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Classified advertising and ad posting may be a complex task, but with a properly designed PHP script, it can be done with ease.

Using these responsive PHP scripts on your website you can effectively conduct paid & free ads for accounting, automobiles, clothing, appointments, for sale, for rent, auctions etc.

We have listed and defined some of the best scripts that come with inbuilt SEO functionality, multiple payment options, user-friendly dashboard, email notification, category search, geolocation and more.

Traditional classified ads had area limits, high-price, and other limitations. But with online classified ads, all these boundation have been omitted, you can help customers target people from around the globe through your website at very low or even no cost.

So, let’s get started with the details of each script.

1. EVEREST – PHP Classified Ads Script

Everest is a PHP classifieds script that helps you manage websites with classified ads. With this script, payments can be accepted via PayPal, credit card, and other modes.

The script also holds autoshare facility through which ads sharing can be done on different types of social media platforms. This script is cross-browser compatible and supports browsers like IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge, etc.

EVEREST Classifieds PHP Script

Price Plans Offered By This Classified Ads Script:-

  • The regular license of this PHP classifieds script will cost you $30 with which you get full 6 months support, future updates and access over numerous features.
  • $104 is the amount which you have to pay for the extended license. It includes RTL support, email verification, and other extended functionalities.


  • Provides a fully responsive dashboard through which you can monitor all posted ads, active users, messages, manage comments, total views, and more.
  • With this classifieds PHP script, you get the ability to share ads on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts automatically.
  • Allows you to collect customer feedbacks, send email notifications, manage ads, create ad categories, move ads to trash and more.
  • Everest PHP script supports around 12 popular payment gateways for online payment collection like PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, etc.
  • Plus, you also get spam prevention, Ajax commenting, IP blocker, multiple lingual support for 28 languages and along with other facilities.

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2. Classified Made Easy – PHP Script

This PHP script is fast, lightweight and supports thousands of markers without any loading issue. It also provides an API option through which you can easily connect an external database for ads details.

It is one of the most reliable, easy to use classified ads script with which you get GeoIP option, PayPal integration, Adsense ready, RTL support and inbuilt SEO facilities for higher ads rank.

Classified Made Easy Classifieds PHP Script

Price Plans Offered By This Classified Ads Script:-

  • Regular plan of this PHP script charges $30 which allows you to create and manage classified ads through an easy to use dashboard.
  • Next is the extended plan which has got a price tag of $150. It offers advanced features and ad creation facilities through which you can load limitless marketers without any hassle.


  • You can add classified listings on Google maps as well as use text mode to show ads with this script on your website.
  • With this Classifieds PHP script, you can create a custom search form for users, add multiple listing options, and connect through Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc for login.
  • Captcha functionality is also available with the help of which effective registration and spam prevention can be done.
  • With this classified ads script, you are allowed to create categories and sub-categories to showcase different types of ads.

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3. SfClassi – Responsive PHP Classified Script

If you are looking for a PHP script that can help you create and manage ads on a classified site. In that case, SfClassi will be the best PHP script for you.

It is one of the most efficiently developed PHP Classifieds script through which ads can be posted with details like images, title, description, social shares, pricing and other details.

SfClassi Classifieds PHP Script

Price Plans Offered By This Classified Ads Script:-

  • The first plan of SfClassi is priced around $45. This plan offers lifetime support and free upgrades as well.
  • The second plan of SfClassi PHP script comes with a price tag of $205. Through this, you can post free and paid ads with the help of advanced features.


  • This script has got a user-friendly dashboard that can help you handle user details, posts, manage categories, locations, different ads and change settings.
  • The script allows users to search ads by category, unregistered users to post ads, conduct paid ads on websites, and post advertises in different languages.
  • With SfClassi other than the script you get entirely free SetUp, lifetime support along with frequent updates.
  • Admin can easily view details like total active users, the number of active posts. It also provides a status graph with new users and new posts info along with various other details.

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4. Takas Classified – PHP Ad Script

Takas Classified is a CodeIgniter PHP ad script that can easily be applied on a website to attach Advertisement & Auction facility.

It is a fully responsive bootstrap template that enables you to handle ad categories. It also permits you to conduct free as well as paid advertisements and accept user registrations.

Takas Classified Classifieds PHP Script

Price Plans Offered By This Classified Ads Script:-

  • Pay $20 to enjoy all the regular features and services of this PHP ad script.
  • For the extended features and advanced services of this PHP ad script, you will have to pay $100


  • Using Takas classified PHP ad script you can create unlimited ads, postings, users, multiple categories and sub categories to feature different types of ads on a website.
  • It allows you to provide advanced search options and ad filter facilities.
  • You can post ads with multiple images and details like location, price, seller details and more.
  • Admin user from the backend can easily manage and customize categories, paid ads, auction details, banner ads, location details and more.

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5. xClassified – PHP Classified Script

xClassifieds PHP script provides an extremely easy to use dashboard from where Ads settings and personal user details can be managed with ease. It allows you to post ads with multiple images, category, pricing, and other general details.

This PHP script is capable of counting number of views on posted ads, allows you to post category wise ad list along with seller details.

xClassified Classifieds PHP Script

Price Plans Offered By This Classified Ads Script:-

  • This is the cheapest classified PHP script on the list as it costs you just $16.
  • $80 is the price that you pay for extended features. Plus, you get quality checked by Envato, and future updates of this PHP script.


  • xClassified provides an admin area from where you can simply manage categories, sub categories, member, ads, settings and additional details.
  • Advanced ad search option to find ads is available which can help users conduct more precise and filtered ad search.
  • With this script, you get user registration that holds Captcha and email verification to prevent spam entries.
  • It allows only the registered and authentic users to post ads. Plus, it comes with automatic password retrieval functionality.

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6. PHP Business Listings Classified Directory Script

This is another business listing classified directory script designed for responsive websites. With the help of this script, you can create profiles including contact details, business info, website links, location details and more.

It offers list management, SEO optimization, database backup, text editor, banner rotation system and custom search options that can help you build a refined directory website.

PHP Business Listings Classifieds PHP Script

Price Plans Offered By This Classified Ads Script:-

  • Regular license of PHP business directory script is priced just $33 for full access of this script.
  • Extended license has got different enhanced features for which $121 is charged.


  • Admin panel provides payment module through which you can manage different currencies, ads plans, orders along with payment statistics.
  • This PHP script offers multi-browser as well as multi-lingual support which includes RTL languages as well like Arabic, Aramaic, etc.
  • This script comes along with emailing facility that allows to add, edit and remove email templates. Using this you can also conduct mass emailing for promotions.
  • Other than those various modules like news, rating, comments, gallery and many more are also available.

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Finally, we have arrived at the end of this article and I am hoping that you will find the best PHP script for classified ad posting.

In case, you have got any type of queries or doubts in mind, do let us know through the comments section below. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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