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In this article, we have compiled a list of 5+ best selling quiz PHP script which are used to create featured quizzes with beautiful themes.

These PHP scripts help you to upload quizzes in the form of model test papers, question and answer along with the full explanation for each question and a lot more.

You are allowed to use various animations effects for questions texts and give it a better presentation. Further, you can upload images, videos etc in your quizzes.

These scripts permit you to share the quizzes on multiple social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc,. Further, you are allowed to see the progress bar and the view counts easily.

For the security purpose, it gives you the feature of email verification. With the help of this feature before the user log in into the quiz, their email validation should be done.

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Let us discuss each quiz PHP script in detail.

1. Quizzio – PHP Quiz Website Script

If a person wants to create quizzes for their online quiz website then this PHP script is the best solution for them. As Quizzio PHP script helps you to create and embed quizzes to your websites along with some useful functionalities in it.

Some of the key functionalities of this quiz PHP script are, you can upload the quizzes with beautiful themes on your homepage to give your website frontend a better look.

The website owner can place a buzzer sound for each quiz that will be played for every correct & wrong answer. Also, users have the permission to on or off the sound according to their choice.

Quizzio Quiz PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • The noteworthy feature is the admin is allowed to earn money from the quizzes. They can set up pricing for premium quizzes and collect money from users with the help of integrated payment gateways such as PayPal.
  • It has an option of showcasing 5 featured quizzes on the homepage of your website along with the beautiful slider. Also, the script is multilingual in nature so that you can feature quizzes in multiple languages.
  • With the help of quiz statistics feature, admin can see stats of quizzes such as views count, shares count, comments count and a lot more. All these stats are seen for each quiz individually.
  • You can provide your users with the functionality of creating quizzes on their own. Further, they are allowed to hide, show or delete their created quizzes according to their choice.


The product comes with two different pricing which are

  • Regular License – This plan will cost you $31 in which you update, also it has quality checked by Envato.
  • Extended License – You can get this plan at $155 with all the features of the regular license along with advanced features.

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2. Quizguru – Online Exam PHP Script

This quiz PHP script helps you to make your online exam system website much better in terms of looks as well as on the basis of functionalities.

Quizguru helps you to create a question & answer system like model test papers in the form of a quiz. This exam quiz PHP script is very useful for people who run an online exam website for helping universities, and school students.

It is a highly customizable script, where you are allowed to do changes in the code according to your need.

Quizguru Quiz PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • There are three sections available in which admin can place all the courses. Also, they can place model tests and newly added courses in the separate sections along with heading names. Further, you can give permission to your users to select their respective courses and proceed ahead.
  • In the side widgets section, you can place the list of popular courses so that your users can find their courses instantly. Also, there is a search bar section where users can search your website courses in just a few minutes.
  • It has 2 sections present on the homepage for giving online exams these are starting the exam, and start the model test paper. You can give access to your users to give the exam live and get their results instantly after the exam submission.


You can get this quiz PHP script at a reasonable price of $45 with quality checked by Envato. The extended license will cost you $125.

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3. Facebook Viral Quiz PHP Script

This PHP script allows you to share your quizzes on your social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. This PhP script is easy to use to install with the help of a complete user guide present in it.

It has a popup feature with the help of which, whenever the quiz has completed a popup suggesting other quizzes is shown to your user. Further, you have the ability to show or hide the pop-ups. Also, you can set a particular time duration for other quizzes pop-ups.

Facebook Viral Quiz PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • It is the highly customizable script, you can add custom HTML code to make the text bold or add colors in it.
  • You are allowed to use SEO friendly URL for quizzes. Further, due to the multilingual functionality, the quizzes can be shared in multiple languages.
  • This quiz PHP script supports the AJAX loading for the index page. This helps in loading the older quizzes when scrolled to the bottom.


Buy this useful quiz PHP script at just $17 with regular updates up to 6 months. Extend support up to 12 months by paying only $6.38. Also, you can buy the extended license at just $85.

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4. SocioQuiz – Viral Quiz PHP Script

If you are having the viral quiz website and you want to enhance it then you can use this SocioQuiz PHP script. This script helps you to create quizzes with beautiful photos, videos and more.

You can create personality prediction quizzes by adding pictures with the help of simple drag and drop features. Also, you are allowed to create trivia quizzes along with writer and wrong answers. Moreover, you can create and make changes in the code according to your requirement.

 SocioQuiz Quiz PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • The scripts help you to allow your users to do login to the quizzes directly from their social networking sites such as Facebook.
  • You can place an unlimited number of questions and quizzes on your website. Also, the result of the quiz answer will be displayed quickly after the quiz submission.
  • The admin is allowed to make changes in the meta tags content or other page content easily from the homepage because of its SEO friendly nature.


SocioQuiz PHP script is available at a reasonable price of $45 along with a 6-month support and quality checked by Envato.

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5. Bestie – A Friendly Viral Quiz Game

You are well aware of the friendship test quizzes in which the website owner will set some questions and users have to answer it.

After giving the answer to all the questions admin can provide a link to the user which users can share with their friends.

This script helps you to manage these types of the quiz and gives you or your users an attractive interface with the help of premium themes.

Bestie Quiz PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • It has a secure registration and login authentication functionality. This will be done with the help of email verification feature before proceeding in the quiz.
  • This quiz PHP script allows the website owner to add multiple admins to monitor their quiz creator website.
  • Whenever the users are sharing the link with their friends for answering the question. They will get an attached message regarding doing registration on the same website. This will help you in increasing users on your quiz website.


  • Bestie quiz PHP script is available at a reasonable price of $25 with a 6-month support. You can even extend the support up to a year by paying $7.50.
  • The extended license of this script is available at $205 with quality checked by Envato and regular updates.

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6. Jqcm – Premium Responsive Quiz Engine

Using Jqcm PHP script you can easily create multiple quiz and tests that are capable of holding unlimited subjects, questions and answers. This script allows you to store user details like name, email, score, result, etc in the database.

It also permits you to show properly explained answer after each question. Also, it displays random questions in the test and helps you apply time counter on each question.

Jqcm Premium Quiz PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • This PHP script helps you manage score chart with multiple types.
  • Supports multimedia files like images, video, audio etc which can be shown in the description.
  • Allows you to create and conduct the different type of tests with multiple questions.
  • It also provides a proper score calculation functionality along with “Try Again” option in case of wrong answers.


  • The regular license of this PHP script is priced around $22. It offers future updates, multiple tests, live demo and proper documentation as well.
  • Next is the extended license which will cost you $110. With this plan, you get advanced quiz functionalities along with multiple customizations.

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Now, as you have read about all the 5+ best selling quiz PHP script. We hope you will find the best quiz script for your business website according to your need. All the above-mentioned PHP scripts are best as per our knowledge as we have compiled this list after long research and testing.

If you have any queries, you can ask in the below comment section.

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