“Apply private message PHP script on your site to provide end to end encrypted message communication system to your website users.”

Nowadays, everybody wants that their chat messages should not be intercepted by any third party users. That’s why most of the people prefer doing chats from the private messaging system.

And, If you want to create a private chat system for your website users then, you are at the right place.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 best private message PHP script using which you can add a private chat functionality to your website.

By applying these scripts in your site, you can easily provide confidentiality to your website users for their communication.

Your users can send or receive text messages, photos or videos, attach files and more in their live chats. Also, users can communicate via group chat where multiple users can chat and send messages at a time.

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There are a lot more functionalities present in these scripts. Check out all the private message PHP script one by one and choose accordingly.

1. Private Message PHP Script

You can apply this private message PHP script in your website and allow your visitors to send private messages to their friends or colleagues.

This script helps in sharing secret messages which can be self-vanished after reading as it has a self-destruct encrypted private message system.

Further, it has a powerful backend from where admin can manage all the users and their messages status.


  • The script supports Google AdSense so, you can display various ads on your website and earn money from the sponsors.
  • With the help of this PHP code, you can allow your customers to set password protection for their secret conversations. Although, it has an automatic expiration time for vanishing messages.
  • Consist of email notifications feature through which you can send your message via email to your users.


Available in two varied pricing plans-

  • Regular Plan – Buy this plan at $99 along with free support, and regular product updates.
  • Extended Plan – This plan will cost you $999 with more enhanced features and free support.

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2. Ajax Chat Private Message PHP Script

After applying this private message PHP script in your website you can give permission to your website users to do private messaging.

It provides you with jQuery-based live chat system through which your users can do real-time conversation with their contacts.

The best part of this script is that your users are able to know whether the other website users are using your site or not via green dot along with the username.


  • with the help of last seen feature, your users can view the last time when their friend is using your website.
  • You can allow your visitors to send messages along with photos & videos attachments. In addition to this, users can also embed a Google map in their chats.
  • It has a “user is typing feature” by which your customers can see the typing status if the other person is writing something to them.


  • Ajax Chat PHP Script is available at a reasonable price of $12 with regular updates and support.
  • The extended license plan will cost you $60 along with 6 months support and more enhanced features.

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3. Chatigniter Live Chat PHP Script

Using this script, you can make a real-time chat system on your website.

The script provides you a web-based chat messenger through which your users can send private messages to each other in just a fraction of time.

It uses jQuery and MYSQL database which helps admin to access and manage their user’s data in an organized manner.


  • This script uses AJAX which decreases server load time as the users need not refresh your website page to view the new messages.
  • You can provide a group chat interface to your users. Here, users can add multiple people to the group chat so, everyone can talk to each other and send messages at a time.
  • Users can register on your website by creating their own username and password. Whenever users want to chat they have to log in with the respective name and password. This prevents your site from spammers and makes it more secure and safe.

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Get this Live Chat PHP script at $11 with 6 months support and quality checked by Envato. Also, you can extend the support up to 12 months by just paying $2.25.

4. Simple Private Message PHP Script

This PHP script helps you to create a private message system on your website where users can send messages to their colleagues with ease. You can apply this script to your company or business website so, your employees can communicate with each other privately.


  • It supports WYSIWYG text editor which gives your users an interface through which they can edit their rich text in just a few clicks.
  • Users can log in into your site and send private messages to each other with the help of username or password.
  • The user can categorize the threaded messages according to their choice. Moreover, users just have to click on the username or user icon to view all messages sent or received until now.


  • The regular license of this script will cost you $11 where you will get full support and future updates on a regular basis.
  • Its extended license is available at $55 along with 6 months support and more advanced features.

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As we are at the end of our blog we hope you have found the best private message PHP script from the above-mentioned list.

By applying these scripts in your site, you can provide end to end encryption system to your website users for their communication. So, grab these scripts and make your website more secure and user-friendly.

If you have any doubt, you can ask it in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for more updates.