If you want to run a successful business online, use best email subscription WordPress plugins.

Promoting a business page, post or blog is the most important task today and it can be done in a variety of ways. One of them is creating an email list through email subscription WordPress plugins.

Best Email Subscription WordPress Plugins

Email subscription plays an important role in your marketing strategy management and is the most significant way to generate profits & sales online. It has the ability to convert your visitors into customers. Email subscribers is a complete solution to do email marketing.

Thus, this email WordPress plugin lets you build a list by using email subscription form and to send emails as well.

Undoubtedly building an email list can be a big asset for your online business but to increase the subscriber’s rate and sales is also the biggest task. A good email subscription WordPress plugin handles everything right from creating an email to sending them.

In this article, I’ll present to you the Top 7+ (Free+Paid) Email Subscription WordPress Plugins that will make gathering subscriber easy.

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1. Popup Plugin for WordPress –  WordPress Newsletter Plugin

Popup email subscription plugin for WordPress is another great solution to create an email list or well-designed pop-ups on your site.

Its social locker plugin increases the social count rate of your site and newsletter subscriber. It integrates with all popular mailing systems such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, GetResponse and more.

Popup Plugin for WordPress

Value –

Get its multitude of features at just $25 and extend the services at $142 for unlimited features.

Characteristic of Popup Plugin for WordPress Newsletter –

  • Provides opt-in locker option by which you can lock your contents anytime.
  • Increases more email subscribers every day.
  • 60+ amazing popups and responsive themes.
  • Lock your social pages by social lock options.
  • With WPML convert your language on any mode.

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2. Email Subscribers – Email Subscription Plugins for WordPress

The email subscribers is the most powerful and a user’s preferable email subscription plugin for WordPress. It is the complete & one of the best solution to do email marketing.

The plugin lets you create an emails list and allows to send them to your customer. It can enhance your sales rate by offering a better service.


Value –

Use its ultimate features at just $12/M and extended up to $120/Y.

Characteristic of Email Subscribers –

  • It allows you to put the subscription box wherever you want on your webpage.
  • Sends weekly, daily monthly or yearly basis HTML designed newsletters to your users.
  • Easily notify your customers about your latest post.
  • Send email both via manual or automated.

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3. WP Subscribe Pro – Email NewsletterWordPresss Plugin

This is another plugin for user’s preference which provides all the useful features that you need to create an effective email list for your website.

The plugin lets you perform accurate targeting field. It helps you to create a custom opt-in form. WP Subscriber Pro is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin, it allows you to add animation effect and much more.

WP Subscribe Pro

Value –

The plugin offers its unlimited features at just $29 for 5 Domain Usage.

Characteristic of WP Subscribe Pro –

  • The plugin has a speed optimizer so it won’t be slow on your website.
  • Supports Feedburner, MailChimp, and Aweber.
  • It can be added to multiple widgets area.
  • Responsive and color optimization (Pro only).

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4. Constant Contact Custom Popup Subscription – Email Subscription

Constant contact is one of the largest and fastest growing emails marketing service of today. It is easy to use email marketing service & has great email templates for every occasion.

The plugin allows to creates a custom popup, YouTube place, Vimeo and much more. It can convert the visitors to your members & subscribers. And make your website to reach every reader with constant email subscription.

Constant Contact Custom Popup Subscription

Value –

Buy its services at just $19 to get tons of features for 6-month support.

Characteristic of Constant Contact –

  • Provides users a subscription success message if they subscribe to your services.
  • Send an email newsletter to the registered users.
  • Fully customizable and responsive.
  • Easy installation and setup.

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5. Subscribe by Email Plugin –  Email SubscriptionWordPresss Plugin

This email subscription WordPress plugin enables your website readers to subscribe your post updates. The plugin is feature-rich and doesn’t need any special tool to run.

It supports FeedBurner subscription plugin for WordPress sites. It creates a beautiful popup subscription form for FeedBurner.


Value –

Its regular license starts from $12 and extended up to $60 to provide advanced features.

Characteristic of Email SubscriptionWordPresss Plugin –

  • Provides free email alerts options.
  • Easy blog subscription form.
  • Track your subscribers’ statistics.
  • Responsive and customizable.

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6. Chimpy – Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

Chimpy is the most desirable email subscription plugin designed by MailChimp WordPress Plugin. It offers features like content locking, user synchronization, signup forms and much more.

The Chimpy plugin integrates your WordPress site with Mailchimp easily in various manners. Whenever a user is created, deleted, or something takes place on the subscription list on your website then this will reflect on the MailChimp list directly.

Chimpy - MailChimp WordPress Plugin

Value –

Buy its services from its regular license starts from $29 and extended up to $149 for more advanced features.

Characteristic of Chimpy –

  • Supports your visitors to click ‘subscribe to unlock’ before they can access posts.
  • Provides eye-catching popup on your choice pages.
  • Give the flexibility to create an unlimited sign-up form.
  • Easy to customize options.

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7. MailChimp Subscribe Form – Email SubscribeWordPresss Plugin

MailChimp is the most responsive and easy to use email subscription WordPress plugins that allows you to create beautiful subscribe forms in less than a minute.

The plugin integrated with GetResponse & MailChimp services. Use this subscribe form and create a premium form templates. With its subscribe form plugin you can easily change the style of your forms.

MailChimp Subscribe Form

Value –

The plugin is completely FREE. Download the MailChimp subscribe form plugin from its official site wordpress.org.

Characteristic of MailChimp Subscribe Form –

  • Supports short-code.
  • Provides Responsive designs and templates.
  • Supports all the templates unlock for any users.
  • Responsive forms and provides various form change option.

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8. Popups by OptinMonster – Best Free Email Subscribe WordPress Plugin

Popups is the best free email subscribe WordPress plugin for an email subscription. This allows you to ask people to join your mailing list easily.

The plugin lets you add popups and side-in optin boxes. It is fully compatible with all popular email marketing services like GetResponse, MailChimp, Aweber, and others.

Popups by OptinMonster

Value –

Download the plugin from its official site wordpress.org at free of cost.

Characteristic of Best Free Email Subscribe WordPress Plugin Popups –

  • Its 2-step optin technology boosts the conversion rates by more than 785%.
  • Provides mobile-specific popup forms, especially for mobile users.
  • Supports highly converting templates.
  • Provides 8 different types of optin forms.

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Disclosure –

Here we have just come up with a quick list of 7+ best email subscription WordPress plugins. All of the listed email subscription plugins are popular in the market for better services. This is the easiest way to gain customers trust and increase the profit rate of your business.

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