage customer details, and handle various payment details from the dashboard.

Plus, this is a secured script that offers PayPal as well as Stripe integration for payments.

Wallet Pro Payment Gateway PHP Script

Price Plan For Payment Gateway PHP Script:-

  • $41 is the amount which is charged for future updates, 6-month support, quality check and various payment gateway services.


  • With this payment gateway script, you can provide your user options to reject or receive payments, check transaction details, and users will get multiple means to deposits as well as withdraw money from the payment gateway.
  • Using the dashboard of this script you can monitor the total number of customers, pending withdrawals, recent transactions, total subscribers and other details.
  • This script comes with inbuilt system to manage deposits, withdrawals, user registrations, customer details and more.
  • You can define slider settings, portfolio, logo, background image, and create web pages for FAQ, about us, and contact us.

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5. eWallet – Online Payment Gateway Script

If you want a responsive, SEO friendly and entirely dynamic script then eWallet will be the best option for you. This script is designed using PHP & MySQL which includes more than 20 features in admin panel and 15+ features for users to search customer details, transaction info, and more.

Admin is allowed to manage user registrations, website settings, email options, taxes, email notifications, payment requests and more.

They can also ban users, view finance ledger, transaction ledger and deposit details.

eWallet Payment Gateway PHP Script

Price Plans For Payment Gateway PHP Script:-

  • The price charged for the regular plan of this PHP script is $60. It includes support, updates, and multiple gateway facilities.
  • The script charges $405 for the extended plan which holds multiple deposit methods and other payment features.


  • It allows users to fetch and view history related to transactions, payments, deposits, etc.
  • The script supports PayPal, PerfectMoney, bitcoin and accepts credit cards for payment deposits.
  • This PHP script comes loaded with API and also provides payment verifier options as well.
  • Helps you manage staff details, user information, and provides statistics for transactions, & deposits as well.

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6. phpWallet – Online Payment Gateway PHP Script

phpWallet is a PHP script specially designed for people who are willing to create custom online payment solution.

It helps you apply a specific amount as transaction fee on all purchases and secured money transfers.

With this script, your payment gateway users will be permitted to perform unlimited deposit and withdrawals.

phpWallet Payment Gateway PHP Script

Price Plans For Payment Gateway PHP Script:-

  • The regular plan of this payment gateway script will charge you $14.
  • The extended plan has got a price tag of $42 with which you get premium services, free support, frequent updates, etc.


  • You can add fixed transaction fee, put the balance of users on hold, view transaction history, add user roles and more.
  • It offers unlimited deposit methods, withdrawal methods and support ticket system as well.
  • Provides transaction details like date, name, fee, balance, etc for all recently performed transactions.
  • With this script, you can simply add, edit and delete posts, pages, and other essential gateway details.

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It’s time to wrap it up as we have arrived at the end of this article.

I am sure that you are going to shortlist one or more PHP scripts defined here, just try them once.

With most of these scripts, you get the latest browser compatibility, responsive layout, advanced admin panel and regular updates for sure.

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