Getting email of  users is the essential part of any successful Online business. One of the effective tool to get more email data of your lead from your site is via Email Capture Form. It’s a  little gossip but think of every possibilities where you can optimize your form from every corner and make it better on account of wonderful user experience.

To achieve this, it becomes must to make a user friendly Email-capture form for your website, otherwise you will among  that queue where traffic comes but could not get converted due to unfriendly email capture form.

There are a few guidelines which need to be kept in mind while creating the email capture form for e.g. The forms should be very precise. It should contain only those fields which can trigger your audience to become your lead. It should be neat, professional looking form ready to attract your audience from the very first time when he saw that email-capture-form on your site.

What Does Email Capture Form Promises? 

Email capture forms are created to get the user emails. But do you really think a user will give his email simply by going through your site? No. User will not give their information directly, they need something in return.

You can give them any niche-informative PDF, booklet, guide or newsletter but at the foremost point you need a reasonable email capture form first.

Then,  clearly highlight the reason-“why should a user fill the form”. You must write down the actual significance or the worth, the user is getting after  filling the form.

Let’s take  an example, create a lead capture form that proclaims content marketing guide to its users. These are the  simple steps I need to follow while creating a form.

Steps to create form & generate more lead

Here, I have summed up with the basic steps that would be needed to create a compelling email capture form.

How  you are going to attract your lead is completely your gray matter, but you need to have a real-time interface, by using which you could design a form according to your desire.

Step#1 Create a short E-mail Capture Form : It should not have any extra field other than Name and Email or any other field which is very important from your business perspective and at the same time user does not find any objection to fill it.

Step#2 No coding efforts on your side : Put the form in the widgets, or on pages with the help of single line code.

Step#3 Tell what you are giving to your user: Mention the true value in front of your user, that he is getting once he fills the form.

Step#4 Give brand to your form: Include a banner image, logos. Present your form with business identity this is the reason why forms are essential for brand engagement. It will not cost anything but will give you a lot in return.

Step#5 Give contact details:  Adding other contact options on your form is good to enhance your business repo.

Some people don’t find any interest to fill your forms… no matter how nice your form looks. “Think of all the possibilities, it can happen sometime.” In that case,  give another contact option and that too via your forms. You will optimize your contact method one way ahead.

Step#6 Set Confirmation Messages. Confirmation messages speak about successful form submission. It’s good.

Step#7 Set Auto-responders. Maximize your user experience. Enhance user personalization. In context to it, what users will fill in the form, they will get the exact replica of it in  their  mail account.

Step#8 Share Forms on Various Networks. Magnify the performance of your forms. Link your form on any web page or share them at various social networks. This is the real value you can give to your forms and they can give you surplus emails in return.

What’s the Outcome?

Have a real time look to the form:

Form View

It’s nice. Here is a professional looking email capture form that has the ability to convert in a matter of minutes. Nice banner image, exact value proposition, short-sweet look, error validation.All these things will make a real-time cool professional looking form. A form which encourages the customer to fill it.

Last but not the least, You are not going to miss out any lead and manage your leads data in a 100 times better way.

While sharing forms in multiple networks you are increasing the chances of getting more and more email data. Other  than this, you can make your each webpage a perfect  place for conversion. Capture emails from every page of your website which cost next-to-nothing efforts!

Besides, when it’s about managing the incoming email data or the lead data, it needs to happen fastly and organizedly, like in a click! If you have a centralized lead data, your work will not be a workload anymore. It’s an easy-going workflow. So, whether it is about sorting, prioritizing and managing the leads, it all will happen quickly and without any confusion.


Email capture form is a great way to get new leads and clients from your website. For that you need to craft a valuable idea to attract leads. Once you get the idea, put it nicely on your email capture form. And so  you will be  a one step ahead to increase business for your website.

Besides, it is also important to follow up the leads at the right time and maintain a long lasting relationship with them. For that you need an easy way to manage clients follow up such that it can:

  • Manage all your contacts, leads and clients in one place
  • Keep track of communication with the leads and clients
  • Faster responses and follow-up

So, start up designing your form that could easily trigger any subscriber to fill up their details. You will not miss any customer from anywhere!

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