Finding the best form WordPress plugins can be a rub.

Imagine WordPress depositary as a market and each plugin as a commodity.

Each one claims to be the best and give their best shot to convince you.

But a plugin is going to be there for a long journey hence, it has to be tested, verified and quality assured.


Trust me, it is not a DIY!

There are 1425+ form WordPress plugins. Do you have the time to even take a glance at each?

Out of these 1425+ plugins, we’ve filtered out the average ones and what’s left to offer you are the few best WordPress form plugins.

We are here as a saving grace in the flooding world of WordPress plugins with 7+ best form WordPress plugins.

PS- We’ve sorted out these 7+ form plugins on the basis of ratings, reviews, features, pricing, active installations and our final trial check.

1. Pabbly Form Builder

Using Pabbly Form Builder, you can create a variety of forms to collect payments, perform customer survey, collect user feedback and more.

This form builder helps you to create custom business forms using the simple drag and drop form designer. Just by simply dragging and dropping objects you can create custom web forms in a matter of minutes.

Also, this holds important features like conditional logic, field validation, and other functionalities.

Pabbly Form Builder

Pricing –

Pabbly Form Builder is available at the pricing of $15/M when you billed annually which provide features like payments, analytics, data storage, team members and much more.


  • This form builder allows you to embed forms in the various website and you can manage multiple forms from a single location.
  • You can upload your custom background and header image in just a few clicks. Plus, it allows you to add customized colors through which you can customize the prebuilt templates.
  • With the help of conditional logic, you can do branching of your forms so, the fields of forms get opened on the basis of user selection. It increases the submission rate as the customer find it easy to fill only relevant fields which saves time and efforts.
  • It supports multiple languages so, you can create forms in different types of language some of them are Greek, Chinese Simplified, Chinese and more.

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2. Ninja Kick– WordPress Form Plugin

Ninja Kick is the leader in form plugins in WordPress with over 900,000+ downloads. It’s a rad stuff in the plugins world and works perfectly well for beginners and experts. Ninja Kick, the name tells it all, allows you to create professional, customized forms, these can be contact forms, subscription forms, payment forms or any other forms.

Creating forms with this plugin is really a piece of cake and it takes a few clicks and fewer minutes! Even if you are new to form building, don’t stress. It has got a lot of pre-built templates and forms for your ease where you gotta just drag and drop things.

Ninja Kick - form WordPress plugins

Pricing – Ninja Kick WordPress Form Plugin offer single pricing plan of $19.


  • Drag and Drop Builder to create a custom form in few clicks and fewer minutes.
  • SEO optimized, speed optimized, mobile friendly and responsive layout.
  • Spam Protection with CAPTCHA and HoneySpot method plus, entry management where you can view and manage all leads at one place.

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3. Formidable Forms – Advanced Form Builder Plugin

Formidable Forms is recognized as the most powerful form builder for WordPress. As the only form plugin to include a view builder, you can build complex forms, collect data, then turn that data into directories, listings, tables. Even display a user only their own form submissions. The form builder contains all the advanced functionality you need to build any form imaginable.

Conditional logic, calculations, multi-paged forms, it is all built right into all premium versions of Formidable Forms. When other form builders don’t have the functionality needed to build your forms, Formidable Forms is the plugin to use.

Formidable Forms Plugin

Pricing – Formidable Forms has 4 pricing plans starting at just $49/year. They also have plans priced at $99/yr, $199/yr, and $399/yr. Each plan includes different add-ons, templates, support tiers, and site activations.

 Price Plan  $49 (Personal) $199 (Business) $399(Elite)
Key Features Unlimited forms,
and entries. templates,
1 site
20 add-ons including PayPal,
andUser Registration,
15 sites
27 add-ons including
active campaign and stripe. Ulimited sites


  • Advanced form building functionality like calculations, conditional logic and repeater fields.
  • The only form builder with integrated Views for building directories, listings and data tables.
  • All the add-ons and integrations you’ll ever need.
  • Simple to use without sacrificing flexibility and functionality.

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Pabbly Form Builder

4. WP Fluent Form – Modern Form Builder Plugin

WP Fluent Form is the modern form builder plugin for WordPress users by WPManageNinja. This is a freemium plugin that offers lots of basic to advanced features for its users. This drag & drop form builder plugin allows you to use the smart conditional logic feature that helps your form become more dynamic in type. This plugin provides you with pre-built templates facility with maximum customizability.

WP Fluent Form - Best Form WordPress Plugins


WP Fluent Form offers a pro ad-on with 3 different pricing plans:

  • Free License from the Directory of WordPress.Org
  • Single Site License – $35.00
  • 2-5 Site License – $69.00
  • Unlimited Site License – $199.00


  • 100% Responsive Form Builder Plugin with Pre-built Template Facility.
  • 25+ Custom Input Fields with Dynamic Conditional Logic Feature.
  • Import and Export Facility.
  • Multiple Integrations with Giant Platform.
  • Anti-spam Facility to Secure Your Forms.
  • Adjusted Entry Management System with Form Scheduling and Restriction Facility.
  • Dedicated Support facility with Extensive Documentation.

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5. Pirate Forms – Form Plugin in WordPress

Pirate Forms is a name trusted by brands and you’ll find it in Adobe, WP Beginner, WP Tavern and more. Yes, it’s popular and is used by 200,000+ websites. Talking about features, it doesn’t disappoint at all. It has got multiple forms for your multiple needs. There are around 30+ custom fields that you can add to the forms.

Moreover, with this WordPress plugin, you get responsive forms which look great on every screen. It’s extremely easy to use, in fact, it’s beginner friendly! reCAPTCHA comes integrated into it which protects your form against any bugs or spams.


Pricing – Pirate Form Plugin in WordPress has three different price plan starting from $46 to $176. These different price plans are on the basis of different uses.

 Price Plan  $46 (Personal Plan) $105 (Business) $176(Agency)
Key Features


MailChimp Integration,
Multiple Forms,
1 Domain


Features of Personal Plan,
AWeber, GetResponse,
SendinBlue Integration,
3 Domains
Features of Business Plan,
Priority Support,
30 Domains.


      • Integration of MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse and more.
      • Customization enabled.
      • Responsive layout without any CSS or JSS tweaks.
      • Custom SMPT option.

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Pabbly Form Builder

6.  Web-Dorado Form Builder Plugin – WordPress Form Builder Plugin

Web-Dorado Form Builder Plugin is here to ease off the work of form creation. It’s completely fine if you are not good with tricky codes because you won’t be dealing with it at all. Web Dorado’s builder makes sure the work on the backend becomes as easy as possible with drag and drop options.

Moreover, everything in a form is customizable with this form plugin, right from color to fonts to each and every element. There are numerous add-ons attached to it along with a bunch of features. You can create almost any kind of forms using this plugin be it contact form or a payment form.


Pricing– This WordPress Form Builder Plugin has got four different price plans to choose from. These price plans are on the basis of domain support and add-ons.

 Price Plan  $30(Personal) $45(Business) $60(Developer)
Key Features Unlimited Forms,
Customization Enabled,
PayPal Integration
1 Domain


Everything in Personal Plan,
3 Domains



Everything in Personal Plan,
Unlimited Domain Support



      • 14+ pre-built field types to create exactly the form you need.
      • 11+ pre-installed form templates including employment forms, customer survey, registration form etc. to ease off your work.
      • Comes with a wide variety of themes to choose from to get the desired look. for your brand and website.
      • Completely responsive and custom enabled.

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7. QuForm – WordPress Form Builder Plugin

This is a must-have tool for those who are going to use a lot of forms for various communication with zero coding hassles. It loosens up the strings of complication and makes creating forms a piece of cake. QuForm is one of the best Form WordPress plugins which has satisfied all our judging parameters of ratings, reviews, pricing and quality check.

This form plugin ensures all the quality parameters and has an average rating of 4.75/5 by the users. It has all the essential features and surely this is one of the best form builders available over the internet. Plus with a pricing that suits all the budget.


Pricing – This WordPress Form Builder Plugin has got one simple price plan of $29.


      • 19+ elements types to add-on to the forms and custom enabled.
      • Completely translation ready and responsive environment.
      • 6+ filters to strip off unwanted added data.
      • Check on spams with reCAPTCHA, HoneySpot, and image.

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8. eForms – Form Plugin for WordPress

You can create and manage unlimited forms with eForms. This form builder acts as a complete form management system where you can manage all the stats, quizzes, payments etc. This management is done using the built-in mathematical tools that calculate payments, scores and interprets the results. It’s more like a form builder with mathematics powerhouse.

In addition, you’ll find various payment methods and gateways here including offline payments. The forms are mobile friendly and look great on the screen of any size. Plus it does the reporting and statistics as well.


Pricing– This form plugin for WordPress has a simple pricing plan of $38.


      • Completely responsive layout with 38+ form themes.
      • Perfect for quizzes with quiz timer and LaTex support, mathematical evaluator to calculate the formula from user input.
      • 15+ add-ons including PayPal, Stripe, MailWizz, MailChimp, WooCommerce and more.
      • 6+ new elements such as smiley ratings, like dislike, thumbnail picker, matrix dropdown, GPS location picker to make a form even more interesting and user-friendly.

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9. FormCraft – Best Form Plugin For WordPress

Here’s another plugin with a lot of features and add-ons. It stands as a tough competitor in the list of best form WordPress plugins with an affordable pricing and gives you more bites of features than you can chew but that doesn’t mean a compromise on speed. It is optimized for it!

You can trust it as it has won the trust and love of its users and with a rating of 4.5/5. It’s really a child’s play to create a form using it. Just drag, drop and it’s done! Features such as impressive design, fast and scalable have made it our pick.


Pricing – FormCraft is one of the best form plugins for WordPress we cannot deny it and it’s simple pricing of $39 compels us more to draw this conclusion.


      • 17+ add-ons including PayPal, MailChimp, reCAPTCHA, PDF, Zapier and more.
      • Completely customizable with CSS tweaks enabled.
      • It comes with conditional logic, mathematical formulae, and analytics.
      • Responsive and mobile friendly.

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10. Caldera – Free WordPress Form Plugin

Time for free stuff! Here’s a free WordPress form plugin that works equally good as a premium plugin. Though it may lack few functionalities, you cannot complain, after all, you are getting a lot for free. Caldera Forms is a great tool for forms if you want your forms to be simple and responsive. It does the task well and stands up to the mark.

It has an active installation of 100,000+ so you can put your trust in it. This form plugin will allow you to create forms, modify, add multiple columns, and even customize. Like other premium ones, you’ll get a drag and drop builder to ease up the task of form without any codes. And there are a handful essential features as well to please you.


Pricing – It’s FREE! Start creating forms at absolutely no cost!


      • Easy to use with simple drag and drop builder.
      • Completely responsive layout.
      • 20+ field types including credit card number, dropbox select, HTML and more.
      • A visual editor for conditional logic.

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11. Formidable – Free WordPress Form Plugin

Drag, drop, few clicks around 60 seconds and Voila! You’ve created a form. Yes, it that simple. And you’ll be amazed to know that this will cost you $0. Formidable is the best solution to get the form builder at $0. It creates beautiful forms and takes a few clicks and fewer minutes for that.  It’s trusted and used by over 200,000+ people.

Although its applicability is universal and it can be it can be used for any for but its great option for surveys, polls, lead generation etc. There are a number of pre-built templates to start with. So even if you are a beginner, you won’t face any difficulty.


Pricing- Formidable is a free WordPress form plugin. So, you can start creating forms and communicating without giving away a penny.


      • Completely custom enabled. (with complete access to change the CSS and HTML of forms.)
      • Built-in visual form style generator for styling of forms without any codes.
      • Responsive layout.
      • Shortcode builder for ease of form building and publishing task.

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One More Thing…

This was our take on 7+ best form WordPress plugins and we are pretty much sure you must have found a right fit for your needs. But before settling with any WordPress plugin make sure to align all its features with your needs.

This list can go long and we want you to suggest us more plugins which work really well.

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