Regenerate thumbnails WordPress plugins provides the best way to edit the thumbnail of an image whether it is old or new.

The most noteworthy question is what are they really used for? Either to upload the images or to change the styling of the WordPress site?

Well, the answer is NO for both the cases.

So, let me tell you the truth about them:

While changing the theme of the site, either the image size may get disturbed or its metadata may not be relevant according to new conditions. So to resolve this problem, regenerate thumbnails WordPress plugin is used.

Through it, the user can regenerate or recreate the thumbnails, change the size of the image, edit the existing or old thumbnails, add CSS filters & many more.

Though some plugins are not really able to do these kinds of stuff, even they pretend to be that kind of thumbnails which does all the things like the proper thumbnail creation. Yet one wise suggestion from us:

 Don’t use anything which doesn’t have good ratings & customer’s experiences.

So here we are with 5+ Regenerate Thumbnails WordPress Plugins consisting of free as well as paid add-ons. Each of them is well reputed in the market & also have positive user experiences.

Most of them work independently, while some of them require the support of other plugins to work. So you may find some better chances of getting a quality plugin!

Before going through this article, you may count on other plugins for your WordPress site which are discussed in the blogs below:

What are we waiting for? Let’s dive in!

1. Imager: Primest of Regenerate Thumbnails WordPress Plugins

Imager is one of the best tools in regenerate thumbnails WordPress plugins. It allows the user to create image sizes, regenerate the thumbnails & adds CSS filters as well as animations from WordPress media section.

regenerate thumbnails wordpress plugins imager

Pricing of this Regenerate Thumbnails WordPress Plugin:

  • Regular: $23, one client with no charges on end clients.
  • Extended: $115, 1 client, end client can be charged.

Features of this Regenerate Thumbnails WordPress Plugin:

  • Unlimited thumbnails regeneration.
  • Multiple animations & 31 CSS filters to thumbs.
  • Automatic as well as global filtering.
  • Adding watermark to images.
  • Mouse over filter removing.

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2. Jigoshop Product Image Watermark: WordPress Plugin

Jigoshop Product Image Watermark by dtbaker is an image watermark plugin. It automatically allows the users to add their own copyright watermark PNG images to all the Jigoshop products.

Apart from being an image watermark plugin, this tool also works with regenerate thumbnails WordPress plugin to edit & update the thumbnails of the images.

So the user will be able to add watermark signature to the existing old images.


Pricing for this WordPress Plugin:

  • Regular: $19, 1 user, end users are not charged.
  • Extended: $95, one user, end users can be charged.

Features of this WordPress Plugin:

  • Watermarking position adjustment either left or right.
  • Multiple watermarks for main image, thumbnails & popup images.
  • PNG watermark adding.
  • Checked by Evanto.

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3. WordPress Real Thumbnail Generator: WordPress Thumbnail Plugin

WordPress Real Thumbnail Generator (WordPress RTG) is a regenerate thumbnails WordPress plugin. Seems like all the plugins mentioned in this listing have almost same features.

It’s not like that. Yes, this plugin allows the user to regenerate thumbnails for the existing images.

Yet one unique thing about this plugin is that the user can regenerate single as well as multiple images thumbnails in bulk.


Pricing of this Regenerate Thumbnails WordPress Plugin:

  • Regular: $15, one client/user, end clients as wells as users are not charged.
  • Extended: $85, one user/client, end users as well as clients can be charged.

Features of this Regenerate Thumbnails WordPress Plugin:

  • 33% faster than other plugins.
  • Compatible while working with PDF files, Revolution slider as well as touch devices.
  • Whole media library regeneration.
  • Support for 6 months.
  • Easily able to work with existing/old images.

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4. Image Sizes Manager: Cheapest in Regenerate Thumbnails WordPress Plugins

Image Sizes Manager is a complete image tool which helps to work on various parameters of the image editing such as adding, editing size of image & many more.

Apart from being an image size manager, it is also one of the cheapest in paid regenerate thumbnails WordPress plugins.

That means the user can add as well as edit the thumbnails of the images anytime.


Pricing for this WordPress Plugin:

  • Regular: $12, 1 client/user in which end clients & users are not charged.
  • Extended: $60, 1 user/client in which end users, as well as clients, can be charged.

Features of this WordPress Plugin:

  • Add, edit, regenerate & delete images of any size.
  • Image regeneration with a convenient progress bar on fail-safe mode.
  • Thumbnails shortcode for inserting column size on thumbnails having contained in posts & images.
  • WordPress admin integration with efficient WP GUI.

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5. Free Regenerate Thumbnails WordPress Plugin:

Regenerate Thumbnails is a free WordPress plugin which helps the user to regenerate thumbnails of all sizes one or more than one image.The image for which thumbnails size is to be edited is uploaded directly to the media library.


Pricing of this Thumbnail Plugin for WordPress:

  • Regenerate Thumbnails is free of cost.

Features of this Thumbnail Plugin for WordPress:

  • Deletion of unused as well as old thumbnails.
  • Skips regenerating old/existing perfectly sized thumbnails.
  • No effect on thumbnails when theme is changed.
  • Content updation of posts to use the new sizes.

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6. reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced: WordPress Plugin

reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced is regenerate thumbnails WordPress plugin. It helps in editing the thumbnails of any image.

The most noteworthy fact about this plugin is that when you change the theme of our site, it may ask for a different image as well as its thumbnail size.

The size of the image will get disturbed due to this change. But in case of this plugin, the image is cropped & resized to the size of the thumbnail during uploading a new image.


Pricing for this WordPress Plugin:

  • reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced plugin doesn’t charge any amount.

Features of this WordPress Plugin:

  • Removes unused as well as unnecessary thumbnails of old images.
  • Set periods for regenerating the thumbnails of the images.
  • Translation ready in any language with RTA text domain.
  • A clean simple interface where the progress bar shows the percentage of images regenerated.

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7. Regenerate Thumbnails HTML: WordPress Plugin

Regenerate Thumbnails HTML is a WordPress plugin which helps during the updation of media. When the update of the media’s size or the theme is done, the thumbnail images are regenerated again.

But the posts also contain the same images which are old. As they are old, they will have an older metadata which will not fit with the current image.

That’s why this plugin fixes it by helping in regenerating the HTML syntax for thumbnails as well as images in content.


Pricing of this Regenerate Thumbnails WordPress Plugin:

  • Regenerate Thumbnails HTML is free of cost.

Features of this Regenerate Thumbnails WordPress Plugin:

  • Uses simple HTML code.
  • Suggests ‘Media Cleaner’ to detect useless files.
  • No change in metadata of images during theme change.
  • Pre-advices its users to backup database before modifying it.

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In conclusion, we’d like to say that you should choose one of the best add-ons from the above regenerate thumbnails WordPress plugins. Some of them are free as well as paid.

Most of them have the feature of thumbnails editing as the primary one while some have it as a secondary one.

Apart from all of this stuff, the main focused thing is that they all are capable of re-creating or regenerating the thumbnails of the new as well as old images. And Yes! We’ve mentioned some blogs which can do a lot more than that.

So all the best for your decision & we hope that you choose the best WordPress plugin from them.

If you still have any doubts or suggestions, please comment in the section below & we will help you out with your query!