If you are in search of an effective solution that will help you to have an online auction site just like eBay, then this article will help you out in the best possible way.

Today we are going to discuss one such prominent solution called eBay PHP scripts that are loaded with tonnes of features. For instance, it lets you display the popular products, make an affiliate sale via eBay and other online marketers associate program and a lot more functionalities.

This affiliate system is the best way to generate revenues through your website. Not just this, you can also earn in abundance by integrating advertising networks.

Here are some more highlighting attributes of the eBay PHP scripts:

  • These scripts help you to set the website on auto-pilot mode.
  • The eBay scripts are bundled with multiple & unique themes for your website.
  • Powerful admin panel helps you to make limitless configurations as per your choice.
  • The website created from these PHP scripts will be absolutely responsive on different device screens.

Now, let us quickly move to the blog section to understand the features and pricing patterns of these eBay PHP script in detail.

1. ScriptBay – Advanced Affiliate eBay Script

You can include ScriptBay to any pre-existing websites in minutes or use it as a stand-alone application as well.

The script lets you add your personal banners/ads on the website. This is one of the 2 ways to monetize your website as you can also generate revenue whenever an object is sold via your affiliate link.

ScriptBay eBay PHP Script


  • The script supports automatic auction preview generation. Whereas, you can also add social media share buttons (like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter) on all these previews.
  • Furthermore, users can search for products on eBay auctions by keyword, seller, location, price etc. in real time.
  • Admin can make several customizations according to the requirement like changing default items listing type (“Buy It Now”), search parameters, currencies etc.
  • Moreover, admin can also import important information such as seller data, seller rating, location, number of bids etc.

Pricing Plan

  • Buy the regular license of ScriptBay with all the basic functionalities included at $20 only. The extended license of the same script is available at $100 with unlimited enhanced features.
  • You can extend its 6-month support system to 1 year by paying a very economic amount of $5.63

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2. Instant Affiliate Shopping Search Engine

With this script, you can create an online platform with aggregated products list from all the web. Namely, you can compile the products of AmazonGoldBox, eBay, eBay Deals, Zanox Datafeeds, Craigslist, and Zazzle & other market giants. Further, users can view, compare and buy any product through your website. In return, you can generate revenue on any purchase through the affiliate system.

Moreover, this script supports one more option of monetizing via integrating Google Adsense or other advertising networks in your website.

In addition to this, the website will be absolutely user-friendly, responsive, and customizable for every niche.

Instant Affiliate Shopping eBay PHP Script


  • With this script, you can enable browsing the items by category or popular tags or keywords for the users.
  • The webmaster is given 18 amazing themes from Bootswatch and Twitter Bootstrap in order to have attractive and unique layouts.
  • You can make all the required configurations and set the website to run on auto-pilot mode.
  • Besides providing utmost compatibility with Android devices, the script is very much compatible with iPads & iPhones.

Pricing Plan

  • Get this responsive eBay PHP script at a very affordable price of $23 and utilize all of its premium features along with future updates and a much more.
  • Also, you will get a dedicated support for 6 months with this pricing plan which you can extend to 12 months in just $6.75

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3. Baymatic – Affiliate eBay Search Engine

Baymatic is one of the best search engines for products sold on eBay platforms across the globe. Also, this autopilot script lets you have eBay niche website in few minutes and does not require any database as well.

Moreover, admin can make money through the eBay Partner Network affiliate program.

Further, admin can also make numerous customizations such as enabling pagination, generating error 404 page, display related products section and a lot more.

Baymatic eBay PHP Script


  • You can provide the users with the best search results in terms of different browse categories, displaying up to 100 results/page, automatic keywords suggestion search etc.
  • Admin can provide Captcha enabled contact us page to the users in order to prevent spam in the best possible way.
  • This multi-language script supports up to 7 languages, 13 eBay countries, and 7 unique themes.
  • Moreover, an admin can display selected products based on different criteria such as items that accept PayPal or only free shipping products and a lot more.

Pricing Plan

  • Purchase the regular license of this PHP auction script at a very reasonable price of $28 and the extended license of the same script at $82.
  • Either of the pricing plans will facilitate you with advanced features and 6 months support which you can extend to 1 year by paying a minimal charge of $8.63 only.

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4. LaramBy – Amazon And eBay Affiliate PHP Script

LaramBy is the best solution that supports a simple blogging system on your website besides Amazon and eBay affiliate products.

Hence, you can easily add Amazon and eBay product keyword in the blog post of your website too.

Although the script is developed using the Laravel framework and many other advanced technologies, you can put this script live even with 0 programming knowledge.

LaramBy eBay PHP Script


  • The script is integrated with Disqus, which is a comment hosting service for websites that also connects conversations across the web.
  • Also, this SEO optimized script includes a dynamic sitemap of the website’s content to help users and search engines navigate the site easily.
  • The script also supports social media sharing plugins for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Moreover, the PHP script provides Amazon API for 12 countries and eBay API for around 20+ countries.

Pricing Plan

  • The regular license of LaramBy along with all the basic functionalities is available at just $20. Whereas, the extended license will cost you only $100 and facilitates with many enhanced features such as responsive design, 20 theme colors, future updates and a lot more.
  • You can extend the 6-month support available with these pricing plans to 12 months by paying an extra amount of $5.63 only.

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I know you must be ready by now to pick the best eBay PHP script for your website.

You can trust these cost-effective tools as they are best not just on the basis of their popularity and demand, but also on the quality that they provide.

If you have any suggestions or queries regarding these eBay PHP script, drop a comment in the below section.

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