“Use Magazine PHP Script to turn your plain website into a lively magazine website.”

I am sure you must have seen many avid readers switching from offline to online mode to indulge in their favorite blogs, articles & news. This calls for an immediate requirement of a powerful tool that can make your website an ultimate destination for those online readers.

Imagine you can also be in the race of frequently used website for an online magazine, blog posts & news!
So, to accomplish this mission, the magazine PHP script is the whole & sole solution.

Magazine PHP Script

In the following blog, we are going to discuss some of the most prominent magazine PHP scripts that serve the above-mentioned purpose at its best.

Take a look at some of the key attributes of these SEO optimized scripts. They include social sharing option on Google+, Facebook etc, displaying multiple advertisements on your webpage, integration of Google Analytics, various article genres, news ticker etc.

Now let us take a deeper sight of these CMS scripts as the list of features is too long to get discussed here.

Before we proceed, give a glance on these informative blogs as well:

1. News365 – PHP Magazine, News & Blog Script

Designed & developed with the CodeIgniter framework, New365 is one of the best magazine PHP scripts. It provides various themes like video, classic, modern etc. to create a magazine, news, and blog website.

Also, with social sharing option, the posts can be shared easily on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.
Then there is a very significant caching system that will maintain the fast loading of your website.

You just have to log into the admin panel & make configurations as per your choice. For instance, know your subscribers, track the users using analytics, manage SEO and a lot more.

News365 Magazine PHP Script

Additional Features Of News365

  • The website users get a facility of online polling on various genres of categories on your website.
  • Adding a breaking news section on your magazine portal will make it even more live & updated for users.
  • You can display multiple advertisements on your webpage. And the bonus is, there are 20+ positions options to place these ads.
  • This responsive online magazine site is easy to customize in terms of the category of posts, language flexibility and a lot more.

Pricing Scheme For News365

You can avail News365 in just $50 along with 6 months of dedicated support. If you want to get support for 12 months in future, you can get it in $16.88 only

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2. Magazine – Online Magazine And News CMS

This PHP script helps to an effective magazine & news website in a few minutes. Since it is built using PHP Data Objects (an interface for database access), there is no scope of any computer security vulnerability like SQL injection & cross-site scripting attack on your website.

A prominent feature of scheduling the post publishing is available for every kind of magazine & news post.

Admin can analyze the statistics of some significant data directly from the dashboard.

In addition to this, there is an option to setup SEO metadata for every single page, post & category of articles that will help to drive maximum traffic.

Further, there is a Facebook comment section available for every post.

Magazine Magazine PHP Script

Additional Features Of Magazine

  • Your online magazine will cover the latest articles on the various category like sport, business, travel, entertainment etc.
  • Also, you can have separate sections of video & image gallery where you can create & upload unlimited images and videos exclusively for this section.
  • Besides section like popular and latest news, you can also manage the advertising spaces on your webpage to accumulate multiple ads.
  • You can easily export the subscriber’s data in the CSV format when they opt to subscribe your newsletter.

Pricing Scheme For Magazine

This online magazine CMS can be used at just $25 where you will also get support for 6 months. You can anytime extend the support to 1 year in $7.50 only.

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3. NewsOne – Best Magazine PHP Script

NextOne helps to create a dynamic magazine as well newspaper website where the user can publish the posts very easily. This online magazine script is designed and developed using core PHP. Hence, you can develop & run your magazine cum news website in a few minutes.

One of the best parts is, you definitely do not need to be a professional coder to have your own website of such kind.

Some of the attractive attributes are – quick new search option, altering the base color or template, social sharing of articles by a single click, easy to print news option etc.

NewsOne Magazine PHP Script

Additional Features Of NewsOne

  • You can create an online magazine portal with latest updates on various categories like international & national news, economics, sports etc. in native and international languages.
  • It also lets you include current updates under the news section in multiple ways. For example, breaking new section scrolling on top of the site, latest & most views news, calendar-wise news etc.
  • With an intuitive admin panel, you can manage every single bit of your website portal. For instance, total news view report, manage post headlines & news archive, categories of ads, self-published news and a lot more.
  • Along with this, you can also handle other elements of your website like footer content management, new per page management, logo & favicon settings, advertisement hit counts etc.

Pricing Scheme For NewsOne

Purchase this responsive CMS script at $41 with 6 months support. You can extend the support to 1 year at $13.50.

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4. Varient – Magazine & News PHP script

Varient lets you sort the post under the desired section which can be displayed in the form of sliders or as featured posts with easy navigation. The mega menu will have categories like lifestyle, RSS news, travel, fashion along with pages & external links.

This is predominantly one of the best ways to attract online visitors & make them read your magazine portal that displays the best of posts.

Further, this SEO optimized script has the multi-author system with separate admin panels for every user.

Few significant add-ons are – RTL support, Google analytics, XML sitemap generator (so that search engine can find your site content more efficiently), cross-site scripting prevention, membership system with 3 roles namely – admin, author & user etc.

Varient Magazine PHP Script

Additional Features Of Varient

  • Make your website even more dynamic by allowing emojis reaction on the post, voting polls, social login & sharing, dynamic tags system, quick search, lazy image loading, AJAX comment system, news ticker etc.
  • Beside uploading video & audio post option with playlist, you can also schedule the post publishing or save these posts as a draft for future use.
  • Have a systematic layout of the website via adding widgets for different sections like popular, recommended, random posts, tags & voting polls.
  • This script lets you customize numerous elements like changing the logo, favicon, site title & description, show/hide page with its title, breadcrumbs etc.

Pricing Scheme For Varient

Varient is available at a very affordable price of $36 plus 6 months of support. You can anytime extend the support to 12 months at $11.63 only.

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5. Newspaper – Responsive News, Magazine and Blog CMS Script

This is an all-in-one solution for having the best online portal for magazine, news & blog post. You can activate any of the 4 brilliant themes (default, minimal boxed, fashion & minimal) with a single click.

It has 9 categories to cover articles of various genres like science, politics, lifestyle, nation, world etc.

The admin can have all the vital stats in his dashboard like total count of post, news, categories, galleries, subscribers, & videos.

Further, there is an option of news ticker to highlight the breaking news in your webpage

Newspaper Magazine PHP Script

Additional Features Of Newspaper

  • Besides Google Analytics, the SEO segment will also have meta keywords of your website that helps search engine to crawl on your web content at a higher rate.
  • You can either use the inbuilt media library or upload your own file for adding images on your featured post. Also, you can project these posts via sliders on the website
  • The script has got built-in pagination system for all the posts. In addition to this, it has the built-in social share & direct search system.

Pricing Scheme For Newspaper

This ready-to-use magazine script is available at $41 providing 6 months support. Extend this support to 12 months by paying additional $13.50.

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6. Infinite – Best Blog & Magazine Script

The multipurpose blog & magazine script provides easy management of various elements of posts, pages, articles category, user comments etc.

It comes with a very responsive design so that your website layout does not break down on any kind of device. The responsive feature becomes more important as the website will display advertisements as well.

This PHP script is totally secure against SQL injection, cross-site request forgery attacks.

Also, you can provide newsletter subscription to the users & start sending emails to your registered emails.

Infinite Magazine PHP Script

Additional Features Of Infinite

  • You can use its 30+ font options & 10 layout colors to produce an eye-catching & distinguish magazine portal.
  • This script support multiple languages like English, German, French, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian for getting accepted by global users.
  • It allows you to add unlimited & completely editable pages on your website with smooth navigation.
  • Also, the script is integrated with the rich text editor.

Pricing Scheme Of Infinite

You can avail Infinite at a very reasonable rate of $28 & 6 months of support. In future, if you need to extend this support for a year, just pay $8.63 extra.

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Finally, we have reached on the end of this blog and I hope you must have jotted down the best magazine PHP script for your website.

Even though I have elaborated every PHP script in detail, but if you get stuck in any of them, feel free to post your queries in the below section.

Your suggestions are always welcomed.

Thanks for reading.