You must have figured out how important it is to have an online form on your website by now. Let alone any other form, contact & login forms are very obvious integral part of any website.

Now since you have to have a web form on your site/blog, why not have the best one? Form PHP script brings the best possible answer for this question.

The form created using PHP script are highly functional as well as easily customizable.

Get the Advance Contact Form Script, it manages the user-submitted entries through a dashboard with the features of effective dashboard, message status, send & reply section, etc. Apart from this, you can perform edit or delete operation on a specific record and can manage profile settings.

AJAX functionality is enabled in the forms which prohibit page refresh or reloading on the form submission. Besides providing maximum field options in your form, the forms will also provide real-time validation for the input fields.

These forms take care of many major concerns of the users. For instance, spam protection via enabling ReCaptcha.

Once you have collected the leads, you can import their information directly to email marketing software through integrations. Further, via SMTP integration with these email marketing applications, you can start sending emails directly in the inbox of the users.
Hence, your sent emails have higher chances of landing in the inbox of the leads as you will be using SMTP mail function.

And creating such effective forms will turn out the random users into regular users of your website in no time.

In addition to this, you can redirect the user to the desired page on form submission too. There are actually quite a lot of important features of these form script which we should start discovering without wasting any time. Let us take a look:

1. Easy Contact Form PHP Script

This PHP script is widely used to create different kinds of multi-language forms like contact form, survey form, feedback form, order form, request form, etc. for your website in a quick and easy manner.

You can add various elements in your basic contact forms like Captcha, radio button, checkbox, combo box, multiple text area, file upload, rate the form and a lot more.

Easy PHP comes with 4 pre-designed themes (aqua, dark, simple & premium) which you can easily customize & create a unique form layout of your own choice using CSS.

The autoresponder can be enabled to notify the users & admin via email on successful form submission. You can anytime customize the email message.

Further, the mobile responsive form supports file uploads from users of all the extensions. Although, you can anytime limit the size and extension of the files to be uploaded.

Easy PHP Contact Form Form PHP Script


Get this feature-packed form script at an unbelievable low rate of $6 for your website.


  • The framework gives you two options after form submission. You can either show a success message to the user or redirect the user to a specific URL.
  • It uses HTML5 validation that ensures to collect only valid data from the users. For eg. phone field will accept the values that match the predefined format of a phone number.
  • In addition to this, it automatically detects the location of the user/client i.e. from which country or city the forms are being used.
  • Moreover, when you are worried about the spam protection, this form script is already bundled with image and text captcha to give you best anti-spam protection. Along with this, it also rescues you from various computer security vulnerability like cross-site scripting.
  • This form script provides SMTP authentication which is way secured than PHP mail. You can use 3rd party email address like Gmail, Hotmail etc. to ensure guaranteed mail delivery from the web form in the inbox rather than collecting in the junk.

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2. PHP FormBuilder

This form builder is one of the easiest PHP scripts to use for creating HTML forms like login or feedback form. It facilitates you to use various elements in your form.

It applies numerous validations on the text fields. For example, it also checks the minimum and maximum values, precision & format of numbers in the text field minutely.

In addition to this, you can add up as many button varieties in your form as you want. For example, text, radio, checkbox, single select etc.

PHP Formbuilder Form PHP Script


You can use this framework to create dynamic online forms on your website at just $17.


  • This script provides a user-friendly interface as the error message is displayed just below the respective field to make the corrections easily.
  • The default PHP form is of very light and elegant style. However, you can change the view by customizing a CSS file.
  • This form script checks the length of the text field & text area and automatically filters only values to avoid extra space. It also verifies whether the given input matches the pre-defined format of the input field, in terms of URL, numeric values like int, float, SSN etc.
  • It has embedded ApPHP DataValidator tool for primary data checks. Such as handling numbers, strings, emails, URLs.
  • You can set log files (to store messages & other events record), error languages (both interlingual or intralingual) and a lot more things by easy configuration.

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3. 360 PHP Contact Form

This bootstrap based contact form is built with HTML, CSS & PHP, hence they can be easily integrated with any HTML and PHP pages. With 360 PHP contact form, you can construct attractive forms for your website using CSS style sheet.

Not just this, the forms created are absolutely responsive on all kinds screens of various devices.

Further, the form script includes PHP mail function as well as PHP SMTP function. This ensures that the emails are sent to the actual account instead of ending up in spam.

360 PHP Contact Form Form PHP Script


The purchase of this form script won’t be heavy on your pocket. Just $6 to buy the regular license and you get 6 months support along with it. And to extend this support to 1 year, you need to pay only $0.38.


  • The PHP script form is based on AJAX, which avoids your web page reloading on form submission.
  • All the form fields have jQuery validation script which ensures the collected data is verified & genuine.
  • Since the form is accessed & submitted in bulk by anonymous users, there is a high chance of spam hitting your mailbox. Therefore, this form script integrates Google ReCaptcha & math captcha to prevent spam in the best possible way.
  • You also get file attachment feature in the PHP contact form (in SMTP mail function) where you can allow users to upload files of any size & extension in forms.

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Pabbly Form Builder

4. Simple PHP Contact Form

It uses standard server features so that you can have a hassle-free installation on your device.

And there is a bonus for those who have basic PHP knowledge, as they can modify the script after purchasing as per their requirement.

The forms generated are fully functional and ensures the admin to receive a valid data.

For instance, you can instantly show error message on the incomplete or incorrect input by the user until you get the correct info. Followed by a success and thank-you message on complete form submission.

Simple PHP Contact Form Form PHP Script


Get this PHP script at the least possible rate of $6 for your website.


  • The simple and easily created forms are easy to embed into any PHP page on the website.
  • With this script, you can produce customizable email subject & messages to send to the users.
  • You can integrate the form style with existing website stylesheet to generate the desired form layout.
  • Every form field has validation script which helps you to get accurate and complete data. For eg. digit validation will match phone number format. Further, on failed form submission, an alert message will be generated for the user.

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5. Perfect Contact Us Form

Perfect contact us forms are based on the Bootstrap framework which ensures that forms are absolutely responsive on all the device screens, be it desktop, mobiles or tabs.

The forms include both PHP & SMTP mail functions.

With AJAX technique in these forms, you can perform various real-time events without page reloading or refresh. Such as, on sending email, showing success/error messages on form submission.

You can create forms with various customization options which are very easy to use for any user.

Perfect Contact Us Form Form PHP Script


Attach this PHP script in your website at an affordable rate of $6 with 6 months support. You can extend this support for 12 months at $0.38 only.


  • The form includes math captcha which is very simple for the human users yet capable enough to prevent spam & bots.
  • Every form field has jQuery validation for the input given in the form by the users. (for eg. check email format).
  • Further, these forms are build in a way which allows seamless integration with HTML & PHP pages.
  • Use either the integrated style CSS codes or stylesheet to define form’s layout on the website.

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6. IzzyFeedback Feedback Form Script

IzzyFeedback form script lets you create user-friendly feedback forms for your website where the visitor can directly post their opinions and suggestions through these forms.

The feedback form generated is located on the left side of the website so that the form is easy to find for the users.

You will find this form script very much compatible with the browser you are using, be it Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE6, IE7, IE8.

IzzyFeedback Form PHP Script


You can avail this form script for your site at just $6.


  • The 4-star rated form script is powered with jQuery and PHP to provide you best of the forms for your website in a lightning fast speed.
  • This feedback form comes with the 2-tab interface. The first tab contains feedback form and the second tab has IzzyFeedback helpdesk system where you can add a list of FAQs.
  • The message collected from the users via forms will be directly mailed to your inbox if you choose to use the built-in PHP forms.
  • You can make your website or blog way more user-interactive by adding these forms which are really easy to configure. Further, the ease of customization helps to construct various forms with attractive layouts.

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I believe this blog will help you to find out the best Form PHP Script. You don’t have to bother about “do I need to spend a lot?” as these form PHP scripts are very cost effective.

Even though the description about various form PHP script is self-explanatory, but just in case if you find anything ambiguous or want to make any suggestion, do comment in the below section.

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